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22 Responses to KEIVA PARDAY

  • Observer says:

    a raillyyyyyyy parday cuh di tail at least wi neva c kelly rowland shoes much less har foot dem :nohope: a wear class a frock an nuh noe ow fi conduct demself a wonda if she did starch di frock tail

  • yoko says:

    wasnt gna comment on dis clown eno coz di bloggers dem said exactly wat i was thinking pon di odda topic….. but seein dis view a mus say fr the waist 2 di knee di dress nuh look bad, but di res a fukery……. keiva da mekka de doh mekkit at all yuh need fi fire dat person immediately
    jamaicans are one of the best dress culture but mi nuh know wah gwaan fr wah day
    all di ropesha she kmt loose offa unnu

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Ms. Met a cant tek yuh…so why yuh never post the picta a di powerful ppl cutting the cake Ms. Met….

  • Toronto's Finest says:

    what a terrible imitation of a dress.. the middle look off center to rass..

  • Met says:

    ispy when mi look pan di sign and si 10 powerful woman………………. and keiva neva si seh di sign fi seh women if she nuh si dat a di powerful people she gwine know? :travel

  • Met says:

    di bottom a di dress neva have di right material

  • Just Saying says:

    The middle part is good, however they screwed up the top and bottom big time.

  • The ga dress look nice …FCKN hell…

  • Tawkchuet says:

    No it don’t sorry :cool

  • goodas says:

    the material cheap bad…and after seeing kelly dress a this keiva really come with..unno fi do better man. epic fail. Might as well she did wear something ready made..mi tiaad a them a them tailormade clothes them.

  • Shawty says:

    falla fashin monkey eva get lef ano every style fit ppl just like a no eery bady a dancer don’t look good at all

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Met di sign read wrong wrong ohhhhh mi kinda like the dress still no like..but then again Keiva is known for cheapness like how she did try sell mi di sweetie inna di skirt f—ing hell

  • NUFFY says:


  • Jules says:

    U know seh di dress arite. Kelly wore hers to di Oscars and dis one meck fi backyard pawty..a nuh gown. Di dress arite fiddi occasion in question.

    Big up to all di JA dressmekkas and tailas wah a do decent wuck, yawd a claat to di worl!

  • Original Goodas says:

    but why them makin the dress when the dress is on the internet and in stores in a cheaper version (same frock) for sale

  • Observer says:

    OG starch not used on internet products :nohope:

  • Anonymous says:

    Good day Met,Metters,Peepers nd others…

    End a the day de dress sidung pon har…

    (Simplicity nah sign in)

  • Met says:


  • Jules says:

    @Original Goodas cause wi haffi start learn fi buy Jamaican. Nutten nuh wrong wid dressmekka and tailor made, people ova yah call it “custom made” and it ain’t cheap, one hand wash di odda.

    Wi stay local wi can all prosper togedda instead a build up smaddy else country and fi dem ppl. At di end of di day smaddy haffi siddung round machine meck di one wah deh pon di intanet, and inna di store sed way. Keiva save shipping cost and keep di money circulating locally.

  • LUNDUN says:

    from a far di dress luk gud, but lawwwwd, di close up pic yessideh tell mi odda wise.

    from a far she sell off

    from a far di hairstyle go wid everyting

    har body luk nice inna di dress though.

    keiva shoulda but just as much effort inna har party dress as she did in the youth view awards dress. now that dress was hot on her.

  • Anonymous says:


    (Simplicity nah sign in)

  • tekset says:

    di dress nuh luk dat bad man, sas crist…… memba kelly rowland ave money enuh, di gurl try a ting n it luk alright. no sah unuh 2 bad

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