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Title: Philly/shakeria

Message Body:
Pic of the gift Shakeria buy Chrisse is included..
Mekk shakeria love walk and fren all a har mate dem.?if you ever sleep wid any man she sleep wid , she carry cocki feelings fi you and then when she see say she cah beat you she run in and join you. She did well and hate Chrissie chu. She sleep wid Bengo. Now she fren up di gal and run gone buy har gift. Dwpl.
shakeria the way how you hate chrissie mi never know u would’ve talk to the girl you tell everybody sey Chrissie look like a little boy n you nuh know why tyesh tek picture with har, shakeria you fi tell Chrissie sey you been see the picture before it come out.friend like you Chrissie nuh need enemies mi know how Barbie call you bestie cause you chat Barbie n Susan .
Shakeria u no see seh Bobby nah leave him nice young girlfriend who is his age group for you?You mean to tell me seh man Dunn pon you that you run gone to (Edited) the ppl dem juvenile.. The way how you brite you all a post up di buoy pic and know seh is Di mafia ladies family like you wah dem tell har leave Bobby fi him run come to you. As you can see it no work, now you run gone tattoo him name pon you like a u bonifide man. Hear is tip.. All a dah money deh weh you a waste pon Bobby go and buy urself a new hole cause the one weh you have been fail you. Stop by urself gift and seh a Bobby buying cause we all know seh bobby no have dry shit Ina him panty. bobby girl a college educated girl. The only brains you have is di act weh you perform best in bed.. Fly away flea..

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