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Follow along please, because when mi put up di tings dem fi unno add up…no proper adding nah gwaan..It look like di sums dem too easy..

Big up to the dj whey deh behind bars and all now no court case cyah gwaan ..wishing him a hearty big up because di people dem seh………………… di wifey a run it red….true wifey have all access to di vehicle dem yah now she feel lakkah she a di real boss and she go do up har body and tek it pan di road……..while him deh a prison a pay lawyer ina overload..Big him up ooo because him haffi a swallow pill whey doctor neva prescribe and big she rite up bakka him because as di man gone a prison she get nuff dramatize sense suh she nah play no winnie mandella……she seh body duh…ah doe know if a bres or what but sum doing gwaan……. a sorry a cudden sumwey else pan har duh because unno know above di neck waa duh bad! But big har up same way because she tek di ting to di road and she nah tek nuh check!
Last week di people dem seh when Amita a cuss maybe a di next girl whey did a breed same time as she did run in pan she………..mmhmm Dem seh dat man does not like condom pan no occasion suh di one dat did a breed wid Amita is not one or two time she ketch belly….sadly di belly dem nuh come to..Suh now di people dem a summize seh..maybe a she run in pan Amita wid di dosing because Amita and she was fren….WHA KIND A FREN??? Paring P fren and Amita dash it pan di breeda but dem seh a nuh nuttin because Amita used to drink nuff dem time deh and drunk more dan di drinking…………………………..suh di belly came quick…and she exit….Street people seh now dat baby come no more drinking nah gwaan but……..di show dung mussy a gwaan kaws har parring p haffi deal wid she breeding fi har breedah man…………Thank you :)

Hi nice girl…whey come pan di people dem television whey have di baby last year…….. when u a boil cornmeal porridge u haffi mix di meal ina likkle cold water and den yuh stir it into boiling water………hef u doe mix di meal before it put ina di boiling water…you shall have a pot of lumpy porridge…………as per what di people dem saying now……….but if yuh stove allergic a nuh nothing…maybe yuh can cook in the bed room? Like how a long time yuh a duh road and suh :nerd

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