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Follow along please, because when mi put up di tings dem fi unno add up…no proper adding nah gwaan..It look like di sums dem too easy..

Big up to the dj whey deh behind bars and all now no court case cyah gwaan ..wishing him a hearty big up because di people dem seh………………… di wifey a run it red….true wifey have all access to di vehicle dem yah now she feel lakkah she a di real boss and she go do up har body and tek it pan di road……..while him deh a prison a pay lawyer ina overload..Big him up ooo because him haffi a swallow pill whey doctor neva prescribe and big she rite up bakka him because as di man gone a prison she get nuff dramatize sense suh she nah play no winnie mandella……she seh body duh…ah doe know if a bres or what but sum doing gwaan……. a sorry a cudden sumwey else pan har duh because unno know above di neck waa duh bad! But big har up same way because she tek di ting to di road and she nah tek nuh check!
Last week di people dem seh when Amita a cuss maybe a di next girl whey did a breed same time as she did run in pan she………..mmhmm Dem seh dat man does not like condom pan no occasion suh di one dat did a breed wid Amita is not one or two time she ketch belly….sadly di belly dem nuh come to..Suh now di people dem a summize seh..maybe a she run in pan Amita wid di dosing because Amita and she was fren….WHA KIND A FREN??? Paring P fren and Amita dash it pan di breeda but dem seh a nuh nuttin because Amita used to drink nuff dem time deh and drunk more dan di drinking…………………………..suh di belly came quick…and she exit….Street people seh now dat baby come no more drinking nah gwaan but……..di show dung mussy a gwaan kaws har parring p haffi deal wid she breeding fi har breedah man…………Thank you :)

Hi nice girl…whey come pan di people dem television whey have di baby last year…….. when u a boil cornmeal porridge u haffi mix di meal ina likkle cold water and den yuh stir it into boiling water………hef u doe mix di meal before it put ina di boiling water…you shall have a pot of lumpy porridge…………as per what di people dem saying now……….but if yuh stove allergic a nuh nothing…maybe yuh can cook in the bed room? Like how a long time yuh a duh road and suh :nerd

35 Responses to RUN HEEN AND RUNNING

  • LUNDUN says:

    met is what u not saying?????

    diss sum come in like gsat, a pure alevel sums u a gi wi from weh day and know wi no deh pon dem level deh yet.

    so shorty free like a bird ya now an tek kartel money weh him affi a pinch so him can pay him lawyer dem do har body met!! a lioe!!! smegol took off now!!!! raaaaaaaaay

    so a weh kartel get di pill dem from? mek sure a no suicide pill in nuh kartel, true shorty seh pumpum cut inna many slices like fruit cake at christmas. woieeeee mi boday!!!

    so met yendi cyaah boil porridge, if i laugh i dies oooooooo, mek sure a no di baby she a boil it gi, cuz u know a sudden death dat enuh yendi. mi a dead to bloodclaat :ngakak

  • G says:

    met shemgal duh up har body?

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Let me tell sumting to u Metty, yuh know a doe wrong Shawty one likkle bit. I seh shi fi spen all weh shi nuh si. Duh up har face tuh, an wen shi dun an nahve nutten helse fi duh, find sinting else an duh lol.

    Mi did dun know seh Amita situation wid di breeda wasn’t no kind a relationship, but jus f—in gawn wrong, but fi hear seh a har fren did a tek him 1st an den she run eenn jus soun wrong, wrong, wrong. Dis gyal betta shape har life write up.

    A who a di nice girl? Emprezz or Yendi? Mi tink Emprezz wudda know betta, but mos a dem doe know much bout cooking. All di same di cornmeal can guh eenn dry, but yuh haffi stir briskly an too much fi mek sure nuh lump nuh form, an dat mean yuh han haffi ova hot wata longa dan needed, suh most ppl nuh dweet suh.

  • G says:

    yendi or pepita

  • Brightlight says:

    GM Ms. Metsy! Hi Lundun, Cindy and all other Metters :peluk

    Gwan tru Smeegle :)

    Amita go tek care of yuh baby and lowe di nasty man yuh breed for smh

    Yendi cyaa boil porridge mi bodaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

  • LUNDUN says:

    gud day brightie how u doing?

    cindy a who name emprezz? a no etana u a talk?

  • Brightlight says:

    I’m good Lundy :)

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Morning Brighty. Emprezz Mullings nee Golding is a tv personality who’s married to Stephen Golding (Bruce Golding’s son). Bcuz Met said “nice girl” that’s y she came to my mind, cuz is a sister that I personally like, but if di “nice girl” is being said sarcastically, den a tink a Yendi Met a tawk. :ngakak

  • LUNDUN says:

    ok cindy tanks fi di heads up.

    so diss mullings nee golding girl do road nuff? cuz met seh a long time di ‘nice girl’ a do road

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Bwoy, mi nuh know Emprezz personally an mi nuh mek it a habit fi swear fi ppl, but is only 1 man mi si shi used to talk tuh dat me an oddaz neva approve of cuz me did know him personally, an shi did figure him out quick an tek weh harself, but most women make mistakes suh mi naw hol dat gainst har – all mi know is, har name nuh stink a road pan no whole heap a man. Suh a mus di odda “nice girl” Met a tawk.

  • lord have mercy......................... says:

    mi woulda sing macka(run im tek man pan im, tek the house and car and run im) and blacka song fi kartel tie and die body babymada, but god work it out perfectly fi the lady eeh, I don’t wrong yu shorty tek your own from now cause any day kartel come a road dawg nyam your supper……………………. :thumbup

  • Riches says:

    Morning Met and metters, Met u know yuh nuh eazi wid d porride analogy, mi deadin, i always suspected that Amita an Safa neva inna nuh real kind a relationship, anyways baby born and life goes on, cuss who fi get cuss an move on for the sake of the chile, as for Shorty i doah wrong har i wah shi spen all weh shi nuh si

  • Met says:

    Riches she fi dash it out all pan lightpostttttttttttttt morningggggggggggggg

  • ms crimson n cream says:

    uptown mixup worse than ghetto mixings sa mi affi read dis 3time fi grasp everythng

  • Real says:



    I dont blame shaawty one bit…Du up uself yah mumz, summer a come and as u man a prison sey, “ATI WE A GO ENUH, DREAM WEEKEND COME ENUH”…Go chue yah shaawty…Shirley luddy..rayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • Observer says:

    yuh noe di wors ting bout dis sum…mi neva pass maths class :nohope:

  • Chin says:

    met empress a dogshit under cover from long time undercover seller them woieee

  • G says:

    does this mean that asafa was the runna then?

  • Met says:

    g ________________________________________ how dat reach yasso :nohope: not him oo

  • G says:

    Met mi swear mi cyaan stop tink bout it. hmmm you said it wasnt the beast and now its not asafa so that only leaves … :mewek2 please no!

  • Met says:

    uno doe waa believe a dat so mi dus low unno das all :maho

  • G says:

    *faint wey*

  • Met says:

    she likes them exotic u stay dere………… mr exotic look good mi a go dash him pic nowwwwwwwwww….

  • hmmm ok

  • imperial says:

    Wait so Safa a did di runna from d other post?… Met a play games wid ppl enuh!

  • Sum1 says:

    I don’t like Amita’s shoes/boots. Patent and oversized are not a gud luk.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sas christ.. Met. Me confuse. mi neva no sums from school days, woosa now. Cho puh as Granny would a say. However, on another note, I dont want believe anything derogatory about Emprezz. no sah. Mi dont believe she woulda inna this mix at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    So right 5:06 OM… Kiss mi teeth. Amita a try too hard. She a channel some sort of “Look” . She neva tan proper yet. She might wear nice stuff, but them usually never properly coordinated.

  • MURASAKI says:

    met mi cyan focus, ah safa ah di runner?

    Amita tek ah careless f—
    while di cat is away shortie will play
    gyal yuh betta cyan cook, though mi only f<<<@# yuh fi yuh pretty look, hei recipe book, stir in the porride cah yuh han dem nuh nook….

    Met Metty, dash out di runner, all last night mi ah toss an turn ah think a who

  • Bre Bre says:

    Shorty spend and tek yah cuz a nuff diss u get gal.. spend all weh yhu cahh find!

  • Wisdom says:

    Good Night why I late to this only God knows! 1. Shawty B do u thing(y) good good empress? Mi shaken and confused! Met? She a gi bun wid careless tiad body Asafa!? Explain please. As for Amita smh just hope the child nu follow nowhere near har foot step tek Fren man and breed? If u a get a one f000 tek it and cut nuh?! But no seems like she had a mission , waa man money now a live inna shame and disgrace smh unnu young girls pon tv weh mek ppl good good daughter. Watch unnu and tek unnu tun role models must have some tact even a little! Kmt

  • Baddsu says:

    All a dis drama whoooiiii , Amita I guess the grass isn’t greener on the other side huh?

  • Sum1 says:

    LMAO… Met you talk inna one real mix up voice fi dah one here! Mi like it!

    D last part sound like Yendi. (nice girl, television, have baby last year)

    Amita no easy, she run go tek d man knowing someone else was breeding? Dem no nice at aaaalll! And den she go ketch careless belly!

    As if Shortie, likkle plastic surgery would do har well, even if she turn out like Lil Kim, she would still look bedda. Dat is what she must ask d plastic surgeon fan- a Lil Kim face! :salahkamar

  • Anonymous says:

    cum offa shorty name now mon a nuff things she go true n put up with so make she live d life she a live now mi si r all d time n she look gud d plastic surgery work bad mouth ppl cum offa d gal now man n r 3 son dem look gud n hot dem dad soon cum a road so chat all u ppl want coz d best nuh cum yet tell dem shorty

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