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Dear Met,

Just a quick note to let you know Melissa Range is home from jail on BAIL

39 Responses to WELCOME HOME??

  • Observer says:

    a wen har laas name change??

  • Anonymous says:

    WHO IS MELISSA RANGE???????????????????

  • Anonymous says:

    Oonuh better walk wid holy water and the cross. Vampire is home

  • Tawkchuet says:

    No smh nopessss if u name a change round ere it will not be range it will be Melissa Poopinna bout range kmt

  • Just Saying says:

    This must have just happen and they haven’t updated the court docket to reflect the changes.

    Case Information:
    Court: New York Supreme Court – Criminal Term
    Case #: 00412-2013
    Defendant: Scott, Melissa


    04/04/2013 Wittner, B TRIALS AM No Type

    02/14/2013 Wittner, B ARRAIGNMENTS Regular Pled Not Guilty Same
    Bail Conditions

    1/28/2013 MISCELLANEOUS No Type True Bill Bond $30,000
    Cash $20, 000 (Not


    PL 160.10 2A
    **TOP CHARGE** C Felony, 2 counts, Not an arrest charge, Not an arraignment charge
    Description: Rob-2nd: causes Physical Injury
    Indictment Count: 2
    Date Added: 01/30/2013

    PL 160.10 2A C Felony, 2 counts, Not an arrest charge, Not an arraignment charge
    Description: Rob-2nd: causes Physical Injury
    Indictment Count: 1
    Date Added: 01/30/2013

    PL 120.05 03 D Felony, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
    Description: Aslt-2-int Cause Ph Inj To Off
    Indictment Count: 3

    PL 120.00 01 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Not an arraignment charge
    Description: Aslt W/int Causes Phys Injury
    Indictment Count: 4

    PL 165.40 00 A Misdemeanor, 3 counts, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge
    Description: Crim Pssesn Stln Prop 5th
    Indictment Count: 5

  • OBSERVING says:

    Met dont the baby look like paul talk di truth

  • Met says:

    I am wondering if you are here everyday……….why do u continue to stalk the young woman?

  • Anonymous says:

    met u editing a kill mi____________________________________________________ di ppl dem bad fi chuet how dem fi say welcome home when a bail she get :cystg

  • Observer says:


  • Met says:

    I think the baby looks like him but looks nuh mek dna so mi nuh know

  • Anonymous says:

    How that baby look like Paul unu think Paul light skin Paul born black and Melissa black like tar so a who that baby get that completion from o please the bitch Melissa tek him go court Dec 3 2012 for DNA and the bitch never show up fi tek the test Melissa just want Paul to b r man and babyfather

  • Observer says:


  • NAH LOOK says:

    Melissa who unuh wicked ehhhh bloodclatte a good thing mi pass mi bed time ….
    Met a how yuh mean is paul baby di ppl dem shey……
    Just saying mi dis guh look up di file n adat mi find to ….but wait paul mi a want know why yesterday yuh neva tell mi yuh wife cum home….
    Yuh know i caan manage met tideh…
    mwanin mi jmg family :hn

  • Lipstick says:

    If I lived in NYC nobody could talk to me. I would have nice things and my good job. Wy they live in the city and so worthless. I wish my city had all the opportunities NYC has. This young gal needs two good slaps to bring her back to reality. A weh she hear bout or feel like! Melissa you are a pepperlight darling.

  • Anonymous says:

    Did hardworking Stacey Bashment come from the burgular bar up resort as well.

  • Original Goodas says:

    met i think mel mel have a stalker. that person only comment when melisa Range up deh if a no dem send it it. me waa know fi a man weh no want the girl why she a beat u so badddddddddddd…

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Whey mi want to know is if a Melissa a mad dem r a di fact say she wine the “goose Killa” a sting dem enlighten us pls stalker

  • Belly Bang says:

    Di Vampire Mistress is out and about. Manhattan deh pon lockdown and garlic now in short supply

  • hey says:

    God ah god well come home mel

  • hey says:

    Mi glad ah somebody else call him goose killer

  • Ryce Cake says:

    As I saw the post I knew the words “Goose Killa” would come up, but what did the baby do. Even if the girl is not conducting herself in the manner befitting a mother, why put the baby out their to.

  • Ppl come with some f000ery more while why you letting Melissa hurt up your head it is obvious Paul don’t want neither one of y’all and no I do not know the vampire of Brooklyn and wtf does complexion have to fi with anything dumb f000 pickney cyaan her fi lightness from another family member bloodclot fool idk why bitches stalking this bald head nigga with tatoo inna him face clothes mascots unnu

  • Get*

  • LUNDUN says:

    what does goose killa mean? :nerd

  • Tattoo *

  • Miss Jamaica says:

    I hope this woman will learn her lesson and make a change in her life for her child atleast. If that is Paul baby do not kiss his ass to be a father to his own flesh and blood don’t worry he will be punished for turning his back. Melissa take a break from dancehall why do you want to risk your freedom for vanity to be seen by those waste people who don’t like you? This is your final wake-up call.

  • Ryce Cake says:

    @Lundun , One who exploites themselves to foreigner man visiting the Islands , in hopes of gaining favors. Cars , Money, Papers, Clothes Etc……

  • Anonymous says:

    3:53 pm that is dumb and Melissa. Like i said Paul is a black mother f—er him muma black and him father black if u r referring to Natalie dumb and Melissa or her fren Natalie an Paul share different father stupid bitch. Lol Melissa if he is so much your babyfather u had your chance to prove an a u neva show up at court dumb bitch.

  • Anonymous says:

    Melissa just like how u go thief jimmy choo go get your DNA my girl and prove sey a Paul baby. And to think about it if a man do me like that the way how Paul dis u up and denied your child i now u wouldn’t miss that court date just to show everybody proof that i know of u Melissa real talk

  • real talk says:

    Melissa u need to get a life u just come out of jail and a post picture u really dnt get it if u dnt learn i hope dem lock up your mad rass

  • Met says:

    I hope u stop riding her fender

  • Anonymous says:

    O please metttttt!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Melissa we the ppl r waiting on your Dna proof!!!!!!! So come post it on the famous JMG

  • Met says:

    no u need it more dan jmg…so mi a beg u go meet har fi it

  • Observer says:

    a wah inna range pants caw if it hav ppl a mad maybe asafa need di remedy

  • MsShyOuttaRoad says:

    MI shame fi we as a people you see cuz we are di only race dat is STILL UNDER MENTAL SLAVERY!

    How you gonna say that the bout da babies complexion? Yu nu no dat we mix up from massa rape how lineage how many years ago?

    Mi have one baby boy and how him fadda black like tar and mi brown like milk chocolate my baby boy have a caramel complexion and grey eyes suh wha u a seh???


  • No Joke says:

    Dwl…….mi miss hop heap tideh

  • hey says:

    unno nah f— fi kill ppl, how unno know say ah di gal send in di man bloodclatt man give di gal a brake every dog have its day member

  • Cutie says:

    Melissa is such a dumb stupid chicken bitch. All this girl is worried about is name brand and her kids are not being taken care of. She need to go and find somewhere to live and stop sleeping all over the place with her kids. Go and get an education and stop worrying about frivilous things. Dumb bitch, cut it out!!!! You look stupid.

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