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No Black Nurses Lawsuit For Minority Free Child Care
Posted on: 9:18 am, February 19, 2013, by Staff Writer, updated on: 12:13pm, February 19, 2013

(CNN) – A nurse is suing a hospital, claiming it agreed to man’s request that no African-Americans care for his baby.
The lawsuit accuses managers at Hurley Medical Center in Flint of reassigning Tonya Battle, who has worked at the facility for 25 years, based on the color of her skin.
The man approached Battle, while she was caring for his child in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, asking to speak to her supervisor, according to the complaint filed in January by Battle’s attorney.
She pointed the charge nurse in his direction.
The man, who is not named in the filing, allegedly showed her a tattoo that may have been “a swastika of some kind” and told her that he didn’t want African-Americans involved in his baby’s care.

The request, according to the lawsuit, made its way through management ranks, and was granted. Battle’s manager called her at home to tell her she would be reassigned — and why, the suit says.
She was shocked and in disbelief, her attorney Julie Gafkay told CNN affiliate WNEM. “She was very upset. She was very offended.”
The hospital did not immediately respond late Friday to a CNN request for comment.
A note made its way onto prominent spot on the baby’s medical chart, according to the suit: “Please, no African-American nurses to care for … baby per dad’s request.”
The hospital’s lawyer then objected to the decision, and the note was removed. The staff then told the father that they could no long honor his request, according to the complaint.
Even so, the lawsuits alleges, for more than a month no African American nurses were assigned to care of the child.
CNN’s Marlena Baldacci contributed to this report.
By Ben Brumfield
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  • Temple Nurse says:

    It’s funny this just made the news. I worked at Temple University and this has happen many times. Administration Reply was this is a patient rights. This also happens @ University Of Penn a lot .

  • KMFT I saw this story couple weeks back, and if this dickhead don’t want any black nurse caring for is baby, the hospital shouldve told him to tek the baby and go. Because they can’t grant him request. But instead their racis asses too put “no black nurses ” in the chart smh.

  • Observer says:

    I still don’t see causes for no lawsuit money according to the facts presented….

  • Brightlight says:

    Good mornign sweet Metsy and Co. :angel

    I bet you if it was a homosexual nurse who was filing lawsuit cuz someone didn’t want them handling their child this would be all over the news.

    I get her point for suing them tho. The hospital higher ups should have never even considered his request in the first place. They’re supposed to protect their employees.

  • Met says:

    morning brightie

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Morning everyone Brightie u r so right I could shake ur hand twice :shakehand2 :shakehand2
    I tell you any time dem say racism done mi just shake mi head cause the hospital should run dis nasty ass man bout no black nurse if so take u baby n look after it then r find a all white staff hospital, it’s a damn shame

  • Met says:

    brightie u right if a did a gay nurse there would be no question and di spee whey dem wudda hasten fi solve it wudden normal…das y batteyman always equate demself to slaves when they have no right to but a because dem know dem have more rights dan regular people

  • Cindy Royal says:

    While I get that she’s probably insulted & hurt, I think her lawsuit is unnecessary. The man is clearly a racist, but the baby is his baby & if he doesn’t want her looking after the baby, albeit for bigoted reasons, he shouldn’t be made to have her look after the baby. I think the hospital did the right thing, because as we Jamaicans say “trouble nuh set like rain”, the next thing they could’ve denied his request only to have something go wrong with the baby during that nurse’s shift, then that would possibly lead to potential physical harm to her or others at the hospital bcuz some of these racists are real extremists. kmt. While some things change, some things, like some ppl & their beliefs will always be the same. Racism is not dead, I would think as an African American she would know that.

  • So-called post-racial society…

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Lie dem a tell Lalibela. post-racial my butt wen KKK & white supremacist groups can still have perfectly legal public marches & meetings. kmt

  • Hotstepper...formerly peeper says:

    If any of u guys are familiar with Maryland, unnu know is a predominantly black state, however, its just a few years ago, maybe about 7-8 the KKK stop march inna we town parade weh we have a year time….and the town is only about 25 sq miles

  • Shawty says:

    They hospital administration should have told him to take his kid sumwhere else and not put no note in the damn file racist piece of shit and the didnt have to send her home either just let a white nurse care for the child til it left the damn place sue dem ass and when u win u lef and go work sumwhere else

  • Met says:

    shawty heffffffffffffff a did one batteyman a tek care a di pickney n mi guh seh mi nuh want it…..di amount a news station whey wudda run wid it and di way mi life wudda mash up…..he is beyond racist because at least ina slavery days slaves cared for the white man’s children..

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