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6 Responses to CVM HARLEM SHAKE

  • Observer says:

    one mad hous :ngakak

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Hol on deh, a Kurline Brown dat wid di cardboard box inna di royal blue blouse? _____________________________________ shi guh hawd :ngakak Mi cyaah wait fi duh di Harlem shake

  • Shawty says:

    a dat me did a wonda too Cindy lawd a massi

  • What’s all this madness about “Harlem shake”?

  • Soldier of Jah says:

    Miss-$tullesha it’s all about falla fashion. Right in time for ‘black history ‘ this phenomenon has taken flight. A one may say well just like Gangnam style. Well just like Gangnam style these distractions are put out there for people to pick up on and lead them to not pree, or think about reality. These distractions allow them the fun that they NEED to have in this defiled earth that we live in. Yuh nuh see how many youtube vids there are out there. And true we have this 15 minutes of fame doctrine programmed inna we, certain people haffi look fi dem fame by following. Di whole world a do di Harlem Shake but dem nah unite fi nuttin that can breed real change.


  • good girl gone bad says:

    Ohhhh so this is the new gangnam style?? smh…humping the floor n all dese tings. It funny but u cant help but to think that JA ppl ah lose dem meds.

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