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17 Responses to SQUEEZE GIVES BACK………..MMHMM

  • Anonymous says:

    a when since sleaze CUM bucket peanut head choke on a dick i believe tun PHILANTHROPIST? WHEN???? IF I LAUGH IN ya TODAe



    brunch time metty?


  • channel 7 news says:

    met a me .. neva sign in a move too fast lol

  • DivaNista says:

    Run Michelle Run. Don’t let sleaze anywhere near your organization. let him work hiss”paper route” without your organization. You guys will work it out with his input

  • DivaNista says:

    Run Michelle Run. Don’t let sleaze anywhere near your organization. let him work hiss”paper route” without your organization. You guys will work it out without his input. His motive is to self promote not genuine help

  • Ouch Anonymous, Squeeze does not stand a chance in your book :). To be honest, if he was not attempting himself and his businesses, I would give him a bit of credit. However, as will most capitalist, this is mostly self promotion…

  • Cc says:

    A squeeze seh rip off everybody all ppl wid autism lol da Bredda yah naa tek nuh prisona soon hear him a sell di cure fi autism

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Oh yeah Met, dis a gwan from las yr – jus 1 ginal “helping” anodda ginal kmt.

  • Lol says:

    Which university????? Di man lie u f—!!! Him fi tap it now man

  • LadyWoW says:

    I love you she interview him, mek him stick to the point and make concrete promisies. Now will he do it and try tek over the organization. Only Father God Knows

  • Observer says:

    he’s such a great speaker..hmmmm. You betta kip it diaspora caw if yuh rip off any hungry man a yawd yuh fukkkkk ooooo

  • good girl gone bad says:

    So how much of that $17,000 did u contribute squeeze?? Mi love how some of these ppl love to put on benefit shows and parties, collect money from the attendees, but u never know if dem actually tek money outta dem own pocket and gi way. I dont think most of them do. Sorry but im a skeptic.

    Lalibela ah suh dem do. They get their PR person to look for a charity to back, they promote it amongst mainly their clients and employees and win the hearts of the public. smh…philanthropy is one of the biggest scams ever. Gicing back is a great concept twisted by corporations.

  • S says:

    Tax write offs!!!

  • @Good Girl Gone Bad, I totally agree…

  • The Truth says:

    mek him show de check, this is all hype, dis f—a, don’t even give him mumma money, him have a daughta wey him not even know har age and cum bout him a give bak, how yuh can a give back and yuh pickney hungry dutty bwoy, if people stupid enuff an give Squeeze money fi charity dem deh pon dem own. dem really nuh know a who name Squeeze, oooops, I mean Sleaze

  • Mr Magnificent says:

    met so why the other topic on squeeze get deleted ? he move to you ?

  • Met says:

    No people a send in tings to mi under sikes a doe like that ..come to mi direct

  • @Met, I am kinda slow, what is sikes?

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