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……………….THANK YOU


Title: Keisha glama diss

Message Body:
Is it true burgs diss Keisha Glama for Jenieker So Excellent Needham this girl is going hard on face book.

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  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    What are they saying senda?

  • another topic please says:

    That girl jeneker is so weird, what does he see in her. She doesnt look better than keisha and she seems as if she is a stalker. She crops her pics with his only because he never takes pics with her. I dont see what the fuss is regarding him either. Hes old and look like a walking disease. I get so tired of reading his name on here. These girls need to do better but of course he is going to stay close because he needs help to pay for his party and tracey keisha and jeneker has to all chip in. silly rabbits!! somebody find them a real man

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Jenieker??? Is dat even a real name? God, these ppl.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jeneker on face book saying the whole glama squad is weak. She does crop a lot of pics with her and burg but they way she talks it sounds like she is the wife.burg like every status she post

  • jj says:

    @ 11:05 that the glama girl crew need to fix up them self and stop wearing shinny wigs and shopping at the rainbow shop. Its funny because all the comments the girl pass burgs hits the like button. Just the other day pink wall had a picture of her cousin up with Kim saying how the people in philly look a mess

  • another topic please says:

    Whether Jeneker acts like shes the wife or not “ON FACEBOOK ALONE” shes not. and whether kiesha has a baby by him and is married to him shes not the main factor of his life, either, none of them get real knowings. Why settle for the little fame they get on the pink wall, when they can get more from a man of their own. I’m not trying to preach but these girls will never be a woman in his eyes. They are side chicks with no morality or ambition. That Kiesha girl has a baby for him but often times she say she is mutual with him because of their baby. I respect that. What is Jenekers reason? She need to find a man and stop belittling herself, Philly has her as a fool. I’m disgusted. Stop bigging up the man on social sites because he will NEVER big u up. . Poor Little Girl trying to be a Woman.

  • Anonymous says:

    Burgs dance is coming soon. So the controversy begins…

  • Met says:

    yes a dat mi notice so dem a come do up mi mailbox and all add flyer…whoever in charge of promoting doe stop wid mi

  • goodso says:

    lmao @ met…u ketch dem sikes met..dwl

  • philly says:

    Monkey looking jenieka need fi guh straighten out her life and stop bring big man inna her auntie yawd… mi hear seh d gal spend allv her tax money on burgs last ur fi him party.. dis yr same thing… stop mine man idiot gal ur too fool and ugly like.. mi man seh him see ah work inna nordstrom and u fugly not ugly burgs really a use u

  • Badmind get the best a dem says:

    @Philly and the rest of the Anonymous. Why you sound so f—ing mad??? It seem like Jenieker a get the best a unnu and a hurt up unnu head that’s why unnu can’t leave her name alone. Whether she wah spend har money pon man that is her business and not urs! What ur fat ass need to do is get off the computa and go find work, maybe u coulda file ur taxes and help Burgs with his party as well! Leave the f—ing girl alone because she nah look pon unnu!!

  • philly says:

    Jenieka ca say she look betta than anyone fi har name wea k bitch mi see d gal in person yuh bigbroad outta shape and ugly bad look like u ah suck pon a lemon every time me see u uno have dis man mek uno play uno self.. uno matey to bright…

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