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I was fassing on some girls facebook page and come across this picture with the caption my cuzzins hubby birthday but I slept wit dis guy recently Mi saaaaay wata way some bwoy wan hype when people ave dem secret! Groupie everybodee a toronto know dis cast eye Red bwoy B++ R++ he walk around like him batty nuh tink when gyal say she sleep wit him an him pup ar out but anyhoo that’s not the story. Dis bwoy is a name brand man gucci prada louis a holts shopper so mi see him a one dance him talk to mi and mi end up give him piece afta mi giv di bwoy piece its like him like it so him enup call me back so we do it again but nuff vibes deh deh second round so me go down pon di bwoy when me go down deh it frounzy like a wah…mi say to mi self mi want a 3 bills offa da bwoy ya let me gwan worky after mi done mi frighten when bwoy tun mi back way and lick me from my CAT go right to mi Assets! Lawd no one eva eva eva lick mi batty before and di bwoy use him tongue in deh like a sport him a play afta him done me feel like a virgin to rasss !!!him tell mi only certain gyal can bring it outta him Mi did kinda like him but den mi find out him have four pickney and 3 babymother and still deh live in wit di last one THEN to make matters worst somebody pinch me and tell me say him married to one of him babymadda from 2001 now tell me the two other gyal dem weh breed fi him never know dat????and di idiot wife u want di man so bad him a breed off the city and u still a stay!! Any way him freak me 6 more times afta that so the babymother weh him live wit a nuff of my batty u lick back when him come home to u a night time :p The last party I saw him @ in October he was talking to some dry foot black gyal and act like say he didn’t see me a shame him shame what do u exspect this bwoy ustoo wife up dutty R+++ weh clean up alla Canada and Jamaica and she f— him cuzzin dwayne stain dem on top of it dis bwoy is a dutty bwoy a wear name brand and a ride pon ttc now??? LOL oh and mi all hear say him give the last babymother him car but his mother a cuss because she say a fi yar car. Weh him did mek the police tek B++ R++ u pop down now



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