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Friday, February 1st, 2013 – The two Ugandan men, who hit world news for being the first Ugandan men to openly pronounce their gay relationship and marriage, may not be in the happiest after all.

Jimmy Sswerwadda and Lawrence Kaala exchanged vows legally to a small church gathering on Saturday 26th January 2013 in Järfälla, a North Stockholm suburb in Sweden.

The two separated in Uganda back in 2008 by the troubles and cultural rejection they both endured in their home country forcing them to each take off individually.

Sserwadda then applied for protection in Sweden and after being accepted he became active on the LGBT (Lesbian Gay bisexual and Transgender community) undertakings.

Kaala later also fled into Sweden and on meeting again in a Stairwell they did not hesitate but quickly rekindled the love they had had.

Sadly, A short while before the wedding, Kaala’s application for asylum was rejected and he was on the blink of being deported back to Uganda where homosexuality is not condoned and should the worst happen, he will then face imprisonment or the same fate that befell David Kato- the first openly gay Ugandan activist who was murdered in 2011.

Reports say that the couple whose wedding day was in commemoration of the former gay activist’s second anniversary‘s death, may be deported. They are pleading for leniency from the drastic decision Sweden Migration Board’s (SMB) made.

“If they put him on a plane to Uganda now, they will be sentencing him to death.” Sserwadda said.

Kaala only has two weeks since the date of the rejection of his application to make a formal appeal before he goes back to face the Ugandan law.

Uganda has since come under the world’s spotlight for its famous Anti-Homosexuality Bill also known as the “Kill-bill”, a private bill that if passed, will treat such relationships as criminal offences as they will then be made officially illegal.

The two however, will still not be completely off the hook since the bill will also make provisions for people who have sought asylum or engaged in same-sex relationships outside the country to be extracted from the host countries and come face punishment under the laws of Uganda.

And to make matters worse, with the bill, even individuals and organizations that are in support of LGBT rights will not be spared either.

SUPPLEMENT No. 13 25th September, 2009.
to the Uganda (;acrre No 47 Volume CII dared 25th Sepsembei 2009.
Printed by UPPC. Entebbe Order of the Government.

Bill No. 18 Anti Homosexualiij.’ Bill 2009 THE ANTI HOMOSEXUALITY BILL, 2009.

1.1. The principle
The object of this Bill is to establish a comprehensive consolidated legislation to protect the traditional family by prohibiting (i) any form of sexual relations between persons of the same sex; and (ii) the promotion or recognition of such sexual relations in public institutions and other places through or with the support of any Government entity in Uganda or any non governmental organization inside or outside the country.

This Bill aims at strengthening the nation’s capacity to deal with emerging internal and external threats to the traditional heterosexual family.

This legislation further recognizes the fact that same sex
attraction is not an innate and immutable characteristic.

The Bill further aims at providing a comprehensive and enhanced legislation to protect the cherished culture of the people of Uganda. legal, religious, and traditional family values of the people of Uganda against the attempts of sexual rights activists seeking to impose their values of sexual promiscuity on the people of Uganda.

There is also need to protect the children and youths of Uganda who are made vulnerable to sexual abuse and deviation as a result of cultural changes. uncensored information technologies, parentless child developmental settings and increasing attempts by homosexuals to raise children in homosexual relationships through adoption, foster care, or otherwise.

2.1. Defects in existing law.
This proposed legislation is designed to fill the gaps in the provisions of other laws in Uganda e.g. the Penal Code Act Cap. 120.

The Penal Code Act (Cap120) has no comprehensive provision catering for anti homosexuality. It focuses on unnatural offences under section 145 and lacks provisions for penalizing the procurement, promoting, disseminating literature and other pantographic materials concerning the offences of homosexuality hence the need for legislation to provide for charging, investigating, prosecuting, convicting and sentencing of offenders.

This legislation comes to complement and supplement the provisions of the Constitution of Uganda and the Penal Code Act Cap 120 by not only criminalizing same sex marriages but also same-sex sexual acts and other related acts.

3.1. The objectives of the Bill
The objectives of the Bill are to:

(a) provide for marriage in Uganda as that contracted only between a man and a woman;

(b) prohibit and penalize homosexual behavior and related practices in Uganda as they constitute a threat to the traditional family;

(c) prohibit ratification of any international treaties, conventions, protocols, agreements and declarations which are contrary or inconsistent with the provisions of this Act;

(d) prohibit the licensing of organizations which promote homosexuality.


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