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36 Responses to AS DANCEHALL TURNS

  • ... says:

    :hammer si dem maths deh____________________________________

  • channel 7 news says:

    five fingererer strikes again ahhhhh

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Well, She can go to the consignment shops and sell the designer bags and shoes and get a likkle money! But i bet if she do dat when melissa come she ago mad seh di madda sell di tings lol

  • Nom de plume says:

    I feel sorry for her poor mother who has been reduced to begging on her behalf. Mother mek she stay weh she deh, dat will teach har.

  • honeybee says:

    ‘The same mother she treat like shit” It goes to show a mothers love is unconditional. So, she only has $800 in her name? Well I didn’t expect her to have much because if he did then she wouldn’t have stole second hand shoes.

  • Nom de plume says:

    So this girl (if a she) have ova 400 pairs of shoes and still go get lock up fi a wear and lef pair? She mad fi true.

  • Jules says:

    Same way one time mi sista did dun out har pay checque pon claat and boot and di Monday o Tuesday a come ask mi fi money..mi seh di sitten did bun mi dis tell har fi guh nyam di shoes dem..ppl and dem effed up priorities

  • Tawkchuet says:

    For Wat will a man gain for the price of his soul 400 shoes n bag n u don’t have a job so is where she keep dem cause I understand she no live no where. Poor unnu :nohope

  • The bible seh! In the last days it shall be mothers. verse daugther.wat a piece a disgrace!!! Mnl.. :cd

  • honeybee says:

    @good girl…..Melissa would have a nerve to be mad at her mom if she sold her “teefing” designer goods to get her out of jail. If I was in her shoes, I would thank my mom for doing all she could to get me out of jail.

  • ... says:

    Like I said previously I hope she use the vacation fi reflect & get her mind right cause clearly she has no clue

  • Wat a peice a price fi fame hall people tek notes :cekpm

  • No Joke says:

    First off mummy affi beg …causen seh those things might not be worth much cause they were bought second hand . Nobody naw buy poppinaaaa fi any kind a MONEYYYY


    the biggest flosser and hype people r the BIGGEST thieves. them guh a dance to show off pon dem one anada and a bare THIEFING things dem a floss wid inna dance. if I laught it will be thunder n lightining. TEEFS and HYPE people mi nuh fraid ah dem and mi nuh FRIGHTEN fi teefing tings. mi shame fi dem whey act like dem somebody and dem inna a dance a stand up like manican/statue inna the SHARE HOLDER dem tings. if dem nuh TEEF dem a BARROW and tek back–nuff ah dem closet EMPTY tu rass–mi shame fi dem. DEM MUDDA KUNT cyaant style me no day–STAY BAD AND YEYE DE PEOPLE DEM TINGS–REAL TALK. DRE TELL HAR TEK DEM HIGH PRICED ITEM AND GET STORE CREDIT AND SELL THE CREDIT AND MEK BAIL MONEY–STICKY HAND BYTCH. I WUDDA MEK HAR RASS LEFT RIGHT A JAIL–KLEPTO REHAB.

  • Brightlight says:

    @Jules LMAO!!! I can’t lie, there was a time when I used to dash wey mi money on bullshit all the time and then bruk til di next paycheck. When mi start really siddung an realize sey dem expensive handbags, shoes barely wear cah dem well uncomfortable, hot clothes fi mogel pon di SAME BLOODCLAAT PPL all di time mi sey NO SAH! Mi haffi just FULL STOP!

    How much a dem gyal deh buy (wit credit/tief) expensive designer shoes dem cyaa even walk inna? Tiefing peepers ask unnu self dat? If you have on $1200+ shoes (cah dem shoes weh mi a talk a straight designer), $3000+ bag and no money in di bank, behind or barely managing your rent, do it really make sense to look like money when you no have none?

    Get your prioroities in order.

  • Met u on fire today i can’t keep up lol

  • LadyWoW says:

    wat about di gyal dem weh buy from har. wat about di people dem she a try impress. She lucky she have a mumma like a dat.

  • PPL busineSS says:

    MONEY IN THE BANK =800????????????????????????


  • good girl gone bad says:

    @honeybee mi know she woulda really bright but u know how some ungreateful ppl stay, u fi find di money but dont touch dem tings.

    @nojoke annuh nuff money she can get fi dem but is a start. Di money can mek up, rather than beg. There is a market for second hand items, if they are in good condition or can be restored. Consignment shops and ebay ah run di place. Mi watch it pon katie wah day lol. Mi neva know until mi hear how much di woman make off of second hand things.

  • Brightlight says:

    @3G you not lying! I for one love vintage/consignment shops. When you yourself have bought things you don’t really wear, love or have any use for anymore why not sell them. Ppl will buy used things and you can make a nice money from it.

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    OUCH!!!! it haat but sad reality is shi naaaaaaaaaaah change dem tuh wrap up ina dh life dem priorties deh a wat tuh teef fi guh moggle pon ppl smdh gurl get ur lifeeee * ina tamar annoying voice* lol

  • Observer says:

    400 pair a poopinas mi naw laaf ooooooo :hammer

  • ... says:

    OBS yuh know seh_____________________________________________di man maths ave mi a way

  • Kremlin4life says:

    Mommy better try sell every boot, bag n clothes cau me a FI har Muma me a sell everything cau a she call FI help

  • Observer says:

    dotty unless a exaggeration dat lol

    kremmy yuh wah di madda fi tek up di second hand selling business lol

  • SHAMEFUL…………..Duh smaddy call Mr. Range at his workplace there, he benefit the most with his regular shopping bag full of shit! Why people always suggesting the people that buy from these boosters should pay there bail, puleeeeze, you sold some goods you got your money FULL STOP as y’all say end of story! What did anyone expect Melly Mel tuh have didn’t they say bitch lives in a shelter, how much of a savings did y’all really expect her to have! Keep the shit 100.

  • Observer says:

    dotty mi ere seh sum a dem floss an naw pay dem room rent ooooooooooo :hammer

  • ... says:

    Mi nuh tink a exaggeration Obs, cause she look like she have a habit. I just don’t understand smh all fi go stan up inna dance? smh

  • cool heat says:

    Melissa still lucky her mother begging on her behalf cause I know if it was me, :siul my mother would have left my ass in jail to “eat the bread what the devil knead”. Growing up she always told my siblings and I if u like people things and things that don’t belong to u when u get catch dont take ur one phone call and waste it to call her cause she will not be coming to bail our ass out. Since I was 5yrs old I hearing go to school get your qualifications and get a good job to maintain any expensive habit. Melissa I hope stick aint break in ur ears and u learn from ur mistake and put the the dancehall life and look a [email protected]#king work

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Life in the hype lane at any cost is not an easy life! The next one dem a di tax refund criminal dem wey stop tief government money….long run short ketch. Met mi hear sey a all $1million the Miami syndicate dem mek last year enuh.

  • Belly Bang says:

    suh why dem fraid fi call DI VAMPIRE MELISSA NAME??? Ah dat mi nuh understand!! Wah she or her posse ah guh do??? Run down di man & bite him?? Cho. If people ah tawk, dem fi tawk str8 and nuh watch nuh face. Its already dancehall knowledge. :nerd

  • hey says:

    Y di mother doe call di goose killer

  • Baby-Sue says:

    Met I am sending u the part 2 of that above email.The one that 1 of reps wrote on fb lol

  • Met says:

    YES mi get it and mi might put it up now because mi want a discussion topic fi 8 pm

  • kehkemkem says:

    some gal get man confuse. and in this time and age weh uncle sam naw parden none you clothes confused.

  • shameful says:

    Anybody that know melissa know she rather sit in jail then give way any of her precious material possession. You’ll keep call her crazy she not crazy she dumb as hell. Illiterate and have no ambition much less goals best thing for her to do is sit right where she is until she gain some sense because bet she come out with the same mindset if she make bail. Thats one girl thats lost and you cant talk to a fool whose biggest worries is what she going to wear and if her pum pum tun up

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