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Title: Lena British says she is not the woman the actor was referring to.

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Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Following the popularity of a recording made by actor Keith ’Shebada’ Ramsey, dancehall personality Lena British says she is not the woman the actor was referring to.

Suffering from the flu at her home in the United Kingdom, Lena British says she was awakened by phone calls this week from persons claiming that they heard a voice note with Shebada hurling insults at her.

In the voice note that was laced with insults, Shebada said, ”Dawn, tell Lena nuh hate yuh fi yuh age…A wah do Lena British? Mi will class har enuh…Tell Lena fi leave yuh alone ’cause yuh cute..Tell Lena seh she used to tek Assassin and Assassin lef har.”

But Lena British, who lives in England, is insisting that she is not the woman in question. She said when she heard about it initially she did not believe, as she does not know Shebada personally.

”I didn’t take notice of it but when I put my phone down, my BlackBerry had about a hundred messages on there and I started getting phone calls,” she told THE STAR.

”I don’t know that Lena British that Shebada is talking about, but it is not the one in England, it is not me. It doesn’t sound good because nobody is aware of that Lena British, they know me. You are going to have people thinking that it is me,” she said.

While she has responded to several people, she says she is unable to respond to everyone since the recording has found its way on several popular websites.

”I could not defend myself to so many people. I don’t want anybody to think that I am having an affair with a married man (dancehall artiste Assassin) ’cause that is not me, that’s not what I am about,” she said.

After much effort, Lena British said she eventually got in contact with Shebada’s manager who also confirmed that she was not the woman the actor was referring to. Following that, Shebada also released another voice note stating that the recording was done over a year ago about another person, who also goes by the name Lena British.

”Mi send out a voice note early last year to one a mi friend a Cayman name Dawn seh wi a chat Lena British from Cayman. Mi nuh know Lena British from England, a hear mi hear bout her. And she a veteran inna di business, so mi nuh want people get the thing twisted. Is not Lena British from England mi a talk, so don’t get the thing twisted,” he said.


  • not interested says:

    met im so over this! its u dutty lena Bitish from uk! Shibby mi no expect u fi man up, cause u a walking gal. Cause all now nobody inna dis world neer hear or see dis “other” lena British…..bitch pleaseeeeee

  • Met says:

    mi nuh know whey di halla balloo fah fi real

  • setgood says:

    A suh dem always act like dem nice and a tek nuff cocky on the downlow. It always come out ima the lite sooner den lata. Bout a nuh u.smfh

  • setgood says:

    Ina meant to say.

  • ... says:

    Really? this is really news worthy??? smh

  • Belly Bang says:

    This report is after dem dissect, sanitise, dry, and piece back together. This time around putting ah distance between Lena (Di England) and Shibby by inserting the manager, so is no longer him she did speak to.

    & note dem nuh quote the full f000ery she label as ‘press release’. dem clean up di ting proper

  • Met says:

    belly mi seh dem great :ngakak

  • Belly Bang says:

    On that note, mi must memba fi watch the video bout how the media lies before mi guh ah mi bed later

  • Met says:

    the pirate one good to..and forbidden city..di documentary dem nice dis week …mi haffi start look fi dem earlier like mi did yessideh

  • good girl gone bad says:

    So if him hear bout di lena british from england before, wah mek him neva clarify who him ah talk when him did record the note?? Sound like him nah own up to him talk…im with dotty on this one, how the hell this qualify as news?

  • Met says:

    3gb mi nuh si dem seh lena a designer u know jamaican people really bad

  • good girl gone bad says:

    designer??? mi miss dah one deh dwl…mi gone read it again lol

  • Met says:

    when mi google har name nuh dat mi see

  • BadGirl says:

    After all is said and done me still like Lena, big up yuhself muma.. Classy lady from wat i can see, i dnt kno her personally so i cant say otherwise.

  • whoah says:

    Who dat Ayanna?

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    but from mi inna mi teens & did deh a JA mi nuh know if dem time deh she did return fi invest & do business but I use to see her on ER talking about fashion & promoting the british linkup dance back then so even me thought she was really a designer :cd :nerd

  • TinaGoods says:

    Whoring ayana yuh left all the way from weh yuh come from bout yuh wan fpppk mi man mi man jus send a message to him fren dem fi tell yuh say him nuh want yuh not even fi fpppk or suck cos yuh f000 out bare man fpppk yuh out ole whore box him say him not even want yuh fi suck him cocky cos yuh ugly bad :ngakak :ngakak

  • @BadGirl 9:02 pm…classy which part???? Cuz she can buy/teef clothes, dress up inna dem n stan up like she cute dat mek her classy??? Galang ya Missis!!!!!

    It look like u quick fi b fooled by outside appearance.

    Trace me as much as u waan or come beat me thru d computer since u a BadGirl

  • reena says:

    Ayanna she ah [email protected]#k of da man dem ah England every minute she dey ah England ah wid ah next one. Weh she do for a living sumbady come dash out her file nuh?

  • England says: dis reach newspaper…nuff other tings nah gwan a jamaica fi them report..

    fi the pass week…fowl…and him woman dem a mek the new pon pink wall… dem life look very busy wid drama…


  • Anonymous says:

    Ayana need a job.Stay outa people store.

  • sett gud says:

    6 a one, an 1/2 dozen a the adda, di 2 a dem, live fi attention an hype don’t be surprize if a no dem concott dis drama fi become relevant, to whom mi no kno. but mi would like NOT fi haffi re4ad bout dis anymore.

  • sett gud says:

    If a advertisment fi dem career/business den a so dem fi sell it, otherwise mi no want fi get bomboozled inna no fake drama fi publicity, shibby a “dat no luk gud”, yu hear mi an lena too.

  • sett gud says:

    Bout she a sell hair she gwaan need every last pack, wen she buck a real tagereg wey tired a har a poze up wit dem man, dem gwaan tear out eve3ry strain a hair wey left pon har head give it allapecois. so she might wan stop generate sales and save all a the weave dem

  • Lipstick says:

    after miss lena nuh hungry nor naked is wah this

  • BadGirl says:

    Bloodclat infidel me nuh walk and chat weh me dnt bloodclat know fi get nuh hype or fupppg ratings… i dnt kno the woman personally so me affi judge har based on what i see… she carry harself fupppg gud fi a older woman suh guh chuck thru shebada big bombohole and come offa mi bloodclat bk cause u a nuh pussyclat clothes or napsack.

  • Met says:

    good morning happy mondayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too early fi di badwords

  • BadGirl says:

    Good Afternoon Miss Met sorry fi the very unsavoury words dis morning… my sincere apology:) But i dnt kno weh dis degenerate waaah me come pon ur site come lie pon ppl.

  • Met says:


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