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  • Me says:

    See it ya now. Mi hear sey she stab him up bad all inna him face.

  • Met says:

    ina him face? but nuh him she did a war over months ago?

  • This nasty wutliss bitch need fi guh a jail….fi smaddy weh nuh papers sure can mek the pink wall tho….or WATTA way the obeah strong.THE JEZEBEL NUH LIVE NUH WEH AND RUN GUH DO BREAST OIME SHE NEVER HEAR SEH “stiff titty nah hold man again”

  • Belly Bang says:

    Before wi go inna dem LUUUUBERT ah, Container Satdayz big man ah kip one big shingding by Oniel’s Place pon Hagley Park Road tinite tinite. Mumzell and di usual suspects guh forward. Suh yuh know fimiyaad ah guh hav it by Monday.

    Back to the regular programming

  • Met says:

    stully is that u ? :nerd

  • YES MET HIM SAME ONE. BUT THE BOY LEFF HAR (allegedly) HAHAHAHA caz …she har inna dance wah day a big up har baby daddy randy …bout two Pikney and one man

  • Met says:

    who she a big up stully? :tkp

  • miss-$tullesha says:

    Metty :peluk
    Me same one, a Randy name that tatted on the Jezebel arm

  • Met says:

    stully no sah :tkp

  • good girl gone bad says:

    How do you stab someone in the face? U must be a cold hearted person to do that…

  • MiNuhCare says:

    Well all me can say is dat, now Marsha get de title weh she ALWAYS want….fe ppl fe say she ah bad gyal. But n e way coward lick or stab can do a lot ah damage too enuh

  • Misty says:

    Coulda swear seh a three pickney from two man she have….who brags about two pickney from 1 man…DWL to bombo!!!!!

  • kim says:

    O lord marsha spotwhy yuh stab da man inna him face fi wah all wen da man a choke yuh ppl see yuh nasty duty blood up par weh yuh go inna party a where nasty go tek care of yuh hygiene bout yuh a stab ppl dutty gal

  • shaybutta says:

    Yuh see how people stay that boy beat that girl all the time so unnu rather him beat her to death left har three kids dem. It doesn’t matter what she do inna party. Are if she’s a bitch if she bad live aids all that doesn’t matter the man is a beatta man all innna dance weh full a people him a beat har .this is what I notice on here anybody unnu nuh like unnu do dem bad sometime take the timeout to know what happen before unnu doup people .stab out him rass bun a man thing him kill har

  • Really says:

    Please check her record she like man to beat her and often time she go out and start shit just so he can touch her, and lets talk about life and kids with or without him she is always in some fights robbery etc etc but that’s his fault to pick something that everyman is running from.

  • kay says:

    Rayon always a f000 up marsha him stab har up,him black n blue so nothing wrong wit she got him back even tho mi kno rayon ago kill har him fi him 3 beautiful kids dem

  • miss-$tullesha says:

    I don’t condone domestic violence but she can’t a tell man fi huh suck dem mada infringe a dem bredren…bay weapon Marsha can bad up wid. Smh she betta don’t bring knife to gun fight

  • ryan is a woman beater, same way he use to beat twinny in public

  • Anonymous says:


  • kay says:

    Bitch unnu lowe mi man alone gal fi box dung rayon my babae

  • Anonymous says:

    A brite she brite

  • miss-$tullesha says:

    Worry about your blessings and not mine

  • sexillisha says:

    Good Afternoon

    so what had happen was Marsha left Karim Hype party went home all anyone knows she comes back in her night gown Ryan drags open the car door and proceeded to beat her badly so Marsha defended herself by getting a hammer that was in the car and hitting Ryan with it he got a head lick six stitches in the emergency room.

    But i am not following up on these two because they live together and Ryan is already home expect to see these two out and about together in two weeks its a constant thing they fight they have sex its all good again.

    Hey Metty is me but i cant remember my password its been so long that i have commented but i had to put in my two cents on this one.

    Hello JMG family

  • Met says:


  • Anonymous says:

    ryan is currently home with marsha aint nothin new with these 2

  • shay says:

    Damn its like yuh can’t go a party no more without fight bruk Cho its not right if see man and woman a physically fight each…we can only judge because of wat we hear n see but we all dont know wat happpen wen dem deh home at nites. I can bet seh him and har kiss n make up already n everything is back to normal

  • Observer says:

    it luk like unnuh c violence differently based on sexes caw wen stephanie tel guinness seh “mi fucc yuh wid di dildo” unnuh rayyy n seh em wikkid fi shoot di gurl but now it ok fi a gyal stab di man nopessss RONG IS RONG! man rong n ooman rong where violence is concern RESPEKK GOES A FAR WAY mi kip on a tel unnuh wen respekk iaas inna relationship a time fi move on ooooo

  • Me says:

    Dem too lie Raayon and Marsha does not live together. He is probably with her now because him licky licky and love de tiefing tings. Everybaddie know sey him is a whore. Poor Marsha don’t know why yu choose fi settle. Also, Raayon can’t malice her because him won’t have no car fi drive unnu tink him a fool?

  • Observer says:

    but big man like dat luv likes??? but lawd hav merci

  • Anonymous says:

    Rayon really likki likki fi true a long time mi kno him

  • missy says:

    Rayon fi go tek hi son from jamaica. He is worthless.

  • Anonymous says:

    Missy how him worthless if di pickney live wid im madda??? N wat di f000 dat have fi do wid dis u jus love chat

  • Kesh says:

    Marsha deserve everything she get… How slash the next gal tires cuz him wanna leave with her… Then go home leave ur kids alone and come out to the next party and try fi start problems… Stop run after man and trek care of ur kids dumb bitch… Yes we all know rayon nuh go left her cus she trek care of him.. But him soon kill her and end up inna jail…

  • Me says:

    @Kesh a which girl tire shi slash? Mi wonda if a Mel because mi hear sey him a look har hard.

  • sexillisha says:

    What mi nuh understand is how unuh a seh Rayon luv likes dats why him hitch up unda Marsha mi nuh know di girl personally but the last time she was on here unuh spell it out seh she nuh have no papers and dont live no where so is what she using to take care of this man…………………………………………………………….


    metty i really wish i knew how to put up that bike so i could ride away right now.

  • Me says:

    Lol! Thieving, shoplifting, taking other people things that don’t belong to you to give to others, allowing a man to use your car everyday etc, etc. Just saying

  • Belly Bang says:

    Yuh live & yuh learn insidxe yah & if yuh want hear how much cloth mek up unda yuh, mek di mistake & start mek some relevant points & say how come…… :cool

  • Kesh says:

    A girl name Jay jay tires she slash…. Rayon love free clothes Marsha ah theft for him soo him nuh left her…

  • Buenos Tardes Metty Y Metters………When since woman get so fool, aye dios mio!! Mine man to keep dem the ongoing trend. These Women from East to West same damn ting……THIEF TO MINE MAN, risk your no papers haven ass to send home a married man with shopping bag full of shit…….risk your no paper haven us to support a man thats gonna beat yo ass. Whats disturbing is they often have more than one child and lives no where!

  • What a way yuh hot fimi? Mi nah guhb stoop low and discuss har pickney well been…as smaddy seh “check the record” and unnu win see child neglect…gtfo bout good mada

  • TuggyTuggy says:


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