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THE FIANCE SAYS …………….A woman whose fiance, a cop, has died under questionable circumstances is insisting that the cop killed himself. Special Constable, Kennard Chong, on January 13 reportedly took his life, at the St. Andrew home, he shared with his fianceé, also a police officer. Chong’s family and some community members from Woodford and Jacks Hill in St. Andrew, continue to raise questions, about whether it was an act of suicide, or murder. Chong would have turned 24, and his fiancée, Diana Dean, says she was there when he killed himself. Ms. Dean spoke to Irie FM News this morning (January 22) after reports emerged in the media, also raising questions, about the death. Chong and dean had planned to marry next month, and now questions have been raised about his death as its being alleged that he committed suicide. Reports are that a special constable was found dead at his home. Its reported that he had been shot. Police have not issued an official statement on the incident. The couple had planned their wedding for February 24, a day before Ms. Dean was to celebrate her 25th birthday. But, everything changed when special constable Chong’s life ended on Sunday, January 13. Dean says it was suicide, and she had no reason to want to kill the man she loved. She said they had an argument, and she told him she was ending the relationship. She claimed that he held her by the neck in the bathroom and that she walked away again answering yes to his question about whether the wedding was off. Then, she said, she heard an explosion. Dean says at the time of the incident, it was her, her 6 year old son and Chong who were inside the house in Jacks Hill. Dean who is trying to cope with the loss of her fiancé, also has to deal with the public making allegations and passing judgement through various social network sites.

HOWEVER, THE FAMILY SAYS ………..But even as the police carry out their probe, the family of the 23-year-old cop is adamant that he would never end his life. “He had no reason to commit suicide – none at all,” said family members and friends. When The Sunday Gleaner team visited the family last week, grief hung heavy like a mango tree laden with unripe fruit. The family members pointed to several questions they want answered before they accept that the man who had set his sights on leading the police intelligence unit would kill himself. “Why would somebody who is right-handed shoot himself in the left side of his neck?” asked one family member as he pointed to where the single bullet wound was found on Chong’s body. “Without any knowledge of these things, logically, if you right-handed, don’t the bullet should be on the right side of the body, or even in the front of the face? Why would he twist him hand so to shoot himself on the left side?,” added the family member who asked not to be named. The family members are also asking questions about who took the injured Chong to the hospital. The official report was that he was taken to the hospital by a woman who was in the building at the time of the incident, but the family members say they have been told that a man was also in the car when it arrived at the hospital. “Less than a hour before we get the news that him kill himself, him did call and say him coming for dinner. That time him did upbeat and happy,” claimed a family member. The grief of the family members was compounded on Monday when the woman who was Chong’s main caregiver after his mother migrated collapsed and died hours after leaving the hospital where he had been taken. Merna Bennett, who the special constable called ‘Auntie’, saw him take his last breath at the University Hospital of the West Indies before he died. Overcome with the weight of grief, the woman who was not yet 60 years old, gave up on life, family members said. So in 24 hours, Linton Chong lost his only child and his sister-in-law. “If I knew my son would die, I would take his place. I would give anything to be in his place,” the special constable’s father told The Sunday Gleaner. “I just have this burning feeling inside, and I can’t explain the pain. I can’t tell you how it feels. He was my only son, my only child,” said a broken Linton Chong as he placed his hand over his heart. The special constable would have been 24 years old on Tuesday, with his planned wedding being less than two months away. Those who knew him said he had a strong sense of family.


  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah right ! Only in a Jamaica u can tell ppl dat, and get way wide it. Dead man tell no tales’

  • THMF says:

    Apart from the shoddy journalism that went on here and yes there is always 3 sides to a story (his, hers and the truth), from the bit of information comprehended, this story is a bit suspious. This couldve all been true, but he took his life in the presence of his child? Because she (woman he’s not yet married to) meant more to him than anything?

    Also correct me if I’m wrong (and maybe I am), but if the wedding is called off and the relationship ended, how is she still considered his fiancee?

    By the way I feel sorry for the “Auntie” that’s what you call love and grief stricken.

  • Taliban says:

    Mi nuh believe har story, there is definitely more to it….it look fishy :alay

  • Brightlight says:

    My GOD! The woman that raise him just dead so?!!! Whoever responsible for his death mi sorry fi you! GOD NAH SLEEP! :(

  • Observer says:

    When family lose their loved ones they find it hard to accept the truth. I know this from experience. Mi juss loss a uncle an wi blame em new “young” wife n di ooman caw eat nor sleep ow mi family dem a torment har life is funny wi juss affi accept n move on no satisfaction in making others miserable

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Obs morning whey u say unnu teck set pon di poor woman lol too bad man

  • Eyn says:

    Met Mek a hide mi name , neighbor to this incident . Not a suicide . Mek a seh a few words put them together. Gyal a cheat, next officer inna bed, boo come home unexpected , next uniform inna bed. Argument pop , government machine draw ,man run corn fly ketch man. I guess that’s the new style of suicide. Gyal a the root a di problem. Put it together no one wants to say a word up yah!!!

  • Met says:

    thank u eyn eno…wow

  • Eyn says:

    Jamaica really gone , in a society that is ruled by fearis not a good look . We need to take life serious when someone life is snuffed out like that it really hurt my heart , :berduka :mewek :ultah :ultah

  • Anonymous says:

    met 2 police inna one house a argue weh 2 gun deh???? any game can play! BUT if a she kill him accidentally mi nuh expect her fi admit it. and if she is a police wid links inna d force trust an believe nuttn naa come outta it. all she has to do a talk to a big man wah work a d lab end of story…….. its strange though y wud a right handed person shoot themself on the leftside of the head but then again my grandmother always say dnt swear fi nobody

  • Anonymous says:

    @ EYN 9:21 u make perfect sense casue them say when she drive d yute to the hospital a next man was in the car

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    It is her child THMF not his …

  • Eyn says:

    Police like trouble dem pon di block . I use to see this young man sometimes when I’m running in the morning. May god bring justice to him and his family. Hospital ? Smh! Wooooo- man lord pls help us.

  • Observer says:

    yes @ chuet all of a sudden mi fanily seh she a young gyal, she neva want em, a she kill em caw she hav man chu em olla dan har, dem seh em did plan fi lef, dem seh a man em cum ketch a di yawd n she n har “lova” poison mi uncle mi sehhhhhhhhhhhh all mi n my fada cudda duh is laaf wen ppl loved ones die dem bitta baddd n di weakest stan di blame i doah tink di gurl duh a ting smaddy poison mi uncle a em wok an em cum home cum ded dats all but yuh caw tel mi family dat dem ought fi crucify di chile mi not evn noe har but dawg nyam har suppa caw my family dem nuh ramp it sad badd doah

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Oh my God eyn a so it go thank u, a dem ting ya mi talk bout how next man reach inna house whey u n ur man live careless n disrespectful living man smh tired a dem and dem bullshit kill the man for foolishness but God nah sleep

  • Anonymous says:

    *clears throat* so tru mi seh EYN 9:21 makes perfect sense dem a dislike it? smh well well u can hide from man but not God so d time u waste disliking the comment gwaan guh fast n pray cause a nuh only d yute blood deh pon yu shoulder d auntie own is on it too

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Some police gyal have white live dem f#*k like dawg and always love hype esp. when dem in uniform!!!!!

  • Riches says:

    Morning everyone, shocked, came in contact with him once at a Station in down town, i had to ask him his age because he looks like 16 in person. Truly sad, and there is 3 sides to every story, hopefully the truth will come out. Condolence to the family.

  • Riches says:

    an if all three a dem a police, i believe eyn story, supn nuh right and this story also reflects the state of our journalism in jamaica, poor is too gud a werd to describe it. Pure confushun a luck ting ppl have sense can decipher bullshit

  • Taliban says:

    @eyn 9:21, dat mi hear to from good source (di same nite a di incident). caan talk too much cuz people ago know a me. not a suicide. Met di girl a gi him bun wid all kinda man, and so him quady dem a warn him bout har him nuh believe, so till him decide to run in pon har unexpected.

  • Met says:

    Taliban the blood of the youngman and di aunty shall consume her…she soon perish

  • @ work says:


  • Taliban says:

    Met mek a tell u dis, har good na na a work fi har inna di force. U know wat mek I :ngacir2

  • Observer says:

    its a fact that most unsolved crimes were committed by law enforcement individuals

  • Sammy Sam says:

    Condolences to the family. There are to many red flags goin on. I really hope the family get a lawyer and really look into this.

  • Taliban says:

    His family need to go all the way wid dis, mi know it caan bring him back, but at least they would have closure. a next ting unuh nuh tink seh it fishy dat the same nite, the police sey a suicide, anah more dan one person di inna di house. ……..cova up mi sey

  • Naomi says:

    this is fishy cuz they did mention that he is righthanded and the shot was fired in the left side of his neck! so some thorough investigations need to be done. so sad though

  • Belly Bang says:

    Justice, if not in the hands of man, in the hands of God. Dats all mi have fi seh

  • Anonymous says:

    For the fiancee sake, let us hope the bullet did not enter thru the neck and on the left side of the body. No one commits suicide by shooting themselves in the neck, much less being right handed and the entrance wound is to the left side. I wonder how much forensic evidence was collected? The fact that person was transported to the hospital also compound the problem of getting a true picture of what happen. Whose gun was it?

  • buttercup says:

    well well well… unuh kill ppl n cover it up say is shoot out… sset yah now… she know exactly how to twist the story to make it be suicide… thats wat police do… tell lie n cover the truth… sorry for auntie dou but wat goes around come right back around… so the heads train dem police yah… so deal with it….

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Is who dat gal de tek fi fool? ‘tom drunk, but tom nu fool’. Onu kill de man some where between the bathroom and the passage way…the neck hol is when him realize de demon him did involve wid…demon bitch kill off de people dem.

  • ... says:

    she’s a blasted idiot. I don’t think this is going to end jus so.. that family nah mek it dun so

  • Naomi says:

    Buttercup ur stupid and ur comment reflects ur stupidity……………… wish i could dislike it a million times!

  • kgn13 says:


  • milikeit says:

    Hmmm, my question to her is why did you decide to call off the wedding and what started the argument with the love of your life? The police have to begin a timeline and figure out if this is really a suicide or not. I want her to keep talking, because the more she talks the more we can learn. If she tells us what the argument was about it would give us a better perspective on what happened. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon to say he did or didn’t commit suicide, but something bothers my soul about this and it seems very suspicious.

    In addition, as stated, if you are right handed it is very unlikely you would have the weapon in your left hand much less fire it with that hand. When you hold a weapon you want to be as comfortable as possible with it (I’m right handed and I would never fire my gun with my left hand). A right handed person would feel very uncomfortable with a weapon being in their left hand, trust me on this.

    quote: him did call and say him coming for dinner. That time him did upbeat and happy,” claimed a family member

    Why would a happy and upbeat person kill himself within such a short time frame from speaking to his family? Bottom line, I want to know what the argument was about that it was so serious to call off the wedding. Afterall, he was the love of her life, right. No man, this needs to be properly investigated before the case is labled a suicide and closed.

  • Espute says:

    Dem need fi give that fiance a lie detector test. The sin of the parents shall fall on your child,she have son so mi hope she remember that.

  • Flatbush Ave...NYC says:

    It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure this one out! Let’s see if Jamaica Worthless Police go ahead and lock that Police Bitch up for her dirty wrongs or let’s see how they cover up this one!!! More than half those female officers sleep with the male officers over Mobile Reserve. They dont give a shit if the officers married or not. They f000 and suck one another like no tomorrow. We soon hear they swept this shit under the f000ing rug again.

  • MzUptown says:

    KNG13 What goes around around comes around.Trinity kill him wife and one of his daughter was shot in the belly while she was pregnant by a well known dj in florida.Killed the unborn child and damage major organs.She all had colostomy and requires dialysis three times a week.No sin goes unpunished.Sorry it had to reach the third generation but it was written in the bible.

  • Met says:

    mzuptown u serious? mi tink trinity repentant now eno because him fraid fi walk a road

  • adwa says:

    :( :( :(

  • ... says:

    Same rass. Dem fi get she an di “man” weh did inna di house allegedly an lock up dem raas

  • Foxy says:

    Met, this is so sad. The family needs to get Internal Affairs in on this one as it’s clear as day what’s going on.
    Who was the other man in the car that transported him to the hospital?
    What was another man doing on the scene since he was shot in his house?
    The bullet wound on the opposite side from his dominant side alone should prove it’s a murder. Based on the family member’s words, the man was not suicidal.
    Her just desserts are not far away as Jamaicans have no loyalty and the same person she is covering up the murder with will ‘suicide’ her ass soon.

    Some wicked people exist man, and to think the guy loved and respected her enough to want to wife her. Poor guy.

  • Met says:

    Foxy as dem seh di police dem a go tek up fi dem one another..they have no other witnesses so it a go hard…they have to take it to England fi get some form of justice

  • str8 says:

    di man catch her wid a next man which is also a police di same man dat was in the car

  • TS. FM says:

    Well well I was reading the story n looking @ di evidence it wud appear that she’s guilty but thngs R nt always what they seem 2 b! Its easy 2 know if it was him who fired di gun cause gun powder wud b on is hand, n what wud she gain fr killing him jus days b4 there wedding? Let di cops check his hands 2 c if he fired that gun. Both of then live together did the argument start @ home?

  • anonymous says:
  • Akeem Henry says:

    suicide???!!! yea right! There is no doubt in my mind that he was murdered.

    You was a GOOD YOUTH!

    R.I.P Kennard

  • badsue says:

    A nuh the first him catch har with police man a the yard it happen couple months earlier and him did move out, police friend dem plus normal friend and family warn him nuh deh back with her, but him say him love har, and as him move in back this happen. The whole neighbor hood know the truth hear all the little boy did a talk but god nah sleep. Bitch was so controlling she never want him around him friends or family she try keep him round her people dem. Man never have no reason to kill himself had a bright future ahead of him the following month he was to be promoted plus get awards. And a next thing if it wasn’t suicide why when she carry him go public and the nurse dem say something nah add up she transfer him go Uwi. Wicked bitch I hope a suh the police man dem weh you a fuck buss out your head to and say a suicide

  • C says:

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