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16 Responses to STING 2012 BACKSTAGE

  • ted says:

    a weh do tiefing tommyu thompson bout bad man the rass dem should box hi, inna him claat

  • Met says:

    morning u si how him feva di body dem whey him store up

  • Anonymous says:

    Met a the ooman dat weh did a cuss one a SIZZLA ‘fan’ on facebook inna the front a di car wen dem a drive out.

    a suh backstage rufffff a sting?
    now mi believe Rhyno wen him seh a dem let him thru, security and all.
    The police do Rhyno followers bad tho …..them never si Papi dun thump off him face already??? lolol

  • Met says:

    yup a she yes

  • Anonymous says:


  • Met says:

    di poor donkey and di farmer did haffi a walk ina di crowd go in…what a piece a libbaty

  • SERENITY says:

    Metty oooooooooooooooooooo :peluk

  • Met says:

    :peluk how u doing?

  • LUNDUN says:

    good day met and metters

    and here i was thinking mackadonkey and mass joe arrived in a limo, spice not even a handcart u couldn’t mek di ppl dem push in di v.i.p guests pon???

    u wicked sah, no wonda mackadonkey was so well behaved, di foot dem did too tiaad from all dat walking fi do any type of movement

  • I hate to hear someone saying they r bad dis and bad dat, anything bad dash whey!

  • Belly Bang says:

    1. wat ah confusion and judgement round ah back deh
    2. Ah really Tommy Thompson ah gwaan suh???
    3. How dem rasta man yah ah gwaan like dem nuh understand rules & regulations ~ but it look like ah di weakest one Tommy him ah lean pon!!!
    4. ah who dat securit ah hawl & pull & ah gi lick???
    5. Ninja and di donkey ah look likkle resemblish now dat wi see di two ah dem up close
    6. Suh when judgment yard ah move, ah wah dem use carry dem yah followers??? truck, trailer or wah??? cause dem nuff like ants
    7. Suh di one inna di front ah di bus ah who??? anika or anita or wah ever she want name??

  • SHI SHI says:

    look hw all an pop ryno nuh like sum crimanl

  • Riches says:

    Mi seh mi love how JMG bloggers dem observant, fuss thing i thought seh a d same one weh Margo run dung weh did a do up d girl pon fb! BTW backstage behaviour is distasteful esp wid suh much police in d place, i always wondr y d entertaina dem always travel wid lock stock an barrel backa dem wen dem a duh shows an dem nuh usually get band fi hevrybody eeda

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Sizzla an him bagga bobo/rasta man dem kmt. Sizzla remains 1 of the most consistently good performers in Ja. Him nuh easy enuh bout “good mawnin offica…mannaz an respec” like him regard police lol. A di fool fool girl dat weh did a cuss bad bout di fan pic pan FB beside him inna di vehicle?

    Tommy Thompson, wid all him experience in both, mussi figet seh badniss an prison nuh nice. Bwoy Ninja pretty sah lol. Busy head peely peely eee, him fi cut it much lower. Watch how dem drap Ryno bwoy, mi shame feem dwl – “guh write song” *Pop Caan voice*. Jesam peesam, y mi a find Aidonia sexy inna dem shades an dat suit? No man. Donkey to di worl! Donkey buss str8.

  • Cindy Royal says:


  • glade says:

    I just see this seem like anika is also babysitter and now driver . I wonder if she cuss anyone else out for picture with sizzla hahaha thats one idiot girl. just because he carry you to a show doesnt mean anything. Her son and the the the boy twin look like brothers but the twin by covergirl tia is lighter.

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