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ULL story on Olint coming to a Jamaican theatre near you 2013…

Offshore Alert Article

From: David Marchant [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, August 21, 2010 8:46 AM
To: ‘[email protected]
Subject: Questions for OffshoreAlert article

Dear Mr. Rowe,

I am a Miami, Florida-based journalist and publisher of OffshoreAlert newsletter ( ).

I will be writing about the large number of civil lawsuits filed at courts in Florida in which you represent various plaintiffs in their claims related to investment scams that targeted Jamaicans.

As part of my research, would you answer the following questions:

1. Rather than file multiple actions against the same defendants, why didn’t you file a single class action? Would this not have been more cost effective?

2. Do you represent some, most or all of the plaintiffs on a contingency basis or are you generally charging and collecting fees on a normal basis?

3. What judgments, if any, have you secured for the plaintiffs so far? How much money, if any, has been collected from defendants?

The deadline for your response, should you choose to provide one, is 5 pm EST Monday, August 23, 2010. My preferred method of receiving your response is by email to [email protected]


David Marchant
Publisher, OffshoreAlert

123 SE 3rd Avenue, #173
Miami, FL 33131
305-600-2878 (Office)
305-542-0418 (Mobile)
305-675-5798 (Fax)
david.marchant.oa (Skype)
[email protected] (Email) (Web)

Jun 4, 2010

Dear David,

I wanted to drop you a quick line in my tired state to bring to your attention a few points.

As your closest friend, it is imperative that we always have an open line of communication.

My current concerns stem around the fact that most of your attention and expertise is now
being focused on assisting the US Government in its quest to have a change of Government in Jamaica.

You are well aware of my feelings towards the corrupt government led by Golding and I have ALWAYS
supported you and the US Government in any way I can to acheive a brigher future for the poor
children of Jamaica.

But with that said, I still have a family to feed and bills to pay, not to mention defending the numerous
civil lawsuits filed against me by creditors.

I have tried to get momentum with the OLINT/I trade Fx indictment and in spite of writing letters, speaking to
numerous law enforcement agencies, including today the Florida Bureau of Financial Regulation, I still have acheived NOTHING !!!

Let us face it- NO INDICTMENT means you and I will have no chance of winning our civil suits and simply put,
it means we BOTH get NO MONEY!!!!

In my mind that option is unacceptable considering the volume of time spent on this case and how potentially close we are
to getting settlement offers.

Personally, I am very disappointed with parties who are more than willing to take my hard earned money and at the end of the day
no momentum is acheived. Instead I get a battery of excuses as to why they are unable to get the indictment signed for Smith and the Martinez’s.
To my horror, I am actually being asked to trump up more funds to have the authorities look at the Martinez’s. This is extortion of the highest order and quite
frankly is disheartening.

Today, I received a letter from the Attorney General of Florida’s office indicating that they are looking into the matter but that they note the FBI is already investigating the case.
I plan to pursue this angle and hope that God will bless us with the FLDE opening their own investigation into the matter.

As you well know there are some very pressing matters concering the OLINT case that are still pending:-

1) Requesting a Default Judgement for Wayne Smith in the Orange County Case- imagine Belcher is soon going to be in a position to seize assets and I am still fighting in the dark!!

2) Send a summary of your thoughts and recommended course of action to Christi Adams at Foley.

3) Getting Velma to consularize the Return of service for Edith Smith and Sybil Goffe.

Can I ask that you give me a half day of your staff time to process tha above outstanding matters?

I promised to help the “powers that be” with the new plan but I cannot continue to allow these elements to use my time,energy not to mention my personal security, without them also assisting me with my needs which quite frankly could be easily addressed with ONE phone call. I invite them to ponder on the following:-
Fool me once- shame on you
Fool me twice- shame on me

God bless brother,


2 Responses to AH GET DIS EMAIL OO

  • Cindy Royal says:

    The reporter had already answer the questions he asked. Who is Chris? And this was from 2010.

  • Ms.B says:

    HAHAHHAHAH ! The infamous David Marchant ! Had a likkle run in with him cple years ago . Him ruthless and disgusting ! If there are hidden money David will dig it up . I want to know who dis Chris is althu I have my suspicions .It must be the friend of teh failed hotelier with the big big washing machine

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