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13 Responses to STING NUH DONE?

  • Real says:

    dem tek dem ting far..involve animals now any car

  • Lol says:

    Di time she use fi go pay mas Joe fi bring donkey a sting, she should decided and gi muma Saw towards di loan an dwindle har debt down fi di new year..Spice you Neva hear seh ano one time Monkey ago wah wipe? love hype and you Brukk so you need fren like Saw fi keep up ur hype image going.. :ngakak :ngakak

  • Observer says:

    mi caw believe afta all dat macka still a defen war n wen war cum to yuh yuh run real ole bait luv chat behine ppl bak fi a big ooman yuh fi noe betta guh sitdung now man n dun ms big brave n coward :nohope:

  • ... says:

    Where is JSPCA?? Are there no animal abuse rights in JA?

  • Belly Bang says:

    Dem ah rinse out Sting fi every ounce ah publicity dem can get.

    When dem ah guh finish????

  • Observer says:

    a wah duh dotty doah cho di donkey get gud treatment man em guh hairdressa dentist dressmekka all cloze fi kip em foot warm :maho

  • england says:

    Mi still cah see wah pple pay dem money fah…the real pple dem weh neva get nuff money fi perform,..a dem do the performing… and the pple weh get nuff money…a wah dem really gwan wid…except busy signal…

    sting flop yah man…no wonder laing nah get nuff sponser…kmt :hoax2

    can smaddy really tell mi wah mek Flippa haffi change him shoes…??dem seh empty barrel mek the most noise..

  • ... says:

    Obs the real victim here is the donkey..poor eyor

  • Met says:


  • Jules says:

    Vile photo. Gone way too far. What a bunch a lowlifes. Not even when Beenie and Bounty did inna war it ever got to this level. Bitches be crazy

  • Observer says:

    dotty a gi yuh comment a like caw dem a press dislike a dem cud nuh noe weh jspca stan fah cho but dotty u c macka seh di donkey is a gud ting fi represent har i diesssssssss :ngakak

  • Observer says:

    jules bounty n beenie inna a class by demself dem ya hurry cum up dj a sample but mi caw believe macka inna di game til she change all har name fi a fresh stawt n cum drop enn a dem fxxkery yah smh

  • ... says:

    dwl Obs yuh know mi nuh business wid dem, dem free fi click dislike all dem waan. It sick mi stomach how di 2 ooman dem a gwaan now dem fi dun

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