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Macka at GT Extravanganza Christmas Day. Maybe she did tired fi Sting!!! But she still mek a false start cause she seh she ah guh pon Sting & di furthest she reach ah back stage ah look pon di truck weh carry di donkey come.

19 Responses to MACKA AT GT SHOW

  • Real says:

    loooooking at the truck weh di donkey come outta….from i was born …

  • Lipstick says:

    so why she neva tek di stage a jam world, sum ting must have happen backstage sting, spice is a better deliverer than macka but macka should have went out caz her songs dem badda than spice slack songs

  • Belly Bang says:

    She did well prime up down ah GT Show, but ah doe know wat was the last straw dat broke di donke… hmm …ah mean di camel’s back. :travel

  • Belly Bang says:

    My bad!!


  • LUNDUN says:

    good day met and metters

    first tings first…..macka a weh di rass dat u a wear?

    u look like a young sumo wrestler in training.

    boy macka only sound good pon record, di performance and delivery weak. she sound like a wanna be dj, but mi luv u still macka

  • Belly Bang says:

    di gut, di gut, di gut, di gut, di gut, di gut :cystg

  • Real says:

    raas di last straw weh broke di donkey back …mi cannot manage ..unmanageable

  • Then a since when 40 old? Macka yu body look betta than spice fi true, but I feel say Macka woulda be up for a verbal challenge but spice woulda try get physical, in the words of the late great Robert Nesta Marley “those who fight and run away live to fight another day” Macka dun fight from Xmas night

  • Cc says:

    Spice hav better delivery an shi more aggressive she is like a rockwiler inna a dress macka last song did bad das y spice plan fi guh even harda.

  • i&i says:

    Dayum!!1 What a way Macka say bad..

  • My only prob is Macka, if u did want 2 wear a body suit, u shoulda check Stacious plastic surgeon first, fi lipo d belly n give u a waistline n hip curves.

  • Riches says:

    Morning all, Belly u an Met is one of a kind oonuh nuh easy, i am sure Macka will come out in due time and tell us what happen, i watched Species clip at Sting and how shi rush d Sash girl, shi did inna one piece a tempa, she luk like shi woulda fight Macka suh mayb Macka just easy an nuh badda clash, an based on Species behaviour an how shi did a pace back an forth mi wouldnt guh pon nuh stage wid ms. eva look dutty eeda

  • Met says:

    Riches u know mi watch over di clip and Spice rush har because a how she come out loud maybe di same lame tune she did have from di sting promo she come wid

  • Belly Bang says:

    Met, yuh rise!!!

  • Met says:

    yeah man mi rise long time as usual…good morning :peluk

  • Riches says:

    Met, u knw wen i think bout it Laing dem duh whole heap a set up business and d Sash girl ting was impromptu becuz dem realize seh Macka neva a forward but my gosh mon Species neva luk like shi cum fi entertain d crowd she cum wid blood inna har yeyes fi Macka, mi coulda feel d tenshun chue mi computa screen, Met mi guh whole heap a Death b4 Dishonor Clash an nuh matta how much suck mumma d man dem tell each oda, mi neva si nun a dem behave like Sparks, dis personal bad an she did cum fi fist fight

  • Met says:

    Riches is true and I agree a fight Sparks did a look fi true

  • JA GIRL says:

    Macka want a fair class lyrics fi lyrics the black one want fight so i dont wrong macka fi nuh enter the stage cause the way how the black one run on like a pit bull macka would a get slaaaaaaaaata before she open har mouth met mi long fi si a real clash like the four the hard way female dj sting 1988 when lady g kill everything dead sting need fi bring back dem clash dey and get rid a the donkey and the duck met you fi fine one a dem female dj clash a sting from back in a the days on put up a think macka dey pon one in a one gold frock a dj like major mackerel macka you fi dress better than dat catsuit is not fi every body met a macka should a name BELLY BANG sorry belly but the name more fit macka aka the donkey

  • Observer says:

    “wen yuh c spice tel har seh mi seh” but a weh di :tkp

    lissen miiiiii ole empty barrel if yuh did guh a sting yuh cudda tel har yuhself ole nize mekka n naw bruk nuh duks cuss behine ppl bak now yuh gaw call up pamputae name yuh fi stay inna yuh lane yuh 2 ole fi dis now lowe dem slackness yah fi dem n dem n live gud n klean life 2 shawt bag a war nuh mek it :nohope

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