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7 Responses to MACKA’S NO SHOW

  • Original Goodas says:

    she know macka neva a come that’s y she bring the donkey…spice just lok dutty….

  • Oh Dear says:

    Mi nah lie, Macka Flop herself bigtime, her head no hot, it a gaddah wata!

  • Belly Bang says:

    Now dat mi see it, Spice did come fi fight. Mi see war ah pap anyhow Macka did step pon di stage. Spice never inna nuh lyrical nothing, ah one dutty war she did ah look and she mussi did plan fi use dem sinting pon her shoulder as weapons

  • 215karma says:

    all now me cyan believe macka run. afta a she me did a bring fi win di war.

    big up spice sed way, she a mi artist too

  • SHAWNA says:

    spice FLOP,all she a do a call out macka,macka was not paid fi perform at sting,datz why she neva come out!!!!! :cool

  • Regula says:

    Good night Miss Met, mi kno mi neva payperview but could you please reimburse mi mi time mi tek watch dis five minutes a F******y, please and thanks. A wah dis??? Spice performance lamer than di donkey and mi sorry di donkey couldn’t talk cos if him/she did even seh heehaw dem woulda sound betta than Spice, it coulda nice done the right way but it flop big time, Laing fi tek back him money from Spice and gi it to Macka cos she win aldoe she neva show. unnu lucky my opinion.

  • Regula says:

    a hope di donkey get pay cos it save di day, and not because it cant talk nuh mean Spice fi owe it and dont pay oo, Donkey if yuh reading, get a manager/PR ASAP.

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