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Usain Bolt’s girl does a runner: Jamaican sprinter dumped by British office worker

22 Dec 2012 22:00
Megan Edwards split from the world’s fastest man after he flew her to Jamaica to meet his family

Love on the dancefloor: Usain and Megan on a night out before their split
THE British office girl who ­captured the heart of Olympic champion Usain Bolt during the Games has ended their romance… because he lives too far away.

Megan Edwards, 22, split from the world’s fastest man after he flew her to Jamaica to meet his family.

The down-to-earth accounts worker ­decided that the 4,600 miles between her and the smitten sprinter was too much to handle, and she wouldn’t be able to handle his globe-trotting lifestyle either.

Devastated Usain, 26, begged her to change her mind, but Megan revealed: “In the end I had to let my head rule my heart.

“It was amazing out there, but that’s where I decided it couldn’t go on. He was talking about having to fly here and there and I was going back to my office job.

“So when I got home I rang him and told him it wasn’t going to work. I said the distance thing and not seeing him often enough was a problem for me.

“He was very upset and said ‘Don’t do it, what can I do?’. I told him, ‘There is nothing you can do… you are who you are’.

“I am just a normal girl and I know people say, ‘You would have been fine with it’, but I wouldn’t. If I was a celebrity then our relationship probably would have lasted longer.”

Junior athlete Megan caught the eye of the 100m world record holder when she was chosen to model Jamaica’s team kit for the Games and appeared on a catwalk with him.

Catwalk queen: Usain fell for Megan on the track
He begged her for her number then ­bombarded her with texts before they went on a string of romantic dates.

Megan told a friend: “I thought he was quiet, very handsome and unassuming. I wasn’t star-struck and maybe he liked that. I didn’t see him as a mega global superstar like everyone else does.

“He was really sweet to talk to, nothing like the shouty show-off you see when he wins a race. Then I thought, ‘Wow, Usain Bolt has asked for my number’. I was shocked.”

The couple were first publicly linked in September after they were spotted at London’s Movida club. By then he had stunned the world with his triple Gold success.

Megan told her friend: “We’d been seeing each other before the story broke but kept it quiet as he was focused on the Olympics. He asked me to see him at his place because it was hard for him to go out in public.

“I would turn up, buzz the door and one of his assistants would come and let me in.

“We’d chill out and watch television or I’d watch him play computer games. He really liked Call of Duty, which is not really my scene but I have younger brothers who play it. The first time I went around there I was pretty nervous. I thought ‘This is Usain Bolt, for God’s sake, the guy probably has girls throwing themselves at him left, right and centre, and he’s with me’.

“I wanted to go on a proper date but he was worried he’d get swamped by fans. He can’t even sit in a restaurant without being asked for his autograph.”

During their secret liaisons the pair began to grow even closer.

“The more I got to know him the more I liked him… it was the same as any successful courtship,” said Megan. “It was exciting. He is a very funny character and made me laugh a lot.”

False start: Megan returned from Jamaica and called the whole thing off
The couple carried on their long distance relationship when Usain left Britain and Megan dared to dream she might have a future with him.

She told her friend: “I did occasionally think about being Mrs Bolt and living in Jamaica with lots of little Bolts. My feelings were pretty strong for him, strong enough that I wanted to go to Jamaica.

“I am quite a reserved person normally and don’t fall in love straight away. I try to protect myself and kept thinking I was possibly competing with 50 other girls. He’s Usain Bolt… he can have anyone.”

She was overjoyed when the track star, who has an estimated personal fortune of more than £30million, invited her to Jamaica.

Megan said: “He asked me to come see him at his home because it was so difficult to get any private time together. He organised everything. I flew first- class which was amazing. I’ve never done that before. I know he is a millionaire and it isn’t much money to him but it was still nice.

“I met lots of his friends and family and his brother. He lives in a big house in Jamaica with a big garden and swimming pool and a massive bath upstairs, which I guess he needs because he is so tall.

“We went out to restaurants – well, more like shacks – but it’s what they have in Jamaica. We would go out at 1 or 2am to nightclubs and we danced to reggae until 6am, drinking lemonade and cranberry juice to keep cool.”

Although it was only a short trip, Megan, who runs for Dartford Harriers Club in Kent, tried to keep herself in shape.

“He took me to the University of West Indies where he trains,” she said.

“He would drive me in the morning and sit and wait while I finished my session and then we would go back to the house for lunch. He had a chef who prepares his food for him, but I think most wealthy people in Jamaica do and we were only eating rice and peas really.

“He has a much more relaxed life there. It’s a tiny island and people are used to seeing him. He doesn’t get bothered.”

Under the spotlight: Usain and Megan
But while she was there, level-headed Megan began to think about what their future together would be like.

“We live at opposite ends of the globe,” she told a friend. “He talked about flying all over the place and there’s me having to go back to Dartford.

“I really liked him, but I only have a set amount of holiday that I can use each year and I’mnot going to use it all up going to see Usain Bolt in Jamaica.

“A few things crystallised in my head while I was away and when I got back. So after a couple of days I telephoned him to call it off. It was very hard and I was upset too.

“In the end he asked if we could still be friends and I said, ‘Of course… you haven’t done anything wrong to me’. I don’t think he was expecting it.

“It wasn’t as though it fizzled out. It was just at this present moment in time we are, neither of us, in the right place.

“And I told him that it wasn’t right for us to be together right now and that it just wasn’t going to work out between us.”

Now Megan is concentrating on her own Olympic dream, taking inspiration from the boyfriend she had to let go.

“I hope to go to Rio in 2016 and do the 800or 1500 metres,” she said. “Perhaps Usain will be there too…”


  • EbonyLolita says:

    Him Sprint FASSSSSsss eeeh!?! From di YT girl to Di British! LOL :travel

  • DWRL says:

    how the hell she mean he too her to little shacks because no restaurants not in Jamaica?? Where the hell he took her to get box food?? WEH she mean, she fucking rude. And must not used to anything….smfh maybe if he weren’t hidin her ass he would have taken her to a real 5 star restaurant

  • MURASAKI says:

    Shacks, because thats what they have in Jamaica…shi brite eeen…lawks…

  • Met says:

    Mi nuh think she a tell the truth

  • MURASAKI says:

    the information sounds general like trains at uwi and on the other hand sounds like something a naive person would say about jamaica only having shacks. the whole thing just doesnt read right, and wasnt Usain still dating tha slovak chick?

  • Met says:

    mi waa know if she nuh used to rice and peas why she tink a only rich people eat dat …stupid

  • Belly Bang says:

    Sooooooooooo, is where exactly this man carry her guh when dem in Jamaica??? He is a major shareholder in that first class entertainment venue in Market Place, “Tracks & Records”, that does booming business. Ok, maybe him never want loud up him ting. Suh ah mussi suh suh dumpling shop him carry her guh.

    Hennyways, we never did too know bout her when dem did ah do watever & wi nuh really business wid her now dat the watever dun & she ah look a hype. If she was anybody who “normal” and know demselves she woulda just move on

  • Real says:


  • DWRL says:

    Nutten but she meet the family or the ones he pretended to introduced her to and dem find har too common and gwan a way, so when she reach back home, she look back and realize she a use har HEAD clean him whistle but HAR heart no inna it cause the other 50 can and will do a better job so she TEK WEH herself, good going next time shut the fuck up also…..bout is ur first time in first-class, it was also your first time blowing an entertainer, YOU ONLY HANG AT IS HOME SECRETLY ECAUS YOU WAS JUST A SECRET FUCK

  • miss-$tullesha says:

    I couldn’t stand to read all this bull shit because right what’s next?? This chick look like a man

  • miss-$tullesha says:

    Bout all she so a nyam rice and peas

  • No mi nuh believe dah gal yah, mussi jus get a trip fi run the p…y and from she left him probably not even call har, call it what is was, a FUCKATION! :travel

  • MizPeeper says:


  • MURASAKI says:

    Bolt bring har box food ebrey day and tek her tuh one stop shop,,,,oh gawd…

  • Mity Mike says:

    I was having fun reading this article until she sey “restraunt n shack caz is wa dem have” if d man did rate u uda c real restraunts…

  • MURASAKI says:

    Mity Mike, nuttin more than blot pull off a one a di one stop dem while shi wait inna di car, and sey hold ah one food….

  • Observer says:

    if wi did seh em fi date em own kine ppl wudda run enn a seh weh mi mean but seet yah now she prove weh mi a talk bout ow quickly she figet seh is a yawd man she a date she readi fi diss

  • PPL busineSS says:

    BITCH PLEASE u go sell dis a lame story ya whe d man carry u go yaad go fuk u a duk u n u expect d worl fi believe a gold digging liad like u>>>BITCH KEEP IT MOVING PLEASE :travel :travel :travel :travel n a no d fus dis a neews paper coem out wid shit like dis u know,,,CAPTURE USAIN HEART – unu smell like dead dog

  • kitty aka charm says:

    She sound bitter bad, she nuh sound like smaddy weh dump smaddy, she sound like she get dump. The man never guh out in public with her, she nuh realize she was just a fuck. Bright a talk bout the restaurants in Jamaica are shack, him only took her to the fuck shop, I mean tuck shop

  • Observer says:

    ppl business she urt n den she noe very well usain a move on 2 bigga an betta typical sorry X she is

  • Anonymous says:

    sound like a outa Pedro keys Usain bring her cause dat discription only fit rite dey so…..and the chef a one a d fisherman…..therefore she only saw jamaica when she came and when she was leavin at the airport.

  • Anonymous says:

    there is nothing wrong in eating from a shack, as long as it is clean.especially when you are travelling as a tourist. jamaica is a small island where a lot of people depends on tourism, selling food and other trinkets enabels their household to prosper. if he were my date, and he was someone whom i was genuinely attracted to, it would not matter to me where we ate, as i would assume it would be a place where he puts values, in terms of good cooking, on why i should try it. dis neva seee come seee ah ack like england have nice nice restaurants that black people patronizee regular. dem have restaurants yes, but nuh nice, nice wan weh yuh can teck yuh family to as such. Nandos? if yuh use to good living as a black person yuh would know seh it is lacking. Nuff nuff people a live betta in a jamaica than those living in england, ordinary people tuh. suh meck this hurry cum up new negaa gwan.A guh she guh jamaica, and see the nice and beautiful people weh weh country produce, and get impress, especially weh she see the women,wheterr dem poor or rich, the confidence weh come out of their every fiber. she knew as a fact that she could never compete.

  • EbonyLolita says:

    Another article doesn’t mention ANYTHING about her making negative comments about JA. I wonder if the UK Mirror a get bright & try embarrass Usain wid dem article!! Edda way Bolt is f’n down the house so she woulda get dash way anyway. Bwoy him couldn’t pick up a black girl like himself?!? Well a suh famous black man stay. When di money reach dem pick up the light skin girls or the ones that bleach! :shutup: :metal:

  • benzino says:

    This whole story is flabbergasted typically Simmi Loool miss desperado

  • Observer says:

    dat mi seh ebony dem quikly figet fram wence dem trod

  • Zippy says:

    Evening Metters, what a story sound mek up! seems like she’s vex because Usain Diss her up. Look how much top top restaurant deh a town. But she brite a talk bout shack and never fly first class yet.
    @EbonyL careful with that thing deh bout deh wid lightskin girl. We need to look into that because we may get to the point where we don’t consider lightskin black. Remember nuff of us have slave blood by no choice of our own. Also, some lightskinned blacks are more dedicated to black struggles than nuff lightskinned blacks. If him guh white unnu complain,black and now lightskin. What unnu want the yute to do.

  • Met says:

    a di second time one england story bus bout usain but a suh him love fly gyal go ja ….him doe waa dem oo

  • Observer says:

    if dem nuh cum fram ja mayb em wah show dem weh em cum fram

  • TinaGoods says:

    Usain 2 rass fool look how much nice girl deh a jamaica n a bare white trash him pick up no ratings 4 u usain. So him n pepe and Ricardo fuller dem fool bare pussy dem buy a brimingham from the white gal dem n wifey dem . Dem mek money and switch from the nice jamaica woman dem

  • england says:

    nuff people a england nuh like bolt cos dem seh him hype…hope him learn him lesson and stick to him own…

    she think she go live a celeb lifestyle…like how the black footballer them over here treat them white women…mi nuh know if unuh notice…but majority of the black footballers over here married white woman…

    iin all honesty the paper can twist weh she seh fi mek it sound bad…but a full time Bolt fi know seh him nuffi trust nobaddy…a nuff Diliah and Jezsebel him a go meet… so him…humble himself… or feel them out…

  • Observer says:

    i tink em well hype yes but she naw talk facts lie she a tel but wid all dis new money em naw kool no time soon

  • Jules says:

    What a piecea mix up writing dis yah. Shi seh one ting den totally seh summen contrary to it. Dis nuh hab no cohesiveness to it. Sounds like a very confused person, considering shi a 22 it understandable. Suh him hab personal chef as most wealthy people in JA do, but dem ongle a eat rice and peas mostly. Dis gyal mussy mad. Which personal chef worth dem salt going to serve rice and peas every rass day especially wid a guest in di house. u waan tell mi seh not even mashed potatoes, baked potato, breadfruit salad, baked pumpkin dis chef nuh meck? . Ooman a come chack from henglan and Chef not going to give har di spread and blow har away wid his/her culinary skills? Mi not even a touch pon di shack ting cause some a di most quirky and nice cool out spots in JA a dem sed shacks, and if di man tell har fram jump seh him a keep pon di low cause a di bombardment by fans, shi nuh muss did expect a low-keyed meetup. Money mi nah run fram, but fame is a hell of a piece a doan envy nuh famous smaddy. Di least shi coulda do as a person who stayed as a guest in di man house is keep har rass mout shet. Nutten I hate but ppl come u yawd and gawn a road gawn labrish aftawuds.

  • Observer says:

    homegirl seh she a guh a Rio n she tink usain a guh to yu is 1 mad raas gya soun like a stalk u stawt stalk di man

  • england says:

    @Jules…She sell get a likke change..hope her belly full..Karma is a BITCH.. yuh nuh see seh a Diliah dis…

    Hope BOLT learn an know seh nuh anybody him fi carry gah him yard fi meet him family dem. can you imagine how dem go out a dem wa fi mek she feel welcome…smh… sum woman too wicked…her intention wasnt good..

  • EbonyLolita says:

    Zippy mi hear you! Black is black to ME, but it’s obvious when darkskin men get a lil $$$ the women they get switch, normally LIGHTER or WHITE! Be honest just look at the difference in the TYPE of women they date. This is a real ting. If you eva saw my mother, RIP, you’d think she was WHITE. But she was black/white. Nobody can help their history.
    All I’m saying is tek a look at who Usain dated BEFORE the success come & now AFTER! Haven’t seen him w/a woman any darker then a paper bag since success reach. He’s not the only one. Either way when a man isn’t ready to commit to you it doesn’t matter who the other women are. Honestly the woman realized he wasn’t the commitment type & put him on blast. Maybe out of anger or embarrassment. But if she’s in ENGLAND & he’s in JA then she took her relationship for what it was. He tried i :siul t & she kept it moving after a likkle bit.

  • DWRL says:

    She all mention “big bath tub” mmmmmmm you dumb bitch you mean the man “jacuzzi ” bout the bath mussi big because a him height, where the hell did he go dig out that country gal smfh

  • DWRL says:

    Sounds like this gold digger did want the man to move to England and he refused , she went down to try live a Jamaica and the man say no again, so she went home throw damn tantrum call the man , the man tell har they can only be friends. He’s. Celebrity so since she can’t empty his pockets from the friend seat she call the news and sell them dis fuckery……bout the man beg har feh number, beg har what he can do……BITCH PLEASE LIESSSSS

  • just curious says:

    ooiihhhhhh unu fe understand most black british especially wen dem young head kinda kuku so we call it here in uk, loll me glad wen dem did sen me bac a jamaica fe grow an go school a noh joke ting,,me noh kno wey usain a try prove ,,it cuda been worst him fe chill now him jus a jump frm one women to de odda hope him using condom

  • just curious says:

    de gual dont use to not a ting bright bout shack she kuku in de head me did done a say she look fleety flighty

  • Bre Bre says:

    Looooool but is why Bolt bring the girl go bare shack, when him could and bring her go TRACKS & RECORD.. or a TRACKS & RECORD she a call shack??? Bolt I doh sorry fi u a good fi u bumbo a better a Jamaican did a take them cayliss libaty deh a u I would and understand.. But u make u bredda from another madda a buss it pon u.. It no obvious she favor Tyra Sanchez or her tongue have the special touch?? But based pon how she talk me thing a the next way around a Bolt left her cause she sound really bitter, she’s upset so she go sell her story but we all know Bolt ago stay quite him naw come talk up how thins really go.. Bolt come take me yah me no have no probelm with the hiding just make sure u treat me right.. Me not even wah meet nobody fi u no want me to and I wil never sell a story and me know u over yah a read to eno.. so MET if him ask bout me make me know.. Bolt come take me me single mon cha..

  • one2tree says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh, wht a story :)

    does any1 thick dis girl is young & confused?

    does any1 think she got some money from de mirror/uk news paper , to hatch a nice splendorous story??

    obviously u can see she not used to slow tropical/exotic natural life, oppose to an INDUSTRIAL unnatural life in BRITAIN
    e.g. food, culture, environment…etc

    who said Jamaca is a tiny island??, Jamaca is de 3rd largest island in de caribbean


    I think she kind of a ridiculous story teller..smh

  • splashNdash says:

    Story sound mek up or she was just there for a couple days n when him realize di hole nuh good him sen er back. So she a draw out di story Fi mek it look like love. U thinkin bout being Mrs bolt and havin kids, yet u don’t waan give up u vacation days for him? Den u claim dat it’s a tiny island he doesn’t get bothered but u Neva go nowhere coz u hidin from fans? U come to a tropical island an di man don’t even carry u go beach??? No negril, no Ochi not even hellshire?

    Look ere fool, find di nearest arena an have several seats.

    And u Usain I wonder if u ever hear bout Kobe, Tyson etc? Gwaan run dis pussy raffle, u might end up wid one dem same rape charge or smaddy try extort u.

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