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Joe puts the buzz in Sting
BY SIMONE MORGAN Observer staff reporter [email protected]
Friday, December 21, 2012

JOSEF Bogdanovich has been one of the distinctive faces in local entertainment for over a decade. He is the brains behind Downsound Records and co-producer of next Wednesday’s Sting show at Jamworld in Portmore.
Bogdanovich has had significant success with Downsound, recording acts like Nanko, Fantan Mojah, Jah Cure, and Harry Toddler.
Entertainment Minister Damian Crawford (right) greets Sting boss Isaiah Laing (left) and sponsor of the event Joe Bogdanovich of Downsound Records at Sting’s launch at the Wyndham Kingston Hotel in St Andrew recently.
His present team at Downsound includes producer Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell, singjay Khago, singer Nature, and deejay Specialist.
The label has produced hits like Hail The King and Hungry (Fantan Mojah), True Reflections (Jah Cure), and Lucky You (Nanko).
The American, who set up business in Jamaica just over 15 years ago, recently partnered with Supreme Promotions for Sting, signing artistes like Ninjaman, Sizzla Kalonji and Kiprich.
Bogdanovich has a Hollywood background, working on small independent films in the 1980s and 1990s.
He plans to bring that expertise to Sting with theatrics and showmanship to entertain diehard fans.
“We are doing the clash like pro wrestling in tag team style, with Merciless teamed with Matterhorn versus Ninjaman and Kiprich.
They will go at it with both sides allowed one extra person of their choice to help out if they choose. It’s going to be high-flying entertainment,” Bogdanovich boasted.
How much money have you invested in the event? How will this help the Downsound brand?
Not everyone locally understands the magnitude of Downsound’s presence in this business. Aside from supporting artistes for international shows outside of Jamaica which we have done for 20 years, we also support the local market by investing in a multitude of events and programmes, often behind the scenes. This year, however, we chose to step from out of the shadows and save the business. You do realise that stage shows are almost extinct due to the lack of corporate investment. So Downsound has stepped in and plunged millions into this event because of it’s a legacy for the people. It’s your culture, the last of its kind and we do not want it to fade away. Or worse, just let the foreigners take it away in Europe or Japan.
Is this a one-year partnership? Or will this be a long-term relationship?
We have been supporting Sting for many years now. We have just stepped up the game to make it bigger and better by working in partnership with Supreme, and in particular Isaiah Laing. It takes real dedication to preserve an event that is approaching its 30th year and no matter what anyone says, Laing has persevered and should be exalted for giving so much to people with humble beginnings.
Is it true you will have a boxing ring in place for the main event?
Definitely. We will bring it in as the final candle is lit for the show. A 24-foot ring will fly in from the wings and the clash will begin. This is show business. And there is no business like show business. Expect the unexpected. This year’s Sting will be a night to remember.
Why are you so supportive of dancehall when it is reggae that Downsound is known for? Are you choosing hype over substance?
Reggae and dancehall are from Jamaica, created by Jamaicans and should not be classed or separated. If you look at the current Sting flyer, you will see not only vintage artistes like John Holt and Errol Dunkley, but you will see the next generation of young reggae artistes like Konshens, Romain Virgo, Chronixx, Nature, and Etana. We have Sizzla who has given so much to the people and to the country and he will also give a performance that is out of this world. We are celebrating Busy Signal’s return and Khago will be delivering both reggae and dancehall music at its finest. And there is Tommy Lee. Come to Jamworld and find out what the excitement is all about.

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  • Observer says:

    mi reach di battam well elated wen mi c an “tommy lee” y gawd y ooooooo :(

  • LUNDUN says:

    sting sound maddddd rayyyyyyy

  • Hanimal says:

    It because Joe came to save Sting this year. It would have flopped if he didn’t partner with Laing.

  • Met says:

    partner with Liang? Sting a Liang ting so there is no going around that…Joe is one of the producers but is still Liang’s thing ….Joe is the middle man that make sure the artists get paid because there was a break down in trust between Liang and the artist ..Joe nuh deh deh fi tek ova

  • sweet says:


  • Met says:

    sweet mi a go post the info here tomorrow and keep it up top…eveningg

  • I am befuddled at the notion that Laing is yet to figure out how to carefully manage/sustain Sting after so many years of staging the event…

    I understand the whole reference in regard to the corporate sponsorship exodus; however, I think all of that has to do with Laing approaches this effort…

    It does not help that he does not have any people-skills when it comes to courting sponsors and artistes.

    Has Sting never been successful–does the show not make a profit and if yes, are they not putting anything back into the business?

  • one2tree says:

    Really now????

    sting will be de place to be..whether joe there or joe not there..or minstry of entertain dere or not..Laing needs bettr PR wth de artist, therefore:


    as Ninja man him & supa cat put sting on de map

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