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By Joe Anuta

Photo by Christina Santucci

Los Angeles law student and hip-hop promoter Brandon Lincoln Woodard, 31, was walking down a sidewalk near Manhattan’s Columbus Circle at about 2 p.m. Dec. 10 when he was shot point blank in the back of the head by a man who then walked to a getaway car, according to NYPD.

That left the island via the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, according to the New York Post, and police soon followed, locating the rented silver-gray Lincoln MKX in Rosedale.

Police have made no arrests in either the Columbus Circle shooting nor the assault rifle murder as of press time Tuesday.

Sources told the Post that a woman may have rented the car for the killer and his accomplice.

Just afterward, police took into custody a 40-year-old Rosedale man who might be a friend of someone involved in the hit, sources told the Post.

But the Queens connections do not stop there.

A cellphone being tracked as part of the investigation has also been tied to the summer’s bloodiest shooting, sources told the Post.

That incident occurred July 7, when three men were killed and one was wounded in an early morning ambush involving an assault rifle, according to police and reports.

Across the street from Springfield Gardens High School at about 5 a.m., three men in a Jeep Cherokee were torn apart in a hail of gunfire, police said, and a fourth was injured.

Neighbors described the scene as gruesome, as crowds stood out all day while police combed the crime scene for clues and took away the bodies. One man, referring to the number of empty shell casings glimmering on 144th Street, told TimesLedger Newspapers, “It looked like a piggy bank busted open.”

Early reports suggested that the carload of people may have had an altercation with someone at a Brooklyn location before the killing, but one of the men killed, Queens’ James Bussereth, 33, may also have been murdered in retaliation of a $1 million robbery, the Post reported at the time.

Investigators in this month’s shooting have also tied the 9 mm gun used to shoot Woodard in the back of the head to an incident that occurred in Queens Nov. 29, 2009, according to the NYPD.

On that day, two men pumped a total of 12 rounds into a St. Albans home near the corner of Mangin Avenue and Hannibal Street, according to police.

Woodard is the father of a 4-year-old girl and has an extensive rap sheet, according to the Post, which also reported that Woodard may have been lured by text message to the spot where he was shot.

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16 Responses to NO NEW NEWS

  • LUNDUN says:

    good day met and metters

    well at least thing are a little clearer now, so its the cell phone that links this killing to lefrak killing anna di gun link diss killing to di 2009 shooting…..oooook.

  • Observer says:

    lundy dis post will b as empty as di police leads watch a mi n yuh alone fi now ooooo

  • LUNDUN says:

    an u know mi naah tarry obs, mi is just dat diss post clear up one a di confusion mi did ave.

    now di odda ting weh still a confuse mi, is wedda di promota is a man or woman

  • Observer says:

    one press seh ooman n a nexx seh man smh

  • bipolar says:

    the same gun was also used in the lafrac killing…..and its not quite feds are on the job a watch who dem fi watch and when it go down it nag go pretty…until thennnnnn!!!

  • ... says:

    lol Observer wait man belly soon fwd. Met or metters has anyone heard of a man reported missing from a Christmas party but then the body was found some days after in Kingston? I have been scouring the news & my links but thats all I getting. Met look into it plz

  • Met says:

    will do dotty

  • ... says:

    Thanks Met cause mi a get call seh a smaddy fi mi & nuhbody cyaan find di man nor are getting answers.

  • Met says:

    u have a name dotty?

  • ... says:

    They can’t confirm the name & I calling everybody but I can’t get no answer from Monday. So strange…I hope its nothing

  • Observer says:

    Sorry dotty :peluk hoping for the best outcome

  • EbonyLolita says:

    MET!! Next blog a seh the body of his “roommate” was found dead in LA a few days after his murder. Met dis ting SERIOUS bad! :hn

  • Met says:

    Ebony whey di room mate deh and how u nuh send di article?

  • Suh the gun and the phone have prior bodies? WTF? U know something.

  • BarbershopTalk says:

    Mi a hear round di shop sey Stryker Family did in a di car wid Lefrak, a suh di phone get involve. Mussi di one wey get wey mek di phone still deh a road after di shooting. Dem also a sey smaddy pay fi tek one head but di shatta hint di target an di target pay di hitman a bigga Mony fi return di favor an a suh Woodward get shot.

  • Observer says:

    mi get mor confuse by di minute

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