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The hair industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and about 90 percent of its loyal client base is made up of black women. In spite of this fact, that black women make up such a staggering amount of those that use hair extensions, the business aspect itself is dominated by Asians. For years Koreans have owned and operated the business of supplying hair extensions to black women. Which begs the question, if black women are the primary users of these products, how come black women aren’t directly involved in the business of supplying it to themselves?

Recently, a few black women have decided to make their mark in the hair industry and have started directly sourcing and importing high-end hair extensions from India, Cambodia, Brazil and other countries. These visionary women are intent on turning this into a true “used by us, supplied by us” kind of industry. One of these pioneering women is London Banks, the founder of London’s Luxury Hair Collection. She recently launched a high-end luxury hair extension line that offers top quality, long-lasting Malaysian, Brazilian and Indian hair to women all over.

The company’s mission is “to provide the finest hair extensions available in the world to the discerning customer, focusing on the utmost in care and service possible, all while claiming Royalty as a birthright!” With African Americans having a spending power expected to reach $1.1 Trillion dollars, it’s rather distressing that only 6 cents of each dollar is spent on other black owned businesses. The company also offers distributorship opportunities to business-minded women who would like to venture into this industry but who do not have the capital or the know-how to go source these products overseas by themselves. This way, we can all support one another and financially build up ourselves and our own community. For more information on London’s Luxury Hair Collection Inc., you may visit the website at


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  • Foxy says:

    Time to make it a For us by us industry. Everyone capitalizes off our community. We support the Chinese restaurants, the Vietnamese nailshops, the Arabs convenient stores and the Koreans beauty supply. More power to us. BTW, the hair is gorgeous. Will check them out!

  • LUNDUN says:

    so london hair, like how you source and import the hair yourself, u should be showing me pics of the hair “u” actually sell right? cuz those aren’t ur pics.

    can i see pics of what i’ll “actually” be receiving if i decide to support ur business?

  • Met says:

    A fi har pics dem dat lundun das y dem watermark ..

  • Met says:

    but di hair sell from 8-32 inches

  • Met says:

    Mi like the different kind a wave dem

  • MAYHEM says:

    love the info, i hope it will help the black community to start up a lucrative business. i will introduce this info to people. love the info at the top of the post. think aim gonna mention it on my forum. great idea….

  • 215karma says:

    Just wanna know how long this ad will be up for

  • interested says:

    I tried contacting these people but no answer, is this legit?

  • Met says:

    do you want to send them an email?

  • LUNDUN says:

    met mi no want cum off as being negative cuz mi want london hair fi continue fi support jmg, as well as we support london hair.

    but mi wear dem type of hair ya, an mi tiaad a di false advertisement dats why mi seh weh mi seh. an even though it wata mark, is not her pics, mi know why mi seh in all actuality, mi still no know a wah kinda hair she ago sell mi.

    now if london hear a source and import dem own brand of hair, dat would be good bussiness, cuz dat mean dem cut out di middle man, check fi quality demself so if we di customers buy from dem an have problems, dem no ave no problem correcting it and no middle man means cost won’t be sky high right london hair?
    usually when dem ave middle men involved, problems are out of their control an we di comsumers get weh di duck get.

    mi like dem mission statement, but when mi si di pics, it throw mi right off.

    anyways gwaan do unno ting, mi juss tiaad fi get burned where ‘virgin’ hair is concerned dats all.

  • LONDON says:

    @Interested, thanks for your interest in our products. I think you might very well be the person I just spoke to. Bear with us as we respond to each and every request. Feel free to visit the website at or send an email to me personally at [email protected].

    My best,

  • interested says:

    ok, i have visited the website. but i will send you a email.


  • Met says:

    lundun u comment did dash whey mi jus recover it

  • LUNDUN says:

    no problem met

  • Anonymous says:

    I dont see no where on their web site to use that jmg promo code they need fix it caz me want my jmg discount…if me ago spend my money

  • Met says:

    u know unno bad…just email n seh u from jmg man

  • LONDON says:

    Lundun, your concerns are legitimate. Most hair available on the market is not pure and is not mixed. Visit my website my hair isn’t cheap because it is pure quality with no artificial fiber. I stand by my product and the quality and will fully refund any hair that is not up to par. If Met is open, I would love for her to receive the hair and do an objective review after she has installed it (assuming Met might wear hair) and even if she doesn’t she can install the clip ins temporarily.
    If you are interested Lundun, you can order one bundle, if it’s not satisfactory, return it for full refund and shipping on me.

    There is a psychological problem in the black community where we oftentimes associate anything of black origins with inferior or sub-standard. The bar has been raised. My product is already being distributed in 5 different countries. I will give you my personal cell, if you wish for cell phone pictures.

    Again, I understand your concerns as they are valid. I hope you’ll join our team as I am a proponent of business ownership for minorities.

    Have a good night one and all,

  • Anonymous says:

    No met we suppose to get the discount same time at check that not how promo code work

  • Met says:

    I would think so

  • kandy says:

    Me purchase from them before, the brazilian straight. order it on a monday, it never take long to arrive, bout 4 days . it was clean, smell fresh , no shedding, me husband love how me look all exotic now….

  • BigBadnBold says:

    Mi stan by London in her venture in bringin di hair into di community dat uses it more…u our black women…am a dude….n London is a great fren of mines….juss support di ting n dun…sheesh

  • so there is a london and a lundun lol its about time black people started keeping the money in the community the same way the italians, chinese and jews do!

  • Met says:

    OCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC morninggggggggg :peluk

  • morning met , so it seems the world end yet lol can imagine the amount of excess tin beans people have stored inna dem house now

  • Met says:

    dem lucky i did not buy none

  • also interested says:

    Please tell me which waves are in Pic. 1 and Pic 3?? Thnx in advance

  • Anonymous says:

    Glad to see black people trying to supply products that up black women use, but I can’t wait for the day when black women choose to wear, look after and grow their own hair, with these products being used just occasionally instead of religiously!

  • Hotstepper...formerly peeper says:

    London…I have a question, I want to support u and buy some hair…how many bundles of straight hair do i have to buy to do a full head? I ask because some bundles are small and since I wont be there to examine the bundles myself, I would prefer to buy more than I need, than have to order another bundle when the hair arrives.

  • London says:

    Good Morning Hotstepper,
    Thanks in advance for your patronage. The general rule of thumb is 3 bundles for 16″ and longer. Each bundles weighs 3.6 ounces but since the weft is double drawn and not single, it is quite thick. The shorter lengths require only 2 bundles. For those requiring the Rapunzel look, generally 28 inches, it’s typical to get 4 bundles depending on your taste in fullness/volume of the hair.

    It’s a good idea to purchase increasing lengths, eg. 14,16,18. Not only is it less expensive but the hair falls in a natural layer eliminating the sharp ends that you get with a scissors cut.
    Hope that helps Hotstepper.

  • Donna says:

    I am looking for a source to purchase bulk hair for wholesale prices.

  • Lady love says:

    @ Lundon: How are yah, is pic 6 what they reffer to as semi-straight, also do you sell brazillian” loose hair” for brazilian Knots/fushion?

  • Lady love says:

    Ah I Mean London.

  • Karen, Sales Consultant for London's Luxury Hair says:

    Hello Lady Love,
    Thank you for your interest in our products. The hair displayed in picture 6 is actually the Peruvian straight. Yes, we do carry bulk/loose hair for fusion. It is available in all textures – Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian virgin and the curly patterns include straight, loose wave, body wave and deep wave.

    Our company policy allows for 2-3 business days processing time (as that is the amount of time the bank takes to notify us if there are any chargebacks or problems with a card). We generally ship out priority after that so should you have any engagements, please allow yourself sufficient time when placing an order.

    Do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] for any additional questions.

    Thank you,

  • Met says:

    pram pram :hammer
    a like it

  • Anonymous says:

    Met a from morning mi fi tell yu a Bob marley birthday today enuh and nuttn fi BOB!!!

  • Strawberry says:

    I can honestly say I buy for and the hair is very good

  • Strawberry says:

    From her and the hair is very good

  • YULO says:

    Hi,pleasant good after noon i would love to purchase pic number 6 hair right now but my question is how much do i need to buy if i want a full head?and i love long hair and i like when its alot(nuff)lol please answer me asap thank u.

  • Met says:

    the regular 2 packs and if piece lef u save it till the next time……..u want more dan di two pack den? buy 3

  • Karen (Sales Consultant with London's Luxury Hair) says:

    Hello Yulo,
    The general rule of thumb is 3 bundles (packs) for 16″ and over. It’s a good idea to purchase increasing lengths eg. 16-18-20.
    Please call 866-605-0359 for additional questions.
    Thank you

  • YULO says:

    thanks guys thanks alot! but i had im mind like a 24, 20,18.

  • Melissa says:

    I got my brazilian body wave hair from them..I am wearing 16″ 18′ 20″ and I love it..

  • Anonymous says:

    I have purchased the Brazilian straight and I’m loving my hair!! I feel like a celebrity….love it! Sonia


    :hoax lollllllllllll

  • Tee says:

    Bought the Brazilian straight and got it this week, love it. Will definitely be buying again.

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