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Politician refuses to support his baby
Dear Mrs. Macaulay,
I was dating a very popular member of parliament for over four years,
despite him having a babymother who lived with him. It happened that I
got pregnant and then the relationship started getting sour. The child
is now six years old and I haven’t received anything from this man,
despite him making promises that he would be a man and take care of
his responsibilities. The problem is that I don’t trust him. I fear
that if I file for child support he might harm my family. I can’t even
talk to this man because I get really upset and start cursing, and I
can’t let him or the thought of him drain my energy. Please give me
your honest opinion. Should I go after child support? I can’t manage
by myself because sometimes I am even short on my rent because I have
to make sure I have food in the house for the child.

11 Responses to AH WHO DIS?

  • Anonymous says:

    Darling don’t worry about ur feelings worry about ur child….another thing,by u keeping silent in my opinion u life more inna jeopardy…CALL NAME,ur child is 6 and him nuh fawt pon u child,u a play too nice.Things dun happen aready and u cant reverse suh mek him feel it to him pocket

  • Kkay says:

    It could be anyone…I’m not surprised anymore…but missis don’t be afraid to call name…Call it loud like when you did a call it when unoo did a make the baby…pickney fi get mining…

  • Cham says:

    u knew the man had a baby mother that he lived with yet u was phuckin him unprotected, u lay u bed suh lay dung inna it.

  • Anonymous says:

    But dat nuh seh Cham,pickney born and the child haffi eat and sleep comfortably.Mi father cheat pon my mother wickid and mi sister mother know seh she did a play wid fire,suh wah my father mek sure anything me have it times 2

  • G says:

    making promises and not keeping them? yup dat sound like a politician

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Pickney fi get minig str8……Stop blame di ooman alone, it takes TWO to tango and in this case THREE fi cash

  • wahdirassdis says:

    the damage is already dun… suh go ahead a file for ur child support….yuh child have to eat,drink and etc….

  • ... says:

    Kern!!!! dwl

  • Jules says:

    Yes, the child must be taken care of. But woman can put demself inna some precarious situations een? Why must we constantly do this to ourselves? U know from jump seh di man deh wi him ooman, live inna house, and u still guh eena him. Jeezas man!

    Him hab baby a ready suh him nuh see you child as nutten special, di novelty of being a father has worn off. Him nuh respect you dats why him nah fawt pon di child cause him seh any ooman wah will siddung pon sidelines fi four years nuh respect harself, suh how him fi respect har. Him used ur body fi relief him presha and him couldn’t care less bout di consequences. Now u fraid a him, and u must hab reasons to be fraid, cause u know why u fraid. But u a suffah and di chile a suffah and him nah fawt. Wah wi fi really do fi u sistah? Seek out a charitable organization or some NGO and see wah dem can do fi u. Please meck betta decisions fi ur future when it comes ot men, nuh give nuh man years a u life who nuh fully committed to you. In di end betta muss come.

  • Observer says:

    To senda: a gud ting a neva marrid caw u railly wudda did guh pik up crozzez meddling inna weh gawd put togedda well noe em hav a ooman babymadda at dat n guh lay dug widout condom sas crisssse suppose em did gi yuh aids u noe dem cabinet man deh nuh alwayz stra8 like 6 a clak yuh fi deman mor self respek man a fuckery dat yuh duh 2 yuhself now mi fi guh cuss dis big man n u a big ooman weh mek cayliss judgment jah noeee cho duh betta dan dat nexx time lowe di raas man dem weh hav smaddy alreadi

    To Mr Fish gwaan a court guh establish paternity n den support di child accordingly mi naw gi yuh nuh advice pon yuh hood n ow fi lash it caw if ooman nuh tek it yu caw lash it suh duss duh fi di lickle one ok sah ahrite

  • Regula says:

    Senda sounds like a young girl, and young girls can be naive so I wont blame her for getting into the situation, since it could happen to anyone. The main issue seems to be that he is a popular politician so I will say this, what if like millions of other young naive girls, you had got pregnant for some random/dirt poor guy who did the same? As all single mothers will tell you, you get over your anger and you get on with it. Getting a few dollars at the end of the month will never compensate for the resentment you’ll feel at his emotional rejection of your child and the only way to protect your child from that is to just say fuck you to this cunt. Cash is not care. There is no need for revenge since you are equally responsible for what he may well regard as a mistake but which you no doubt see as a blessing. It hurts yes, but you and your child will survive, many women have done it with four and five kids, so will you.

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