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  • What a tragedy :(

  • Met there is this video on worldstar asking “where was god” wish I could shake that man’s hand he put it perfectly

  • Met says:

    God was not in the shooter but God was there

  • No juck mi says:

    May they sleep in harmony………….

  • Bakkle says:

    Don’t mean to stereotype and I’m not a racist but arabs will kill for religion, black ppl will rob a 7 eleven and kill everybody up in that bitch for 87 dollars but when you hear of things like mass murders you can tell off the bat DATS A WHITE DUDE, so much is required of them from families and friends they often crack under pressure and go ballistic, harsh reality.

  • Bakkle says:

    Met you wrong…bcuz God is not allowed in schools anymore, it’s so damn sad

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  • Kkay says:

    Too sad…especially if you have kids that age…I can’t stop crying.

  • Bakkle says:

    This is 15, 5 missing… I can’t stand looking at their faces, it hurts too much ( tears running down face) R.I.P. :sorry

  • simplicity says:

    :( …dis is really sad not dat i dont feel it for the 6 adults as well but dis rite here tear mi up …hat was he think’n?!?!?!? RIP christmas round the corner the parents are past broken sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • ... says:

    I can barely even look at this. This is why mental health wellness is important & not to be taken lightly…So sad. Good morning Met & ppl

  • Quiet Storm says:

    So sad on so many levels. The look of innocence, promise and happiness on their faces, and all taken away in the blink of an eye by this demon……It makes my heart heavy.

    All I keep thinking about is ‘what if it were my child? How would I react’? I cant bear to even think about it….My heart aches for the parents. I only hope God will give them the strength that they need to carry on.

    RIP babies.

  • Oh Dear says:


  • GENUINE says:


  • milikeit says:


  • Observer says:

    mi still a wonda pon a seruss note wah mek em tek dah drive deh 2 ct y not brooklyn y not boston y desso

    mi a wonda if unnuh remaindin people did vote fimme president caw unnuh c ow em full a love n humility ooooo

    dis bwoy n em mumma did a guh guh pon sum bad movements chuss mi sumthin guh rong n em dun har but wah inna dark muss cum 2 lite

    SIP wid di angels every victim of connecticut so sad :(

  • F. Cookie says:

    Mi did haffi pray fi understandin kaw dis was beyond any comprehension.
    Dat is a sick fuck and what hurt mi is that after the people dem set up vigal dem did have to lock it dung causen people a threaten fi shoot it up sumthing wrong wid some a dem people ya pon god land.

  • Met says:

    what possessed him fi kill these innocents?

  • Observer says:

    met em n em mumma had dawk secrets it luk like chuss mi she nuh innocent

  • R.I.P.

  • ... says:

    Met the news said his mother was starting to become afraid of him.. a well to do kid mother was getting $200k+ a year for alimony & support from his father so a well off people. He seems to have been a genius too so this look like it a stem from the home…very sad & selfish that after killing his mother the person he had conflict with he went & killed these poor children that had nothing to do with him… I tyaad to tell people when you see ppl a move a certain way up yah inna merrimackka yah be aware & don’t tek dem light!!

  • Met says:

    dotty u know mi nuh keep up with this because mi heart cannot tek it…so him kill him mother? aye sah

  • Observer says:

    mi sehhh dotty a gud ting di faada move fram dem wen he did caw em wudda inna it

  • LadyWoW says:

    dotty u mi cyan believe dat anyone could have predicted this would happen…my heart strings tear for these families. but is no way u would think ur child is apable of killing you and 20 children. NO WAY we live in denial about the man we sleep wid much less our childrens capabilities. u neverrrrrrrrrrr know what people are capable of, such is life

  • ... says:

    Yea dem find the mother dead in her bed then him go up a di school.

  • ... says:

    Lady wow mi nuh seh now enuh but she was fearful of the son it is reported so with that as a parent you nuh tek precaution & seek help. I not blaming a soul cause I cannot even begin to imagine a minute in that lady shoes but there was a problem & the mother knew but she was afraid it is alleged. It is just sad because like I said as parents we need to pay attention cause sometimes we take signs for granted until it too late.

  • ... says:

    Obs mi a tell yuh something more to that family dynamic trust mi, I don’t know what is going on but it makes me cringe. Now they have launched a Queen James version of the bible..tek out all the “offensive” verses to the gay community I mean seriously I am glad I grew up in the time that I did because I can pass on the values & morals I know, now more than ever our generation as parents we have a responsibility to our children, yes it rough sometimes financially to be there some of us have to work 2/3 jobs but we have a global responsibility to our (all) children now

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