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DI SENDER SEH :-Met si johnwayne an him baby mada here…where was olefut at this point…

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  • Tawkchuet says:

    Oh a see, see the real problem ya now so di young bwoy gone teck a big woman n it a pressure baby mother hence di picho yessiday so unnu no get no good vibes from then so unnu come back again otay! Is Wat u want us to do my dear? We caaa teck him back fi u enuh so Wat u really want? Let us know

  • Priti says:

    I dnt tink Jello send the story. Sumbdy want to brk up Johnwayne & him big woman so dem a try everyting

  • soap opera says:

    John hand dem look like him never work a day in his life

  • OBSERVER says:

    y di 2 a dem han so white mi a ask unnuh fram yessideh cho

  • CINNAMON says:

    love her dress, the gurl jus havin a nice nd still relationship with her bby daddy. oh nd old foot was right in the party when dis pic take.


    unu too wiked cause johnwayne and him babymada NUH DEH!!! Babymada ave 3pickney wid 3 different man…leff fayhe and har man, weda she ole or not…unu lie like…@Zervah, u soo rite, nuh wok a day yet..

  • PERKINS says:


  • goodas says:

    people tooooo bad mind. mek the gyal fuck who she wha fuck at least she produce a nice baby. john wayne a ole gigaloo. why people suh mix up. low the gyal . ole foot a finance him while jello a romance him

  • Anonymous says:

    Weh unuh get unuh story from…one pockney shi ave..n him get three,three did woman…

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