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A firm of ‘bounty hunters’ will be paid up to £40million to track down tens of thousands of illegal migrants.
The Border Agency awarded a contract earlier this year as it tries to find up to 170,000 immigrants who have gone missing.
Services company Capita, who won the bid, will be paid according to how many are discovered. The cases will then be handed over to immigration officers who will try to remove them from the country.

Backlog: The UK Border Agency is hunting up to 170,000 missing immigrants
Border chiefs are struggling to deal with the backlog of cases in the Migration Refusal Pool, which is made up of migrants whose appeals to extend their work or student visas were turned down.
They should have then left the country but in many cases officials had no idea whether they had left the country or were still here illegally. In around 40 per cent of cases officials had not even sent out the letter telling them to go back home.
Border Agency chief executive Rob Whiteman revealed the existence of the contract yesterday before the Home Affairs Committee.

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He told MPs that a trial scheme operated by another company, Serco, found one in five of those contacted left the country within six months.
Mr Whiteman said: ‘The contract is a payment by results, where they will make contact with potential over stayers from our records.
‘The potential value of the contract, if they performed very well over a four-year period, would be around £40 million.’
He added: ‘Capita will be paid for the number of people who they make contact with and leave.
‘If nobody leaves, because they make contact with them, nobody will get paid.’

Revealed: Border Agency chief executive Rob Whiteman revealed the existence of the contract with Capita before the Home Affairs Committee yesterday
Committee member James Clappison criticised the agency for allowing huge increases in the immigration backlog.
Mr Clappison, the Tory MP for Hertsmere, said: ‘We have got the equivalent of a small town being added to the Migration Refusal Pool every quarter.’
At the end of June this year the Migration Refusal Pool stood at nearly 175,000 – and was increasing by around 100 every day.
John Vine, chief inspector of border and immigration, discovered it during a routine inspection.
He said urgent action was needed to tackle it, because currently tracking down and removing such illegal migrants was not seen as a priority.
Critics said the emergence of the new backlog raised concerns about the credibility of the immigration system.
In some cases, when migrants had refused to leave, their details were not placed on the Police National Computer.
This means if they were arrested officers would have no idea they were wanted by the immigration authorities.

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  • OBSERVER says:

    I would really hope with all the money funded in dancehall these illegal immigrants (of all nationality) would have find meaningful ways to legalize themselves. Obama can’t fix everything!

  • OBSERVER says:

    Obama caw rule england anyway

  • Little Willie says:

    RUUNNNNNN!!!!…..Informer business tun up inna hEnglan. Time to roll.

  • SERENITY says:

    Geezum…..why dem a refuse di people dem renewal afta dem know most people been working or going to school trying to make a better life in most cases? They should implement a system to deal with this per case since they have been awarded this much money. Dem cyaa jus tun di people dem life upsided down so & most a dem been living there for awhile,getting their renewals of visa with hopes of one day becoming str88….that’s messed up. Hope these people manage to stash sumting away in their bornland in the event they are caught.

  • LUNDUN says:

    england always do dem tings here fi scare ppl

    if u send in fi regularize u stay, an dem refuse u, but u intend fi stay same way, why would you still live at di address u gave them?

    plus alot of ppl i know of, don’t use their right address, they use a friend or relative’s address who is straight.

    most illegal immigrants over here, get caught at work, and one time on buses and in train stations when raid a gwaan.

  • Londoner says:


  • Little Willie says:

    @LUNDUN….dis aguh differant. Contract werk. Yu get paid when yu kapchur illegal. Bounty works. Di pungs aguh mek nuff people sell out. Writing on the wall with this one. Laws in place to restrain Mr. Officer. When it come to bounty rerk it’s a much different game.

  • South of the River says:

    I got off the bus this morning and their was police and some immigration looking officials were line off in Elephant and Castle. The government know what their doing. Normally I would be skeptical of these operations as PR exercises but if they are doing no head no fee, people better look sharp. They will be on to everyone and change of address won’t help as these types of organiations will use all manner of tactics to capture as many as they can. Immigration don’t have enough staff to manage dispersal of illegal overstayers but these companies will make it their mission. It’s a potentially lucrative contract till something goes wrong. They will detain many but whether the laws once caught will support removal is another thing as people will draw for Human Rights etc to prolong the situation which can tie up the process for ages. Also where are they going to house those apprehended as the detention centres are pretty full year round and I doubt the government have made arrangements with airlines for removing people straight away.

  • OBSERVER says:

    da 1 disliker deh mussi illegal yuh tan deh nuh run fram now bout yu a press :hoax2

  • Bwoy me heart heavy! Cause the Law_Abiding working ones I feel sorry for.

    I remember the days dem use to w8 at train stations and come on the buses.

    I believe those who were working and studying shud get renewals 9/10 times a d lawyer dem sheg up the things no lie! Speaking from experience!

    N d worst thing is right now no! cant put in a application cause the law change from Oct!!

  • Regula says:

    bombopussybloodclaat back a dat to. CHO

  • shameal williamson says:


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