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I have a post question for the ladies. So my female cousin came to visit from back home. We both got our period at the same time while she was here. One day within our cycle she ask me what I do with my pad and I told her I wrap it up in some toilet paper then put it in the trash Of course I had to return the question and she said she stored hers in a plastic bag then threw it out when she was done. I was like WTF!!! She never went into details of why she does that but it got me thinking do women really do shot like that and why and is there a wrong or right way to dispose of your pad/tampon besides flushing down the toilet.


  • OBSERVER says:

    maybe she wa weigh di fluids MNL

  • Taliban says:

    Well to each is own. I usually save the cardboard that is in the middle of the toilet paper so whenever I am having my menses I wrap the pad into a piece of toilet paper/newspaper and stuff it into it and throw it into the trash.

  • kim says:

    this is one of my pet pea .i hate when people store up their nasty pad in the bathroom trash . montly blood smell

  • Well @least she store hers in a bag! Mi fren tek off hers and throw inna d bin in the bathroom same way! Plus wen she piss she nuh flush so u see all the blood inna d toilet! she dont flush toilet after 6pm!!

    Me personally i drop mine in the outside bin everyday! Cause i 8 d smell of the raw blood! It mek mi feel sick!

  • Taliban says:

    I don’t believe in flushing it either.

  • Tweet says:

    @Infirmed why she don’t flush toilet after 6 pm? I know people who back in the day when they were on their period, they didn’t bathe cuz a some superstition or the other :najis

  • SERENITY says:

    @infirmed,i almost vomit in my mouth after reading what your friend do…she is lacking proper hygiene Obs____________________________________________________________

  • SERENITY says:

    I only use pads & when its that time,i bring out my small brown paper bags in my bathroom.
    After taking pad off,place in paper bag & bring outside to the outdoor bin. Bathroom you using with your other family members is not the place to leave used pads,they will smell & that’s nasty to have people smelling you waste matter. I use brown paper bags so nobody see what’s inside…..also we have to take into consideration the garbage man who has to handle the garbage. Ladies plz be mindful of others at all times

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    dem affi go outside afta dem wrap ina newspaper

    infirmed plz tell wi why ur fren nuh flush afta 6p #nasty

  • Wel every body have there own of doing things, I take mines off and wrap it in the aways plastic wrapper and throw out in the outside garbage every day, I can’t stand to smell or see the blood. But I believe every woman should be at their cleaness during that time.

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Infirmed have mi sick inna di mawnin *skin up nose*…Mi mek sure mi wrap up mine well tight. Keep the plastic that u take the clean pad out of, wrap up the pad in tissue, then then plastic, then i wrap it in another plastic or place it in the soap bar box or something inconspicuous and change the trash bin everyday. Now that i write it my process seem kind of long but i hate to see ppl pad just out suh and i know no one wants to see mine (neither do i).

  • blackbeauty says:

    wrap it in the always wrapper then some newspaper and through it in the outside bin, now I’m in a state where I can burn it so I do that sometimes

  • know it all says:

    news paper for pads and flushing for tampons… can also wrap that in news paper if needs be.

  • i wastaught that the only one should know ur on yr monthly is YOU

  • OBSERVER says:

    infirmed a bare bloodclaat kick n baxx she fi get but onli afta 6pm! Brite :nohope

  • simplicity says:

    infirmed yuh fren need to live alone nd at no time have anyone come by her house…jus :dp

  • kimora says:

    I wrap mine in the plastic wrapper, brown paper bag and then in a nappy sack and throw in the outside bin.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with the the women above! Wrap your sanitary pads/tampons in tissue, bag them and take them out side to the garbage. I think that is plain disgusting for a woman to leave the naked unwrapped pad in the garbage for all to see. No manners at all. I have a girl friend who take off her pad, and underwear when she showers and leave them on the bathroom floor. She has done this so long, her 19 year old daughter grew up doing the same thing! Pure nastiness.

  • Blanca says:

    Tampons solve all those problems. No wonder men think periods are nasty. I could never sit in a pool of my own blood all day. Tampon in, no blood, tampon out, flush, no blood, new one in….

  • Regula says:

    Thank yuh Blanca cos mi did a wonda if a mi alone. Mi hate pad badddddd. Tampons is di best thing since slice bread. Period is sterile till air ketch it! dats when it stinks!! and with pad dat is unavoidable. If yuh even put yuh applicator in the bin someone would have to be searching to find it and di other half flushes away easily plus mi nuh know bout nuh body else, but pad scratch me and di cunnu munnu dem weh a go run een a talk how it affect di size a yuh hole, unnu dont bother wid it. Cos if you dont use tampons, you just dont know. I have used both and sometimes mi wonda how mi survive pad, Thank you Tampon.

  • 215karma says:

    wrapped in toilet paper and thrown in the bathroom waste bin

    bin gets emptied about every other day with the kitchen trash

    I have no shame about my period. I don’t talk about it but I’m not afraid for anyone to know, if it comes up

    but growing up I remember my helper saying I shouldn’t put it in the plastic that the pad comes in because people will know what it is and that I should put it in newspaper. I thought then and now that that was a bit excessive. to each their own

  • 215karma says:

    Also, I hate tampons and only use them when necessary

  • sweetlikesuga says:

    simplicity and observer mi always can expect a laugh from unuh pon yasso she too raas nasty bout afta six pm when other ppl might come ova an beg a use off the bathroom ,,,mi feel like sey a outside pit toilet she still have or use to a y she a do that ,,,,a wah har wata bill expensive ?she use to carry wata pon har head?she a try save the environment come tell mi deh do cause this need explaination

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