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When men cry
Donna Hussey-Whyte
Monday, October 15, 2012

MR Vegas isn’t the only man who has cried himself a river of misery upon learning news of his woman’s infidelity, indeed this reaction is more common than we realise, and occurs when there’s a shift in the ideal of dominance within a relationship, one expert says.
Male Development Specialist Marlon Moore says this shift can cause a man to go crazy when he finds out that the roles have been reversed in a relationship and he’s not the only one with someone on the side.

“I think they (men) latch on to the whole ideal of dominance within a relationship and that’s where the problem lies,” Moore said.
He explained that men see themselves as the ones who run the home, who provide for the home, who give their women money and, said Counsellor David Anderson, who provide the only source of carnal pleasures.
Anderson said for many men, the idea of multiple partners is a normal part of their realities. And the women should be satisfied with this arrangement. But when the roles are reversed, it shatters the ideal of what he believes being a man is and he is left not knowing what to do.
And even as a number of Jamaican men decry Vegas’ public mourning, berating him for “bawling over woman”, Anderson said many would react the same way if caught in a similar position, where the housewife turns into a hussy.
“It doesn’t have to be going on Facebook to vent, look at the many incidences of murder-suicide; the other incidents where the men kill themselves and their kids to ‘punish’ the cheating women; it’s the same kind of reaction — the same devastating feeling that men can’t cope with,” he said. “Indeed, in Jamaican vernacular, man can’t tek bun. So whether he cries in public or in private, vents on Twitter or to his buddies, that’s a typical reaction.”
He said he would even go as far as to suggest that Vegas handled his heartbreak in a way that will cause him less emotional upheaval in the future.
“He would have gone through the stages of grief and would get the appropriate support from his fans. He is certainly not sitting in a room being suicidal as many men are, because they are afraid to tell anyone out of shame,” he said.
Many women have shown sympathy for the entertainer’s plight, stating that his mourning shows that he is man enough to show his true feelings.
Others said his public heartbreak shows the depth of his love for his ex.
“That’s how I want to be loved — to the point where he lets everybody knows how devastating losing me is,” accountant Tresha Francis said. “Vegas has shown that he has a soft, romantic side. And every woman dreams of being loved like that.”
Moore said like Vegas, men who experience heartbreak have to find a way to come to terms with the situation and they must talk about it.
“It is no different from losing a loved one. If you don’t talk about it, you are going to have issues,” he advised. “The process is going to take time, yes, but the process has to be made with some kind of talking. You have to talk about your feelings.”
He added: “Not talking plays a role in so many men losing their minds and killing their women and killing the woman’s man, etcetera. When a man has a problem, he doesn’t talk, he shuts down. Men don’t talk about it in a setting where they can get it out, but women do. They will go to their girlfriends and talk about it and they make better decisions. Men don’t know how to deal with it because the masculine identity becomes fractured,” he said.

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Suspect threatened ‘Barkey’ and Bennett, says ‘Wickerman’
Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DEEJAY Captain Barkey and Tracy Bennett had a five-year relationship which started after they met at a show in her native St Elizabeth, the slain entertainer’s friend and performing partner Wickerman said yesterday.
Wickerman, whose real name is David Taylor, also told the Jamaica Observer that Barkey (real name Wayne Hamilton) had told him this year that the man suspected of murdering the couple, Joseph Kernizan, had followed them in his car and threatened them in New York.
Captain Barkey
“Mi tell him, ‘Barkey, leggo dem ting dey, ’cause the man an’ woman ting nuh easy’,” Taylor said yesterday, adding that he last spoke to Hamilton last Thursday.
Hamilton, 50, and Bennett, 38, were gunned down in the parking lot of the Holiday Motel in Bronx, New York, around 3:10 am Saturday.
On Sunday, New York police named 42-year-old Kernizan as the suspect in the double murder and said they had video footage of him outside the motel.
Bennett, a registered nurse at Winthrop Hospital in Long Island, was estranged from Kernizan, her Haitian husband.
On Sunday, Lieutenant John Grimpel of the New York Police confirmed to the Observer that Bennett had obtained a restraining order on Kernizan. He also confirmed that the couple had “two children in common”.
Witnesses said that Bennett begged for her life before she was shot. Hamilton was shot dead moments before.
Yesterday, the New York Post reported that the police were focusing their search for Kernizan — who is 5-feet 5-inches and weighs 220 pounds — on Long Island, where he has family.
Hamilton, who lived in Milwaukee, is survived by his wife Pauline and eight children (none by his wife).
Yesterday, Wickerman said that he and Hamilton were scheduled to perform on December 22 at show in Morant Bay.

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Last night, the New York police told the Jamaica Observer that Kernizan has a long rap sheet.

“He has 16 prior arrests,” Lieutenant John Grimpel told the Observer. The charges, Lt Grimpel said, include robbery, assault, forgery, criminal possession of a weapon, and fraud.
Lt Grimpel also said that Kernizan, who is Haitian, lives in Long Island and has two children with Bennett. He also said that Bennett had a restraining order on Kernizan.
Fifty-year-old Barkey (real name Wayne Hamilton) and 38-year-old Bennett were gunned down in the parking lot of the Holiday Motel in Bronx, New York, around 3:10 am.
Last night, Lt Grimpel said that they had video footage of Kernizan that captured by the hotel’s closed circuit TV.
Hamilton and Bennett were about to leave the motel in her white Toyota Camry when they were attacked.
“The killer was waiting when the couple emerged from the Holiday Motel around 3:10 am, and he blasted more than two dozen bullets at the helpless duo,” the New York Daily News reported witnesses and police as saying.
According to the Daily News, “Hamilton hopped from the passenger seat and tried to escape the hail of bullets that cut him down just outside the motel office”.
“The suspect then turned his pistol on the weeping Bennett as she stood next to her parked sedan, its motor still running,” the newspaper report added.
Both the Daily News and the New York Post reported witnesses as saying that Bennett pleaded for her life before she, too, was shot dead.
Yesterday, the New York Post reported that Hamilton had flown to La Guardia on Saturday night from Milwaukee, where he lived.
“He went straight to Bronx nightclub Memories, where he joined up with Bennett,” the Post story said, adding that friends reported that Bennett drove him to the motel.
The Post also reported a friend of Hamilton and fellow musician, as saying that the couple had been dating for about two years.
Captain Barkey was a veteran of the sound system circuit. He started deejaying with two Spanish Town sound systems — Stereo One and People’s Choice.
He had a few minor hits before topping local charts 16 years ago with Go Go Wine, after which he scored with Bun Fi Bun.
He eventually partnered with fellow deejay Wickerman (real name David Taylor) and the duo put out a number of hits, recording for giant dancehall producers King Jammys and Steelie and Clevie.


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