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A 16-year-old Bulawayo girl from Cowdray Park has confessed to being part of a satanic cult that allegedly drinks human blood and feeds on human flesh, the Chronicle reported.

The girl left residents’ representatives and Councillor Collet Ndhlovu under whom Cowdray Park falls, dumb-founded as she gave out a list of 38 people including their addresses, which her cult had allegedly killed in the suburb.

She went on to mention about 60 people that she said she worked with.

Included in the list were leaders of a big church in Cowdray Park.

The girl also gave the address of a house she claimed had an underground room where corpses were kept for the Satanists to feed on.

Mr Stanley Kwashira, the organising secretary of the residents association in Cowdray Park, yesterday said he was still grappling with the “shock of the horror tale.”

“She came to my house with her mother and two members of the residents association in her area last week. She said she was recruited to the group by a 32-year-old man (name withheld), who was her boyfriend. I was ready to dismiss the tale as fabrication of an over-active teenage imagination when she started naming people who we knew had died in the suburb, accurately giving dates of death and addresses,” said a stunned Mr Kwashira.

He said the girl said she joined the group last year when she was 15 years old.

“She said she was in love with a man in the area and one day in June last year, she collapsed as she was going to the shops. She said two men, including the boyfriend, then took her to a house near the bus stop popularly known as the sign post. She said there is an underground room where she went through an initiation process, which included drinking human blood and eating the flesh of dead people,” said Mr Kwashira.

He said the girl revealed that there were about 60 Satanists in the suburb who used to meet at the house.

“She gave names that I am still finding hard to believe. She named some leaders from the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Cowdray Park. The girl said the Satanists could become invisible and drain blood from a living person in broad daylight. She said the victims would start feeling weak and go to sleep while the unlucky ones would die,” he said.

Mr Kwashira said the girl told them that she had an invisible basket that she used to fly to rural areas with the cult to “drink from healthy” rural people.

“She said at the last rural raid which lasted about three weeks, last month, her colleagues kicked her out of the group saying it was no longer possible for them to work with her. They said someone from her family was making strong prayers on her behalf, which were creating havoc in their working environment,” he said.

Mr Kwashira said residents leaders needed to engage the police and raid the houses where the girl said Satanists lived.

“She said human blood is the best tasting drink she has ever had. These people were abusing this child. We should get the police and a certified prophet or inyanga and raid those homes. We cannot have killers living among us,” he said.

Mr Kwashira said the girl’s mother sobbed uncontrollably throughout the narrative.

When Chronicle visited the suburb yesterday, the girl said her mother had instructed her not to speak to anyone on the matter.

When this reporter called her mother, she said she was in Harare and would only grant a face to face interview last night or this morning.

Contacted for comment, Clr Ndhlovu confirmed the incident.

“Yes, the matter has been reported to me. It is still not known to a majority of residents. We should handle it tactfully because it has the potential to create a bloodbath in the suburb,” said Clr Ndhlovu.

He said it was frightening to hear that there were people who were eating other people in the suburb.

“The matter was reported to the police last week. Today, I am going to the police to work out a way of solving the issue without raising tempers. I also think the people who were mentioned should be investigated and their houses searched,” said Clr Ndhlovu.

Police spokesperson for Bulawayo Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo could neither confirm nor deny the incident.

“We will give you the information as soon as we get it,” said Insp Moyo.



What is the manifestation of Faith?

The manifestation of faith is your having the confidence or trust that what God or the Lord Jesus Christ has revealed to you by a message of knowledge or a message of wisdom will come to pass at your command.

Before we can understand the “manifestation of faith” (1 Cor. 12:9), we must understand what “regular” faith is. “Faith” is the translation of the Greek noun pistis, which means “trust,” “confidence,” or “assurance.” Our English word “trust” captures the sense very well. Sadly, most Christians do not know what “faith” is because the modern definition differs from the biblicalof “faith,” and the definition most Christians have in their mind, is a “firm belief in something for which there is no proof ” (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary). It is vital to understand that “belief in something for which there is no proof” is actually superstition, and that is far from the biblical definition of “faith.”

The biblical definition of faith is “trust,” and we trust things only after they have been proven to us. God does not ask us to believe Him without some kind of reason or proof. He has left many evidences that He exists and that His Word is true. When God asks us to have faith, He is not asking us to believe something without proof. [For further study, watch our online video titled Scientific Evidence for the Truth of Scripture.]

All of us have “faith” (trust) in a large number of things. In fact, life would be impossible without trust. A person would not even sit down if he did not trust the chair would hold him. God asks us to trust that Jesus has been raised from the dead because the Bible, history, and evidences such as speaking in tongues, give plenty of evidence for it. The reason it is impossible to please God without faith (Heb. 11:6), is that after all God does for us day after day, and has done for mankind throughout history, if we still do not trust Him—well you can see that He would be displeased. Frankly, if any of us did many wonderful things for someone else, and that person “returned the favor” by being distrustful of us, we would be displeased too. Once we understand that “faith” is “trust,” we are in a position to understand the “manifestation of faith,” which we might also call, “the manifestation of trust.” In contrast to ordinary faith, the manifestation of holy spirit referred to as “faith” is the trust that is necessary to accomplish the special tasks that God, by revelation, asks us to do. Contrasting “faith” with the “manifestation of faith” should help to clarify what that means. If I own a chair that I have sat in many times, I have built up trust that it will hold me. I have faith in the chair.

But what about doing a healing or miracle? I know I cannot do it in my flesh. Therefore, the only way I can heal or do a miracle is to trust in the revelation that I have received from God (via a message of knowledge, wisdom, or discerning of spirit), and to trust that when I command the healing or miracle to come to pass, it will. That “supernatural” trust, which is based on revelation and is brought to pass via the power manifestations of healing, miracles, etc, is “the manifestation of faith.” A common pattern involving the manifestation of faith is: God (or the Lord Jesus) gives a revelation, the person trusts the revelation (“the manifestation of faith”) and acts on it, and then God supplies the power to bring the revelation to pass.

Moses brought water out of a rock by the manifestation of faith (Exod. 17:5 and 6). He could not do so by his own power, but God told him that if he struck the rock, water would come out. Moses trusted what God said (the manifestation of faith), acted on it, and by the manifestation of miracles brought water out of the rock. Gideon defeated the Midianites by the manifestation of faith (Judg. 6:16), Elijah multiplied the oil and flour by the manifestation of faith (1 Kings 17:14-16), and the other great miracles of the Bible were done by the manifestation of faith.

When it comes to miracles and gifts of healings, we need the manifestation of faith because we cannot heal the sick or do miracles by our human power. God must give us a message of knowledge and a message of wisdom, letting us know that it is His will for us to heal someone or do a miracle, and then we must have the faith to do it. As Christians, we should live our lives in such a way that our faith in God grows and continues to grow, so that we are well able to manifest His power and bless and deliver people.




12-yr-old girl raped in Mandeville
1 hour ago
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A 12-year-old is now recovering in hospital after she was raped by a man in Mandeville, Manchester yesterday.
It is understood that the child took a robot taxi with the man who is known to her yesterday. The man who plies the Mandeville to Greenvale route is said to have diverted and took the 12-year-old into bushes and raped her. The child related her ordeal to her parents who immediately rushed the girl to hospital, where emergency surgery was conducted. The man who is in his late twenties was later arrested by the Mandeville police.

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