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Newspaper: Malvo felt like ‘worst piece of scum’
Associated Press – 5 hrs ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Convicted D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo said in a newspaper interview published Sunday that the devastated reaction of a victim’s husband made him feel like “the worst piece of scum.”

Malvo expresses remorse in the interview with The Washington Post ( and urged the families of victims to try and forget about him and his partner John Allen Muhammad so they can move on. Tuesday marks the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the deadly spree in the Washington area carried out by Malvo and John Allen Muhammad. The pair has been linked to 27 shootings across the country, including 10 fatal attacks in the Washington area.

Malvo, 27, told the Post in a rare interview that the look on the face of victim Linda Franklin’s husband right after she was shot stands out in his memory of the rampage. Franklin, a 47-year-old FBI analyst, was killed as she and her husband loaded supplies outside a Home Depot in Falls Church, Va.

“They are penetrating,” Malvo said of Ted Franklin’s eyes. “It is the worst sort of pain I have ever seen in my life. His eyes … Words do not possess the depth in which to fully convey that emotion and what I felt when I saw it. … You feel like the worst piece of scum on the planet.”

Malvo is serving a life sentence with no parole at a prison in southwest Virginia for killing Franklin. Muhammad was executed in Virginia in 2009

The sniper-style attacks all but paralyzed the nation’s capital, as people were shot at random while going about their everyday life — pumping gas, buying groceries, and for one young boy, as he went to school. The shooters used a high-powered rifle, firing from the trunk of a modified Chevy Caprice until they were tracked down at a Maryland rest stop.

Malvo also repeated previous assertions that he was manipulated by the older Muhammad during the string of attacks that took place when Malvo was 17. But he acknowledges: “I was a monster.”

Malvo has declined to respond to many media requests, including letters from The Associated Press. He was interviewed in 2010 for a cable TV special.

When asked by the Post what he would say to victims’ families, the remorseful Malvo said there’s no way to properly convey an apology.

“We can never change what happened,” Malvo said. “There’s nothing that I can say except don’t allow me and my actions to continue to victimize you for the rest of your life.”

He added: “Don’t allow myself or Muhammad to continue to make you a victim for the rest of your life. It isn’t worth it.”

Linda Franklin’s father, Charles Moore, was incredulous about the idea that victims’ relatives would be able to forget about what Malvo and Muhammad did.

“There’s no way. I can’t believe that. No one can go through something like that,” Moore said in a phone interview with The Associated Press.

Moore said he believes his daughter’s slaying contributed to his wife’s death several years later.

“What he did just destroyed my family. I’ll never be able to put it aside. Never,” he said.

“There are things that stand out in your life that you think about. I’m 83 years old and I’ll carry it to my grave.”


THE FAMER’S _____________________ IN THE DEN

Message Body:
Met i am confused and would like for you to help me understand whether or not she forgot 2 take out her rollers or is this the new fashion?!


This is my revelation so please I beg of you in the name of God not to publish my name since I am here to warn other people who are yet to be victims like me.

I am a 23 gay. Last year, an older guy about dated me and infected me with HIV. I still do not have proof but am certain that its him.
He claims to come from Nairobi.
He was a former government paharmacist in Mombasa but was laid off because of sleaping with young boys.
His wife also left him for what she feared to have been infected just like me.
He has one kid. A beautiful gal in Form 2 there in Nairobi.
This man who is in his mid 60s claims to be 40 so as to attract young gays and infect them and leave them.
He runs a beauty shop in Bungoma, opposite Bungoma MMUST campus.
There, he employs gays and after exploiting them and infecting them he goes ahead and fire them and send them away from the town with the help of gay police officers in Bungoma.
He is better known as ‘Uncle G’ among gay community.
His first galfriend died of HIV in early 90
In complexion, he has bleached himself mpaka hana color.
This guy source young gays from school like me mostly from Kisumu, Busia and Western.
I personally read his diary which dates some years back…’I am done with my brother in law’ meaning he had something to do with the death of the gay husband of his blood sister.
His real name is George Otieno. Expose him cuz he is spreading HIV among youngstars yet he is a graduate from University of India.
He now sodomises his own stepson from his late galfriend.
I am his boyfriend and all am saying I found out from from him, my peers who are also positive and the employees he sacked. Being gay is illegal and we rely on Media to address our plight. So I beg of you, do not show my Identity please. Expose him and make people aware that being gay is real but some people are taking advantage of our sexuality to kill us slowly. Do not show my Identity. if you want my number I will give you but still do not show my number too. Be blessed

9 hours ago
Nairobi Exposed!!! [behind the scenes stories & pics you wont believe]
We will not show your number is he on fb we are saddened by this. Pole sana have you got any assistance towards your treatment. God will not abandon you. Thanx

8 hours ago
He is on facebook but I only know one name…he calls himself Travy But he is better known as uncle G. Yes am being assisted medically and financially as in if I tell my parents that am a gay and positive then they will blame my sexuality. Uncle G is enough to expose him. He manages his sisters estate. His sister is a General Manager at one of the local Banks. But this guy is a damn murderer

8 hours ago
My number is 07*******. The guy is very good at infecting people and those who threaten to expose him he literally give them untimely death

Please…he knows top police officers who are also gays and if he gets to know its me who exposed him then am doomed

Nairobi Exposed!!! [behind the scenes stories & pics you wont believe]
Wow and thanx for the info; we shall revert back.

8 hours ago
Thanks too

We are SAD and deserve a break to bond because there is more unbeleivable stories, keep the exposee coming. Have a nice weekend and be here on Monday 6:59AM. For Sure.
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Prayer: Taking Hold Of God’s Willingness

Pray, pray, pray! Why prayer is important / Is God in Control of Everything?

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[This article was taken from our book Don’t Blame God! A Biblical Answer to the Problem of Evil, Sin and Suffering.]

We do not believe that faith is the only variable in the “equation” of life. A study of the Word of God shows that prayer, the intensity of the spiritual battle and the help of other believers are also variables that affect what happens in our lives. The prayers of God’s people play an important part in the will of God coming to pass, because prayer is a catalyst for change — in people and in circumstances. No one knows how much sin and suffering could be avoided if Christians everywhere developed strong prayer lives. It seems that the power of prayer has been vastly underestimated. Prayer is not just reciting what someone else wrote; it is communion with God and the Lord Jesus Christ. [1]

Jesus himself had an extremely powerful prayer life. He spent hours alone in prayer to God. Surely that shows the value and importance of prayer. Commands (not suggestions) to pray are found all over the Bible. “Devote yourselves to prayer” (Col. 4:2), “pray continually” (1 Thess. 5:17), “be…faithful in prayer” (Rom. 12:12), “pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests” (Eph. 6:18). And these are just a few. Paul knew that our prayers make a difference between success and failure in one another’s lives: “On him [God] we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us, as you help us by your prayers” (2 Cor. 1:10 and 11).

Many Christians have made resolutions to pray, but then quit when they did not see immediate results. Christ addressed this tendency: “Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up” (Luke 18:1). The parable is about persisting in prayer. Jesus gave us “the Lord’s Prayer” to show us the essential components of proper prayer, and he taught us to be bold, persistent and specific when we pray.

Nothing is more vital to a Christian’s cooperation with God than prayer. He needs us to become fellow laborers with Him in writing “His-story.” Through prayer, we can participate in events that otherwise would not have occurred. In his excellent book on prayer, And God Changed His Mind, Brother Andrew talks about how the false premise that God is in control of everything going on in the world, and its corollary fallacy that whatever happens is God’s will, so dilutes a Christian’s prayer life as to render it useless. He writes:

The fatalist’s attitude seems to reflect tremendous faith: “I refuse to question the will of God,” he will say with pious humility. But does he actually mean that whatever happens in the world is all right with him — including war, famine, oppression, the breakdown of the family and society, the exploitation of the innocent and weak, and the degradation of all that is holy and pure? “If God allows it, there must be a reason,” he will say, “and I can’t hope to understand God’s reasons with my small mind, so I accept what He does by faith and praise the Lord anyway!” And ignorant listeners to this kind of talk will respond admiringly, “What faith!” [2]

The truth is, as he also writes, that:

The boundaries of evil are expanding every day, and fatalistic apathy is enabling those boundaries to grow because it offers no resistance. But Christians must oppose evil [which first requires a recognition of it and that God is not the cause of it]; we were born for battle! Every Christian is a soldier, a “member of the resistance” in God’s army, taking part in spiritual warfare. The moment we lose sight of this, we become aimless in our actions and fuzzy in our focus. We forget why we were born, forget what we have been trained and equipped to do on the battlefield, and we die without knowing why we lived. Most importantly, we never complete the mission we were sent to accomplish. Score one more for the Devil. [3]

Faith in the Word of God is the only firm foundation upon which a Christian can build his prayer life. As Jesus stated in Mark 11:24, “…when you pray, believe [have faith].” Prayer and faith in God’s Word go hand-in-hand. Whatever God has promised in His Word to us as Christians, we can, with faith, pray for. This is yet another reason why it is so vital for each Christian to know the written Word of God, because it is our basis to know what is available through prayer, and what is the right attitude to have when we pray.

Someone once said that “prayer is not forcing God’s reluctance, but rather it is taking hold of His willingness.” God’s posture toward man is clear from Him giving His only begotten Son. Through the Lord Jesus Christ, God is always reaching out to give to His children “every good and perfect gift” (James 1:17). Prayer, based upon a knowledge of God’s Word (which reveals His will and His will-ingness), is a primary way that a son of God can take hold of His many promises.

In this vein, the importance of each Christian’s free will cannot be overemphasized. The biblical truth about the rewards that each of us will receive from the Lord validates God’s appreciation of our individual response to His Word. He gives us credit for doing our part as fellow laborers with Him. Many Christians refuse to take credit for their efforts, and often reject other people’s heartfelt appreciation, saying things like, “Give God all the glory.” Scripture, however, clearly shows us that the way we truly glorify God is by recognizing the power He has given us, and using it to obey Him (see Romans 16; 1 Corinthians 16:17, 18; 2 Timothy 4:7, 8; 3 John 12).

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