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Dear JMG Fambily,

JMG come back up!!! JMG guh down, roll, skin puppa lick and returneth. Bwoy Oh Bwoy!!! How many of unno did feel like unno life did inna tailspin?? How many times did you refresh your page in the hopes that the page will pop up?? Me try load di page, walk weh and do mi chores, come back, try load and load and all ah wonder if is mi computer ah gi trubble. I tell yuh!!! It takes an incident like this for us to realize how much wi love di page and miss each other!!!! If is not for JMG, where would we all gather and exchange views and cock up wi foot and laugh till wi belly buss??Thankfully this challenge has been met with a renewal in faith and a determination to overcome. We are truly grateful for God’s guiding hand and Met’s hard work. Mi naw lie, we have been on a roll for the past few years, seeing a steady increase in comments and popularity. And for this, we as Metters should thank each other. And sincere thanks to the Peepers, who faithfully observe from the sidelines daily. The usual controversies from Florida, Philly, NYC and Jamaica were quickly joined by the Canadians who apparently have much more going on than meets the eye. The British, the British, now they are in a class by themselves. We have witnessed relationships blossom, the birth of children and women and men strive. Our fun and enjoyment is intermingled with daily prayers, public service announcements, breaking news, editorials and analysis. Sadly, violent deaths and criminality have affected us or those we know and the economic downturn, whether in the United States, Trinidad or Jamaica, has caused many of us to reevaluate our way of life. But God is Good all the time, all the time, God is Good. From a single voice echoing in the comment box to raging debates and informed contributions, JMG come fuuurrrr!! Our resolve will be tested, threats will be made, the mountain will become slippery, but we will continue.

Belly Bang

44 Responses to FROM BELLY…

  • Lundun says:

    good day met and metters

    raaaaaaaaaay belly bang and AMEN!!!!!

    mi need an intervention cuz diss no right, jmg ave too much control ova mi an mi affi put a stop to it……starting nexx year :hammer

  • All mi asthma nearly tek mi..mi refresh more dan how mi sleep

  • tell it like it is says:

    Well said Belly well said. I felt so lost without JMG, much love to Met and all the Metters, im in my happy place, breathe in breathe out, Zen!

  • Goodso says:

    Morning everyone..well said belly..cause de way me miss jmg lastnite wen I got email met a million times..glad ee back.. :2thumbup

  • Buenos Dias Metty and Metters……Aye Dios mio Metty no me asusta asi(Metty dont scare me like that).
    @Belly….Village Writer you always know the right way to express things…just how I felt, puppa lick and all dat :)

  • Oh Dear says:

    Well said belly, mi text bout 10 people a ask dem fi check cause mi never know if a sinting wrong wid fi mi computer or mi yeye dem, and i was worried for met too knowing how she work hard and a do her thing, TUN UP DI TING MET, TUN UP DI TING!

  • Belly Bang says:

    Mi wake up this mawning & see skull & bones when mi load di page mi nearly dead to rass. But, people, nuh matter wat dem try, back to business!!

  • Metty says:

    Better business Belly but mi gone now fi true I will be back in a few

  • Belly Bang says:

    Met, go rest yuhself. Yuh work all nite, & nuff ah wi have tings to do, nuff can guh sleep now & others can come off di painkillers now

  • No Joke says:


  • ppl business says:

    met me never know say a so me addicted to d page…no sah a ll dream me dream see it cause me a say wen me a check if every 1 pon d hour last nite..all dis mornin wen me a GO start all say all d heaters dem must a spread out…but who God bless no man curse…MET TRY COME GI ME DEM BUSINESS ME WE DASH IT OUT PON DEM… :2thumbup :selamat

  • MzBee says:

    a cudden sleep…a wake up ina miggle night and refresh it.. Met tell dem di next time dem decide fi hack dem fi go try hack dem mooma fuss…dem know how dis site keep some a we sane..cuz if a neva fi dis site all pan satideh a work me gone mad lol

  • DWRL says:

    Damn dougie must have had a field day celebrating lmfaoooo

  • MzBee says:

    Dougie an di ressa Met haters dem..wah mount a cartwheel and carrying on lastnight lol

  • I felt lost without ya JMG, don’t ever leave again,… And Met I just love your personality, fearless intelligence you’re just awesome!!

  • Belly Bang says:


    Inna Philly dem pop out di cheap $1.99 wine and di bun & cheese and celebrate like it was Christmas …not to mention di Dougie, GQ, Penny Bling, P-Money, KP, Michell ova England…LAWD!!! DEM MUST FORM ONE GROUP FI CELEBRATE LAST NITE!!! :toast :toast :toast

  • Belly Bang says:

    Dem mussi did ah save dem pennies and dimes for several years fi pay dem hacker deh.

  • DWRL says:

    Bwoy I god home from work late llastnight and after I checked my E-Mails a str888 a JMG me went man I almost caught a damn heart attack when I saw site disabled, boy me refresh so til me just cuss too clawwt , tried on my phone and ERROR :breakhear :mewek

  • DWRL says:

    My daily entertainment is back a bayyyyyyyyyy lalalala awhoaaaaaa

  • splashNdash says:

    Thanks for putting our thoughts into words BB. Boy I had withdrawal last night. I don’t post regular, but HAVE to get my daily JMG fix. Yeah, back to my happy zone

  • God is good, we back on track. Yuh cyaan keep a good man down. Is lucky ting mi nuh truble wid pressure. God is good!!! Sigh!!!!!

  • dutty prekeh says:

    yeeeeesss! i cuss myself suh till cuz me seh i not even did get fe read de latest confession. glad the site is back up

  • DIANA says:

    Rayyyyyyyyyyy my ‘cyber family’ is bk!!!!

  • Kurve says:

    Good one BB. I miss this you nite JMG/Met. I have come to the conclusion that i am addicted to this site. :peluk

  • nuh say nutin…………caah wi naah look pon dem .caah a yasso nice….all day, any day ,ever day.

  • All Smiles says:

    :2thumbup :peluk

  • Mi seh I get a text seh “met” get a rass virus & the site down. Mi seh the mon start ask me why mi deh pon mi phone suh much and a who mi a text. Mi tell him seh mi a check a site but it nah load. Mi seh mi start sweat. Mi a drive and refresh the page and nearly hit a next car. Mi seh the mon start cuss me. Him seh stop [email protected]@king text and watch the road.Mi seh all @ dinner me a refresh the page. Mi did affi Mek him drive so me can check me phone. Mi reach home now and go straight pon mi labtop and a still refresh. Mi seh the mon cuss a gwaan bad cus mi nah fault pon him. Me seh the way how mi sad mi not even give the mon nuh sex. Mi just draw the lotion bottle and tell him fi get to work cus rite now mi world look like it end. Welcome back Met.dem hours wid out u is waste then child birth.

  • Metty says:

    The hackers are some liars mi waa know why dem mad because mi ketch dem in action 3 time and dem sidung and study the site a use mi email fi recover password because my password cyaa bruck…But God bless mi I met a few good people through the ordeal and dem a go sort out di place asap

  • peeper 123 says:

    Met a long-time mi nuh feel depress until lastnight when I find out the site a malfuction mi refresh till mi tiad n now di refresh button d stop work upon mi phone…..Met duh nuh mek dis happen again…..depression nuh feel good

  • Metty says:

    lol :peluk

  • oh God mi think Met did block me I felt so heart-broken. fi show yu sey mi serious mi call Canada & ask mi fambily fi log on & see if dem can view di site just to ensure sey mi naah lose mi mind dwlll Met nuh do this again..anyway :peluk

  • Metty says:


  • @EYN 2:15 whey yu sey no JMG..No pum pum naah run :ngacir2

  • ppl business says:

    MET u see d impact whe u have pon PEOPLE???????? n dem daily life, me na lie even doe some time me love d mixup n blem me love how u keep it balance wid d charity ting fi help out ppl who caan afford it n to persons like meself ya whe have issue – u put it out de so others can relate to it r give dem 2 cents…bigup uself MET as whe me tell ppl D PINKWALL A ME BEST FREN N ME NO CARE!!!! :cendol

  • Metty says:

    thank you people business :peluk

  • SERENITY says:

    Belly good job at putting my thoughts into words cause mi too weak fi start construct proppa sentences…..mi did panic,then mi hab selective memory cause everyting that start come eena mi head was about my times on Jmg…then mi jus pray & leave it eena Gods hand & go do road

    Mi way say many thanks to di people dem who a help Metty sort out we site….thanks,thanks & more thanks……Metty keep on leading dem muma :peluk

  • MzBee says:

    Met tell dem fuckers dont try it again..ppl cudden sleep, have sex or eat lastnight di way dem life tun up side neva wake outta my bed go pee yet an grab me phone an refresh an dis mawning it reach me lmao..Met yuh site global me been tell u dat

  • 8itorluvit says:

    Blessed sunday everyone!!! Belly well said. God is good and jmg grows stronger and stronger each day. The devil cant win!!! we really come faaaaar fi true and the party must go on! Jmg is blessed

  • MET ur site is a part of my daily bread, without dis site a whole heap a mi strenth gaan.
    Thanks MET.

  • Belly big up urself too.

  • Why dem cant leave d site alone ehhh…
    Me say me see skull n bones n tink a virus me get again and start panic…me nuh stop refresh and re-start…im so happy that yall r back me familyyyy

  • Metty says:

    infirmed :peluk

  • Hey mett and Regulers,I’m a frequent visitor to the site I normally read the posts but didn’t have the urge to comment before but the other night I saw the site was down, I actually panicked and there’s not a lot of things that make me panic, I depend on the site for entertainment so much and i jus wana say thanks for all the entertainment you’ve provided and I hope you continue to provide it because there are a lot of persons that find it entertaining(even if wi no comment)

  • Metty-Met says:

    :kiss thank you

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