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This is KENYA: Problem for Tarrus Riley and Etana


Saturday, 11th August 2012 – When Shaggy came to the country, word on the street had it that his phone had been stolen on Kenyan soil. The same rumors resurfaced yesterday, the culprit this time round being reggae artist Tarrus Riley.
However the event’s organizers halted the rumors. They claimed that this was a tactic by haters to make the show fail. Kriss Darlin one of the hosts of the show said that this were malicious people who are out to ensure the show hits a slug. He confirmed that Riley’s I phone was still intact.
Female artist Etana who is also in the country had a rough time and at one time threatened that she wouldn’t perform. She wrote a tweet in Jamaican slang, “So my representative had hell dealing with this Kenya promoter and I may not be able to perform. Though I’m here. Crazy.Wah dis mi come buck up pan inna Kenya. Ever feel like your hands tied? Women always fight extra hard.”
Her fans pleaded with her to change her mind as she had come all the way.
She later on wrote, “I won’t disappoint my fans though, come too far and been ready too long! Kenya weh yuh say!”





London(ZimEye)-A UK nurse is being tried for allegedly using a cloth contaminated with faeces on the wound of an elderly patientwho had just come out of a deep operation.

A hearing was told Mrs Tazviedza Margaret Dozva among other charges, used a cloth contaminated with faeces to wipe down a post operative wound of the elderly patient cited as Patient A.

Charges against state that she allegedly wiped Patient A’s

Mrs Dozva who has denied the charge however accepted that she did use the same cloth.

Prior to the incident with Patient A, Mrs Dozva had been on a six month performance plan in May 2007 for not following infection control policy. Following the incident involving Patient A, Mrs Dozva was put on a three month performance plan. During that time, two more incidents took place, which raised concerns regarding her ability to practise safely.

On 25 June 2010, Mrs Dozva was involved in a drug administration error. She recorded that she had administered Clexane to Patient B, who was not one of her patients. When this was queried by another nurse, Mrs Dozva stated that she had not administered that medication to the patient. It subsequently became clear that Mrs Dozva had, in fact, administered the Clexane to Patient WA but had recorded administering it to Patient B. Both patients were prescribed Clexane. However, the error placed Patient B at risk of not receiving the medication and Patient WA at risk of receiving a double dose. Clexane is an anticoagulant medication given to minimise the risk of deep vein thrombosis. Following this incident and with immediate effect, Mrs Dozva was suspended from administering medication.

On 5 July 2010, Mrs Dozva and Ms Rachel Grummett, Healthcare Assistant were washing Patient C, an elderly patient who had undergone hip surgery on 4 July 2010. Ms Grummett reported that Mrs Dozva had washed Patient C’s back and bottom with the same cloth and then used that same cloth to wipe down a wound, which was oozing. Ms Grummett described the cloth to Ms Teall as being “contaminated with faeces”.(ZimEye, Zimbabwe)




Residents of the mostly coloured community of Mariannridge outside Pinetown claim their council-owned flats are so overcrowded that when they start to feel frisky they head out into the veld.

Some have even bought mattresses for their nightly sojourns, to avoid being pinched or nicked by spiky shrubs.

When 28-year-old Jeanine Stanley wants to be alone with her fiancé, the veld is the place to be.

“Having sex in the field is the life for many people here. You have to choose your spot first. People have sex everywhere, but not in the flats because there are children,” she said.

Like most residents in the area, Stanley’s family has been sharing an overcrowded flat since 2001.

“About 11 people stay in my family flat. I cannot have sex in front of my mother and children. When I turn, my hand touches my mother’s bed. So every time when I need privacy with my fiancé the open field becomes our first choice,” she said.

Most couples share the same houses as their in-laws, with some families sharing their two-bedroom flats with up to 17 people.

When a couple feels the urge, they pick up their mattress – which they leave outside the flats during the day as there is no space for them inside – and venture into the field.

The next hurdle is to “pick a spot” to be alone in the field.

But, while the people of Marrianridge – who were moved there in 1976 through the apartheid government’s Group Areas Act – feel there is nothing wrong with having sex in the field, they feel the problem could be solved if the government gave them RDP houses.

For the past three weeks the community has protested violently against service delivery backlogs by blockading roads with burning tyres, shattered glass and bricks, and uprooted street signs.

“Having sex in the open field can only be avoided when people get houses,” Stanley said.

The two-bedroom flat she shares with her mother Denise Calloway and family is also badly maintained with most of the doors broken.

Community leader Brain Charles said the community was squashed into about 80 units of flats. When the area was initially established, it contained about 600 units.

“About 11 to 17 people are accommodated in one unit and there are same detached houses [Wendy houses] too,” he said.

Charles added that most teenage pregnancies in the area also happened in the open fields.

Municipal spokesman Thabo Mofokeng said the issue of overcrowding in the flats was being addressed.

“Three sites for new housing projects have been identified,” he said.

“And the next step is to advertise for people to do feasibility studies. A housing project normally takes up to three years, but the municipality and provincial government have agreed to expedite the process without bypassing other steps. The housing project will accommodate about 500 families.”

Mofokeng said human settlements MEC Ravi Pillay had also informed the community that a budget had been set aside to renovate flats.

“The work to deal with the issues of Mariannridge has already been started but there was no proper communication with the community,” he said. “There is [now] a 15-member team involving the community, officials from provincial government and the city nominated to work on the project.”

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