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Blake wears custom $500,000 watch, IOC not happy

By Eurosport | London Spy – 9 hours ago

Jamaica’s Yohan Blake, with expensive timepiece (Reuters)

In a few hours, Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake could be a gold medalist in the 200m sprint, if he can find a way to top Usain Bolt. Yet Blake’s wrist might get much more attention from the International Olympic Committee than Bolt’s entire body thanks to something Blake wore during the 100 final: a custom, $500,000 watch made by designer Richard Mille.

As reported by TNT Magazine, the watch, which you can see in the photo on the right, is a customised sports watch in the green and yellow colours of the Jamaican flag. Officially, the timepiece is called a Richard Mille Tourbillion watch, and the one-of-a-kind piece of functional jewellery was designed specifically for Blake to wear at the Games.
Blake followed through on his part of the bargain, wearing the watch during the semi-finals and finals of the 100m dash, an event in which he finished second, behind countryman and world record holder Bolt.

Yet that has infuriated IOC officials, who have phenomenally strict regulations about what athletes are allowed to wear while competing at the games. According to strict sponsorship regulations, Olympic athletes are only allowed to wear gear that is part of their country’s sponsored apparel.
Similarly, if athletes use a piece of equipment that isn’t strictly clothing, they are required to use the official sponsor of the Olympics in that category.

Omega is the official watchmaker of the Olympic Games. Richard Mille is not. That may create a very large problem for Blake, who could now be facing a significant fine as he prepares for his final individual event of the London Games.
It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Mille has sponsored a major athlete at a significant event.
In June, Rafael Nadal wore a $525,000 Mille Tourbillion watch during a match at the French Open. Similarly, American golfer Bubba Watson wore a $525,000 Tourbillion during a US PGA event, drawing the ire of commentators on a handful of golf blogs.

Yet neither Nadal nor Watson was facing any kind of a fine for their watch antics. Blake is, and could find out as soon as Thursday what kind of punitive fines he’ll be handed for wearing an unsanctioned watch.
After all, the IOC has to act fast, or else Blake could wear the watch again during the 200m on Thursday night. You might even say the IOC is on the clock … whether it’s made by Omega, Richard Mille or anyone else.
Cameron Smith, Yahoo! Sports


A 36-year-old woman who the police say tricked popular producer Cordell ‘Skatta’ Burrell that she is the sister of embattled deejay Vybz Kartel and collected over $100,000 was recently arrested and charged after the producer took her to the police himself.

She is Marshalee Cousins, a private investigator, of a St Catherine address.

Cousins, who has been charged with obtaining money by means of false pretence, had her bail extended in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

She is to return to court on September 14, when the matter will be mentioned as the file is incomplete.

Allegations are that a contractual arrangement took place through text messaging where Burrell, who was producing a music soundtrack, was in touch with a person claiming to be Vybz Kartel’s associate.

two payments

It is alleged that a text message stated that Burrell should make two payments totalling $180,000 to the deejay’s sister. It is reported that the funds were paid to the accused and another request was made through a text message for $500,000.

Further allegations are that the complainant, who became suspicious, made arrangements with the accused to collect the second sum of money.
However, it is reported that the accused was held by Burrell and taken to the police were she was subsequently charged.


Team Asafa, I competed in the men’s 100m finals because it was an individual event, and an opportunity to represent my country and my fans. The 4x100m relay is a joint and collective cohesive effort. I will not selfishly stand in the way of

  Team Jamaica going out on the track & field with four able healthy bodies and cease a gold medal victory for our Country. I am cheering the team on because united we stand and divided we fall. I invite all my fans to join me and together we will witness something great and spectacular.

One Love! AP



Scan shows Asafa has troubled groin, says doc
Thursday, August 09, 2012

LONDON, England — The results of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has shown that Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell’s groin injury was aggravated during Sunday night’s men’s 100m finals which saw him hobble across the finish line in eighth place in 11.99 seconds.
Team physician Dr Winston Dawes who accompanied the athlete to seek medical treatment on Monday, told the Jamaica Observer on Wednesday morning that the MRI showed an “acute” injury and said he had advised the athlete and his coach, Stephen Francis, that they “get it sorted out once and for all”.
Asafa Powell grimaces at the end of the men’s 100m final at the London Olympics on Sunday. (Photo: Bryan Cummings)

Asafa Powell grimaces at the end of the men’s 100m final at the London Olympics on Sunday. (Photo: Bryan Cummings)

There were reports circulating that Powell also suffered back issues, but Dr Dawes said “there could be back aches” as “everything is interconnected in that area”. He recommeded that the best thing for the powerful athlete was to cancel his other races for the rest of the season and get his injuries sorted out.
Powell, the former World Record holder and two-time World Championships 100m bronze medallist, was seeking his first individual medal at the Olympics after anchoring the men’s 4x100m team to gold and a World Record four years ago in Beijing, China.
His problems with the groin injury is well known and he reportedly flew to the United States the morning before the semi-finals and final of the men’s 100m at the JAAA/Supreme Ventures National Trials in June after the first rounds on Thursday night.
He won his semi-final race, beating Yohan Blake but was third in the final behind Blake and Usain Bolt, pulling up just before the finish line.

Read more:–says-doc#ixzz233ThEokP


BALCO chief: ’60 per cent of athletes on drugs’

Victor Conte, convicted owner of the now-defunct BALCO laboratory that was at the centre of a global steroid scandal, has said that the drug-testing programme at the 2012 Olympics was irrelevant.

By Reuters | Eurosport – 11 hours ago

Victor Conte, owner of the now-defunct BALCO lab, talks next to bottles of his nutritional supplements …more in his office in California in 2007 (File photo – Reuters) less
“It’s basically propaganda to come out and say this is the most expensively-tested Games ever and ‘we’re doing 6,000 tests’,” Conte was quoted as telling The Times newspaper.
“You have to put your hook and line in the water when the fish are biting and that was nine months ago. Is it easy to use drugs and benefit during (the) Olympics? Yes.”
The British newspaper also quoted Conte as estimating that “60 percent of athletes at the Games were on drugs”.
Scientists have been working around the clock at a specially equipped anti-doping laboratory on the outskirts of London analysing more than 6,000 urine and blood samples during the Games.
Any of the 10,000-plus competitors can be required to test anytime, anywhere – trackside, poolside, in the athletes’ village or in private houses – and several have already been thrown out of the Olympics for doping.
Conte’s BALCO laboratory in San Francisco supplied drugs to leading athletes including Britain’s Dwain Chambers who was banned for two years after testing positive for the designer steroid THG in 2003.
Chambers was picked for the London Games after becoming eligible for selection in May when the British Olympic Association’s policy of lifetime Olympic bans for drug cheats was overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
Conte was sentenced in 2005 to spend four months in prison and another four on house arrest.
A spokesman for the IOC said it was a bit “like a poacher criticising a gamekeeper”.
“If he has information, we’d love to hear it,” he added.
“We really have to give the athletes the benefit of the doubt here.
“Where there’s evidence, where we’ve done testing and catch them, and they’re cheats, let’s kick them out, but while they’re doing great things, let’s support them.”


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