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I was browsing the internet for content as usual when I came upon this young man who is African and obviously openly bisexual.He seems to be living a life many Jamaican men are afraid of and I really wanted to know if there was a harder challenge being a gay Jamaican man opposed to being a gay African, spiritually they are opposed and it is against the law there to be gay. Asiayei, says he is the first male nudist in his country and has dreams of bringing peace there. I hope you enjoy this very different but interesting interview

Hi, what is your name?
Asiayei : My name is Asiayei Perekeye

What does it mean?
Asiayei: In English it means, a rich man, a wealthy man, that is what Perekeye means, Asiayei means someone who knows how to make things happen.

So, is that your real name or your stage name?
Asiayei: No it is my real name, my stage name is ”The Nude Master”.

When did you become the nude master?
Asiayei: I have been this way for about for years now

What made you want to pursue something like this?
Asiayei: Actually, I have three reasons why I been interested in going nude. One of which is, I am looking for fame, two because of the money and three I am actually looking for a way to tell the world about peace, to bring fourth peace in the world. Back home here in Nigeria people are doing so many evil things in secret you know what I mean.

No, I don’t know what you mean
Asiayei: (Laughs) I wouldn’t want to say. This is my way of telling them no matter what they do in secret. No matter how we think things are done in secret, someone is always watching. Just I am naked and everyone is watching and commenting like the things they are doing. So they should stop every pretense and be open. We should be open to each other which means if we are open with each other there would be love. Let me go on the evil deed I mentioned earlier this is a message to Africa and the world at large to stop the fighting. That is my message to Africa, and to Nigeria, we should stop the fighting and all these things because we are not better than who we fight with or criticize . What we need is love. I cannot come as a pastor openly and preach these things I just figured my own way out to express love , peace and freedom


What is freedom to you, freedom to Africa?
Asiayei: To me freedom is allowing the people to do what they want you don’t have to deprive them of their natural right from God. Their right is not from man it is from God.

What do you call their natural right, since you did not go into details?
Asiayei: There is a saying that goes ”when you try to burn, it cries out loud”, what I want to say is this, for instance we have gay men and gay women, we also have straight, I could go on and name as many as I can people tend to want to force them to do this and that which they don’t know how that thing came about. We are not the creator. Of course we know that we cant see God and cant ask God and its all about man and what they think, how are you sure that what you feel is what should be done. You are focusing on another man’s mind, how are you sure that is it not right? The only thing we can do is to act on our feelings forgetting the other man’s feelings. That should be my own way of explaining the natural right from God.

I read your facebook page and I saw where you commented to someone that you don’t really fall inlove, what made you unable to fall inlove ?

Asiayei: Actually, my own opinion on that is this:- Only one true love I know and that is Agape love, the love from God. Every other love I don’t believe in because it changes. To me , human love is temporary it doesn’t last forever.

I also notice on your profile that you are openly bisexual, how do you feel about being bisexual?
Asiayei: To me it is interesting, because you don’t have to be tied down by just one thing.In life the only thing constant is change. We tend, as human being to try different things to satisfy our lifestyle. I found satisfaction with this lifestyle.

At what age did you know that you are bisexual?
Asiayei: That would be around when I was twenty but actually,when I was thirteen and growing up I was admired by both sexes . I was admired in public places, parties, arena and when I go to clubs I never chose them, they chose me.

Ok, it is fair to say both sexes were attracted to you, but what about your attraction to them, are you attracted to both sexes?
Asiayei : Yes I am attracted to both sexes, men and women , they are both attractive to me physically actually I am not gay, I do women more. Because of my work I have a lot of gay men coming close to me I know they are human beings. It is something that God created so I keep them close to me and listen to their problems.

When you decided to be with men and women, who do you enjoy more or do you find pleasure in both?
Asiayei: I find pleasure in both, it depends on the mood.

What role do you play when you are with a man, are you top or bottom?
Asiayei: Top, strictly .

How do you find it in Nigeria, being as open as you are do you have any problems being like that?
Asiayei: Well, there are many many challenges, because it is not part of the country or a part of the culture . For me it is a little easier to be open with my activities , maybe because I am a model , I go naked, that gives me the courage to fight against it.

I am sure you have heard about Jamaica and how it is there-
Asiayei: Of course I have

What have you heard?
Asiayei: Jamaica a lot of males and females are afraid of coming out openly:- they are that or that, do you get what I mean? To me I don’t see them fighting because who you are you cant’t hide it forever, unless you are dead. So if I want to give advice to any Jamaican, shemale or……….. someone who is not comfortable with their attitudes or lifestyle or God given lifestyle I would say that for me I have checked myself and know this is me, nothing can change me I would advise them to come out openly and let the world know who they are because one you are an adult, two you are created by the same God that think they are higher or more better so you have the right to be courageous, love yourself and love God and forget about the rest.

I hear you mention God and say that God made this, but do you really believe that God made man with these types of feelings?

Asiayei: Yes I do, except those people who are into fetish things but from my own experience I would say yes I belive God made them, nobody makes anyone except God, he created everything.

But God said we are born in sin, we born after Adam and Eve were born in sin so now, if we are talking about the same God, our same God goes against men being with men now if you say people are born with these types of feelings, it would also be fair to say, there are men who are born rapists or born with the feeling to rape, you also have men who are born with the feeling to kill, men who are born with the feeling to kill . These people you do not have to teach them how to kill, teach them how to rape or lie , these are things inside of them, I would not say God made them a thief , a rapist or a murderer . So why would you say God made them to have these feelings?
Asiayei: Let me start by saying we cannot question God for one, God’s ways are far far from ours. Sometimes we should try to think about how these things came about, why is this happening and if you cannot come up with a resolvable answer… Of course we know that God can raise a man up to kill another man for someone else to succeed.

No, no no, I have to disagree with that

Asiayei: Okay, let me give you an example do you remember David, was he not God’s beloved?

Yes he was but God did not love him because he was a killer. God loved him because he was a righteous man, a honest man and a repentant man-
Asiayei: Yes but he committed many crimes-

Yes but he repented for the crimes-




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