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I was browsing the internet for content as usual when I came upon this young man who is African and obviously openly bisexual.He seems to be living a life many Jamaican men are afraid of and I really wanted to know if there was a harder challenge being a gay Jamaican man opposed to being a gay African, spiritually they are opposed and it is against the law there to be gay. Asiayei, says he is the first male nudist in his country and has dreams of bringing peace there. I hope you enjoy this very different but interesting interview

Hi, what is your name?
Asiayei : My name is Asiayei Perekeye

What does it mean?
Asiayei: In English it means, a rich man, a wealthy man, that is what Perekeye means, Asiayei means someone who knows how to make things happen.

So, is that your real name or your stage name?
Asiayei: No it is my real name, my stage name is ”The Nude Master”.

When did you become the nude master?
Asiayei: I have been this way for about for years now

What made you want to pursue something like this?
Asiayei: Actually, I have three reasons why I been interested in going nude. One of which is, I am looking for fame, two because of the money and three I am actually looking for a way to tell the world about peace, to bring fourth peace in the world. Back home here in Nigeria people are doing so many evil things in secret you know what I mean.

No, I don’t know what you mean
Asiayei: (Laughs) I wouldn’t want to say. This is my way of telling them no matter what they do in secret. No matter how we think things are done in secret, someone is always watching. Just I am naked and everyone is watching and commenting like the things they are doing. So they should stop every pretense and be open. We should be open to each other which means if we are open with each other there would be love. Let me go on the evil deed I mentioned earlier this is a message to Africa and the world at large to stop the fighting. That is my message to Africa, and to Nigeria, we should stop the fighting and all these things because we are not better than who we fight with or criticize . What we need is love. I cannot come as a pastor openly and preach these things I just figured my own way out to express love , peace and freedom


What is freedom to you, freedom to Africa?
Asiayei: To me freedom is allowing the people to do what they want you don’t have to deprive them of their natural right from God. Their right is not from man it is from God.

What do you call their natural right, since you did not go into details?
Asiayei: There is a saying that goes ”when you try to burn, it cries out loud”, what I want to say is this, for instance we have gay men and gay women, we also have straight, I could go on and name as many as I can people tend to want to force them to do this and that which they don’t know how that thing came about. We are not the creator. Of course we know that we cant see God and cant ask God and its all about man and what they think, how are you sure that what you feel is what should be done. You are focusing on another man’s mind, how are you sure that is it not right? The only thing we can do is to act on our feelings forgetting the other man’s feelings. That should be my own way of explaining the natural right from God.

I read your facebook page and I saw where you commented to someone that you don’t really fall inlove, what made you unable to fall inlove ?

Asiayei: Actually, my own opinion on that is this:- Only one true love I know and that is Agape love, the love from God. Every other love I don’t believe in because it changes. To me , human love is temporary it doesn’t last forever.

I also notice on your profile that you are openly bisexual, how do you feel about being bisexual?
Asiayei: To me it is interesting, because you don’t have to be tied down by just one thing.In life the only thing constant is change. We tend, as human being to try different things to satisfy our lifestyle. I found satisfaction with this lifestyle.

At what age did you know that you are bisexual?
Asiayei: That would be around when I was twenty but actually,when I was thirteen and growing up I was admired by both sexes . I was admired in public places, parties, arena and when I go to clubs I never chose them, they chose me.

Ok, it is fair to say both sexes were attracted to you, but what about your attraction to them, are you attracted to both sexes?
Asiayei : Yes I am attracted to both sexes, men and women , they are both attractive to me physically actually I am not gay, I do women more. Because of my work I have a lot of gay men coming close to me I know they are human beings. It is something that God created so I keep them close to me and listen to their problems.

When you decided to be with men and women, who do you enjoy more or do you find pleasure in both?
Asiayei: I find pleasure in both, it depends on the mood.

What role do you play when you are with a man, are you top or bottom?
Asiayei: Top, strictly .

How do you find it in Nigeria, being as open as you are do you have any problems being like that?
Asiayei: Well, there are many many challenges, because it is not part of the country or a part of the culture . For me it is a little easier to be open with my activities , maybe because I am a model , I go naked, that gives me the courage to fight against it.

I am sure you have heard about Jamaica and how it is there-
Asiayei: Of course I have

What have you heard?
Asiayei: Jamaica a lot of males and females are afraid of coming out openly:- they are that or that, do you get what I mean? To me I don’t see them fighting because who you are you cant’t hide it forever, unless you are dead. So if I want to give advice to any Jamaican, shemale or……….. someone who is not comfortable with their attitudes or lifestyle or God given lifestyle I would say that for me I have checked myself and know this is me, nothing can change me I would advise them to come out openly and let the world know who they are because one you are an adult, two you are created by the same God that think they are higher or more better so you have the right to be courageous, love yourself and love God and forget about the rest.

I hear you mention God and say that God made this, but do you really believe that God made man with these types of feelings?

Asiayei: Yes I do, except those people who are into fetish things but from my own experience I would say yes I belive God made them, nobody makes anyone except God, he created everything.

But God said we are born in sin, we born after Adam and Eve were born in sin so now, if we are talking about the same God, our same God goes against men being with men now if you say people are born with these types of feelings, it would also be fair to say, there are men who are born rapists or born with the feeling to rape, you also have men who are born with the feeling to kill, men who are born with the feeling to kill . These people you do not have to teach them how to kill, teach them how to rape or lie , these are things inside of them, I would not say God made them a thief , a rapist or a murderer . So why would you say God made them to have these feelings?
Asiayei: Let me start by saying we cannot question God for one, God’s ways are far far from ours. Sometimes we should try to think about how these things came about, why is this happening and if you cannot come up with a resolvable answer… Of course we know that God can raise a man up to kill another man for someone else to succeed.

No, no no, I have to disagree with that

Asiayei: Okay, let me give you an example do you remember David, was he not God’s beloved?

Yes he was but God did not love him because he was a killer. God loved him because he was a righteous man, a honest man and a repentant man-
Asiayei: Yes but he committed many crimes-

Yes but he repented for the crimes-




  • simplicity says:

    him english nuh chee bad….a whim sey strictly on top a wonda why.

  • Met says:


  • loyalpeepa says:

    Metty im not for his lifestyle but def can respect him honesty dats all u can expect from smaddy

  • simplicity says:

    yuh betta luk enuh mi wuda like im long on fe ask him why him can fuck out a man hole but a man cant fuck out wah him see de man a “woman” nd it wud be like she having on a strap on tuh fuck him.

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    simply mi tink caz him seh him nuh gay dats y him nuh tek d koki.him feel seh if him get f*&^ ina him batty him gay #ijs

  • Godknows says:

    this Guy is a genius

  • Met says:

    loyal wait fi part 2 lol…and I have zero tolerance fi dl men mi hate dem wid a passion

  • Met says:

    Simply mi tell him fi log on but english please u know him nah go understand patois people

  • simplicity says:

    now mi affi guh use google translate yuh knw it start translate patois…..yuh knw fe me a down low man a hidden bisexual man tuh mi doah nd i dont get dis bisexual thing frm mawnin.

  • simplicity says:

    kia yuh knw sey dats a next confusing pawt cuz frm yah slep wid a man its GAY but dem doah seet as such

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    sistren yu nuh confuse a dem confuse wan frm dem a f&^*,suck,dagga same sex dem GAY

  • loyalpeepa says:

    Metty mi always question miself as to y mi nuh like dem n if its rite to feel dis way cah saying mi love god n mi hate a man weh god create always conflict wid mi but a juss so fi feel dis lifestyle is unnatural

  • simplicity says:


  • You have said it all

  • Please perekeye, show the world what got bro, the once that don’t like the way you are, let them fuck off

  • simplicity says:

    Are you bisexual as well kelvin?

  • No Joke says:

    Mi seh mi scroll pass an ketch a peep pon a picta wid him inna him black contraption….mi a seh to miself a wah dis!!!. What I like he us honest about his sexual preferences and open with it

  • perekeye, u tell the truth, i do not know why people keep pretending to be who they are not, i really respect ur opinion

  • No Joke says:

    Is ****

  • Bitrus says:

    may GOD bless u Asiayei, indeed u are a world peace maker… if every man be like u, the world will be a better place for all

  • loyalpeepa says:

    I repect his honesty but condemn his lifestyle juss bcuz ur truthful bout wht uve done doesn’t make it right

  • MR gay man..let me strongly disagree with you, bout god make you that are dept into your lifestyle, yuh think god make you so…the god I serve did not make you that choose to live that way,,, because of LUST and the love for MONEY..and please, if yuh gonna be gay, be gay…an if yuh gonna be straight.. be straight…men like you are the one’s who spread all type a sexual transmitted diseases…over the world..digging in shit hole, then going into a girl vagina…you seems to praise GOD alot..asked for forgiveness..REPENT!!!! AND CHANGE from your evil lifestyle…honestly..yuh sick my stomach…I read all the speech..and none make sense…you sound like a fucking dunce, who’d do anything for money and fame..HAVE SOME GOD INA YUH MON….KMFT

  • BBC says:

    Lawd lit sticky… How him fi nuh consider him ah no gay if him fuck mon?!! Ah nuff ah them Thnk so you know. Well the good thing is, him tell the world and leave it to the women to choose to sleep with him. Unlike these undercover men that are living double lives putting women at danger. Smh… Di bible tell you bout all ah dis… Men will become lovers of themselves. We haffi go dung pon we knee and put we generation under the blood!

  • Bliss says:

    Very confusing.

    I will read it again in a mo….

  • Kellyhand says:

    OMG, he just slaughter all, this guy is mean and damn Very real to himself and the world at large…. great inspiration from an ICON of our time

  • Lundun says:

    good day met

    good day metters

    him tell him fren dem fi tune in to cuz si dem a run out deh like when u chow wata pon ants nest

  • this is a great ineterview. Thank you interviewers and Perekeye. It is good to help youth develop self esteem and as well vie for their rights.

  • Bliss says:

    Look here…

    The guy is gay, and I don’t know what role the girlfriend plays.


    He is also USING God as an excuse for his freaky behaviour ‘on stage’ and personality issues. And as an excuse for other people’s nasty behavior.

    Fetish my arse. It is sexual deviancy which needs to treated with psycho therapy.

    Unnnu come cuss me. I don’t give a shit because I should not even be commenting on this weird post. Bout God. Unnu please be careful how you use God’s name. But Jesus!


    This guy does not know WHY some people have particular ‘fetishes’ so don’t explain it as something God created. Is this really what the world has come to…so what happen when children are abused by adults???..At what point is behaviour attributed to a fetish and when does it cross the line into deviancy i.e. Pedophilia


    ..he was how old, when certain type of people came to him?? Did I read 13yrs of age??

    Please don’t insult people’s intelligence this good good Monday morning.

    Please and thank you.

    Nudist = Pervert & Freak.

    You ever hear a porn star talk about that is what God created and they want to bring about peace by wearing no clothes?…psycho therapy I say.

    And you want Jamaican men to behave like this???

    In the name of what? Peace?

    John & Yoko posed nude/were photographed in bed on a couple of occasions to promote world peace…the money produced by international publicity was donated to various causes and they were linked with various religious/social international artists…which Peace organisations are you linked with and what donations towards African/Nigerian/World peace do you support through your peace initiatives???

    I will wait.

  • No Joke says:

    Lundun …. :mewek

  • loyalpeepa says:

    A suh dis sadamite coworker com ask mi metty if ur son tell u he is gay would u love him an less….metty a piece a rage tek mi mi juss tell plz n kindly tek har crosses mouth afta him..we kno di toungue can b a weapon. All now mi nuh chat to har

  • Lundun says:

    no joke,,,,,dem all a call him icon, a wah diss man


    U talk about ppl should just b who they are and stop hiding when ur still hiding from the fact that ur GAY….and the only person your hiding from is yourself. satan agent, bout u come fi spread peace when it a di last thing u mention.

  • Sleeping with man and hiding it can make female commit suicide nothing wrong with being gay but to defile a woman’s body and her mouth is so wrong … They need to have a penalty for men like these

  • No Joke says:

    Mi si dem….Di only ting mi seh is a good ting him honest wid him sexuality. Cause some man deh pon Di down low an a act like dem a gallis an a carry disease go gi dem Oman

  • simplicity says:

    an icon f wah :bingung

  • Met says:

    loyalpeepa mi wudda rebuke har same way..they are word twisters dem fi go twist demself..

  • simplicity says:


  • simplicity says:

    a feel sey a whim man dem a run in enuh yuh c how dem heated already

  • Met says:

    not him man dem a one smaddy simply…one piece a change up name mi dus a study suh

  • loyalpeepa says:

    Unuh figot say god say worship no other god bout mi..den a how disya man tun idol….b careful of false diety….bout unuh. A run een check unuself plzzzz

  • ROCK says:

    His name said it all,…..(perekeye) wealthy man and also(Asiayei) a play BOY. what i love about him,he is very sincere

  • simplicity says:

    kelvin a uh much time u wan aguh declare yuh luv….met dem dangerous bad sah nd de interview not even drap gud

  • brightlight says:

    Good afternoon Metsy and the wonderful metters 🙂

    Let me say like I said in battybway Corey post. FROM A MAN GET TURNED ON BY, DESIRE, HAVE ANY FORM OF SEXUAL AFFECTION/INTERCOURSE (ORAL/ANAL) WITH A MAN WHETHER HE IS THE GIVER OR THE TAKER HE IS GAY! You here me?? G-A-Y!!! There is no if and or buts about it. GAY!!

    I can respect his honesty but don’t come with your fuckery about accept. Metsy and metters, listen, this is why they know they’re wrong. They always want ppl to accept them. Even if u don’t trouble these ppl they still feel the need to force themselves and what they like on u. If u are gay/lesbian be proud and don’t look for nobody to accept you. You’ve accepted yourself and that’s all that matters.

    To know that these men can have oral/vaginal/anal sex with a woman and still desire man just shows me something not right with them. Lesbians I will never nor do I want to understand them cuz they are confused as hell. Don’t want man but mek your gyal put on dildo and ram u hole? Met battyman and lesbian, have all the power(Hi Portia). Pedophiles too! So many of these powerful men in the world they crave young men and children. They are the undercover leaders of this world filled with so much evil ppl. And then here come this fool promoting his nastyness. They disgust me big time.My GOD. :(

  • Lundun says:

    him a look fame and money, dats the only ting him love. and him nuh ave nooooooooooooooooo talent or use, so him use him body and sell him soul 2 di devil.

    he is right in saying he is not gay, bcuz he does not love men. he is not straight either, cuz he does not love women. he loves money, and right now will do anything for this, which means defiling his soul and spirit.


  • Met says:

    brightie u know seh :tkp

  • Bliss says:

    I tell you Simpli, can’t stand people like that…some nasty little Africa boys who people abuse n corrupt from an early age..using God as an excuse for deviancy.


  • Dwrl says:

    But Met how you mean him girlfriend??? Think you made a mistake, think you mean him man. No pumpum shorts and stocking that the man a wear?? Lmfa

  • loyalpeepa says:

    Wolf ina sheeps cothing juss cause him come n openly profess him dirty lifestyle nuh mean say it rite now dem love n wirship him…ppl easy fi brainwash sah

  • simplicity says:

    let mi sey dis jus like is either yuh sey God or de devil….democratic or republican…pnp or or str8 a doah knw where dem get dis bisexual thing frm smaddy do xpln.

  • simplicity says:

    dwl a weh dem bada bliss fah doah e’ _______________________

  • Dwrl says:

    @brighteye if and or………the butt literally no belong desso dwrl

  • Bliss says:
  • Dwrl says:

    @Simplicity a the devil work . That’s the ONLY sin in the bible god never forgave. He lite fire and burn them out.

  • brightlight says:

    @DWRL u kno weh mi mean LOL

  • simplicity says:

    overtime tuh dwrl..

    yuh knw long mi nuh bliss beehave like dis dwrcllllll mi nuh waan laff but no sah linksss

  • Dwrl says:

    Bumbohole how me miss har belly ring rayyyyyyyyy lmfaoooo. The so call girlfriend either blind,in denial, or fucking greedy, batty money nuff

  • simplicity says:

    rass mi jus a c sey him navel bore tuh enuh not to mention de nose a wan man mi c bore him nose and get weh wid it tupac

  • Dwrl says:

    @Kellylnd weh the icon deh?? Because me no see one

  • @simplicity 2pac was bisexual alledged! Yankee can get away with it. We already no there is nothing under the cross they won’t do. But Africa the root, is this what it become, our root our culture?? And they blaming it on television. Now I see why most Jews don’t own television the devil using it to control the weak minded. Look what Jamaica came to since everyone and anyone can own a TV?? I’m sure his parents is against his lifestyle unless they too over come by greed. The devil two main control RED yeye and GREED

  • loyalpeepa says:

    Him pose off ina thong n him claim say him nuh di battom bitch a lie caz deh batty deh sof like porridge. Mi did gi u likkle ratings fi u honesty but mi tek it back u famewhore u sell u soul to di devil fi a few $$$,mi ignorant fi u

  • I wasn’t going to comment in this until I opened those links. You are a greedy, gay man. Admit that and stop trying to insult people’s intelligence.

    And on top of that you have pics with your ‘children’ on the page? You are demented, and require an exorcism. GTFOH you weirdo.

    Aftanon everyone.

  • simplicity says:

    anuh own tv enuh a de cable cuz tuj,cvm nd love alone did a dweet but my gad dem fine every xcuse fe try mek dis fucking de same sex right mi nah luk

  • Met says:

    afternoon..he has no children

  • simplicity says:

    but him did sey him waan rich and a dat him name mean i think he is a prostitute.

  • No Joke says:

    Simplicity….I don’t think …how about he is…check out di black outfit!!!!….belly ring an all these things. Yes you GAY …AND I SAID IT BUT YOU CAN’T FORCE SOCIETY TO ACCEPT IT OR YOUR LIFESTYLE EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE OPEN WITH IT.

  • Met says:

    eyn I should say he has no biological children only children he helps to take care of

  • simplicity says:

    no click de link dem weh bliss drap all de wan unda de apple tree wid fee apples mnl enuh

  • simplicity says:

    few* him hairy

  • loyalpeepa says:

    Metty mi did a read a artikle pon di observa di odda day entitled can counselling cure my gay husband dis di wife askin.whe u tink

  • Met says:

    loyalpeeper I would not say it is impossible but mi neva a go mek it possible at allllllll no sor…i would love to see the article too

  • OK @ no biological children, but bio or not, why would you have them on your whoring page? IDGI.

    @loyalpeepa – Tyler Perry said God ‘cured’ his “gayness” #minuknow

    Back to this boy, and even if you are considered an “ICON” in your home, why would you come out selling yourself? What kind of example are you sending to other homosexual men in your area. Sell your ass? No man. You are a minion of the devil. #rebuke

  • Met look pon the 1st link wah Bliss post name alabamauncut nd u see a transsexual name Stephanie-Adaralegbe weh seh he/she shim start sex when shim a 6 yrs old. Unbelievable

  • I keep coming back to this post because of all the things he said – WORLD PEACE? Really son? And through nudity and sexuality?

    Ok, I’m over it now.

  • DWL says:

    Although I do not agree with his life style I must say I respect men like him more than then ones who hide and do it. At list with men like him who openly admit, you can know how to handle them and stay far from them. Unlike the hypocrites dem weh live in lies and mislead people. I find bisexual people deadly though. For some reason I would rather someone who is strictly gay/lesbian than bisexual people.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, asiayei i believe u. The world is watching even though they don,t see their evil….. Our creator see it, pls do not mind the critics keep the good work

  • loyalpeepa says:

    It was posted apr 23 unda di all woman section

  • talkehtruth says:

    Then watch how him fava ole beat out zinc to nuh kmt nastiness. What I have come to realize everyone wants to twist n turn God n his words to fit into their lifestyle when it should b the other way around smh

  • Met says:

    mek mi go read bliss dem link

  • simplicity says:

    being naked aguh bring world peace him sey a sell him sell him crotches yuh c uh much places him link deh

  • loyalpeepa says:

    A suh nuffa dem join cult dem easy fi praise man n talk bout good work even di devil know di bible…fall pon u knees n praise di lord

  • Met says:

    loyal u know mi get a nex one a dem whey a twist di bible name this morning mek a go fi di article

  • loyalpeepa says:

    Met. U read di artikle

  • Met says:

    yes mi read di link dem but mi cannot find di dan savage one…dem seh him have 6 kids he dont have any..memba nuff african use fb fi get a money so a mus dat a gwaan

  • pic 2 him look like him have a fat pussy LMAO mi juss saying.



  • Wow! Suh him have a girlfriend? *Face palm*

  • Well Well says:

    Met I wanted to wait until the entire interview was unraveled but I just couldn’t….Met I would like to know what prompt this interview? (You too good lol) It’s like a gay version of interview with a vampire; I draw such comparison from the movie if anyone has seen it. Like in the movie, this is someone who knows that what he has become is evil but crave the acceptance of society and in some twisted way uses God to try and unify their cause. Ok so the Lord thy God say leave all vengeance onto me thy God so I won’t wish any harm to this person. I am going to go back to basic, remember when the devil came and temp Jesus and said If you bow down and worship me I will give you the world, even though this world wasn’t and isn’t his to give. With that being said it is apparent that the LOVE of MONEY which is the root of all evil has administered unto this man-manthing, (not being mean) but if he want to be with MAN and WOMAN and refuse to chose a definite part is very hypercritical to me. Yute you can’t live and die at the same time, God say NO MAN CAN SERVE 2 MASTERS AT THE SAME TIME and WHAT DOES IT PROPHET A MAN TO GAIN THE WORLD AND LOSES HIS SOUL? If you need the bible texts I referenced I will be more than willing to supply….ps I didn’t supply because you need to read the good book again and yes reading is understanding and fundamental O

  • Well Well says:

    i meant profit as….typo lol

  • Met says:

    nothing prompted the interview..I go by my spirit in every thing I do thats all

  • Met says:

    most gays twist who God really is to soothe their guilt…I feel better when a gay person says they dont believe in God..then I know the book is closed

  • Well Well says:

    Lol Met..ok I was just wondering if there was a specific reason but fair enough it goes to show that you’re not a 1 trick pony….as for the atheist thought I wanted to say that but who am I to suggest that to him when him clearly think God made him that way…..I don’t like that, I’m not the holiest of man but I fear God enough to know not to make a mockery of him or his name sake…………if God himself told us thou shall not plead the Lord thy God name in vein and fi see how much dah man yah call it up makes me wonder….him no afraid a God?

  • Met says:

    he says he is a christian

  • Met says:

    but one of the most profound abomination is to lie against God and his word…mi nuh think dem stop and think about that

  • simplicity says:

    behave yuh finga dem bout christian mussi tek God fe mockery

  • Met says:

    a suh him seh ooooo

  • pauloki says:

    Asiayei, the biggest problem we ve is that no one likes to hear the truth, they prefer lies and deep secret…. u ve just open all truths thank u

  • queenoski says:

    this guy is as fresh as a corn with green leaf that is well protected… i love every word from him, his qualities are signs of a true hero

  • greetings to u all… what am trying to say is that gaymen and gaywomen are not thieves nor rapist neither are they robbers . i think they only figured a way of having SEX pleasurable to them. when a man have sex with his wife or girlfriend both back and front we do not tend to see it as taboo. is it not thesame?i see there is no difference.. therefore i feel the world need to treat gay people fair and respect their opinions like every citizen. here i see some people swearing and laying curses .. pls ladies and gentlemen check ur perfection before GOD, those curses of yours will not work, because they don’t worth it. rather GOD will keep on blessing me with success and greater achievement. do not be the judge, wait till GOD judge us all on judgement day. thanks

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