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Daddy Come Home: Absent Fathers in Jamaica from Meeckel Beecher on Vimeo.

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  • simplicity says:

    good afternoon met,metters,peepers nd others…

    mi cyaan b-lev’ de man sey him doah knw wat makes a man a man..and most ooman on a hold really b-lev’ sey a father must deh deh financially alone dem need fe cut dat shit out cuz dats jus a pawt of it.

  • Lipstick says:

    well simpli chute yu a talk, still i respect all di single mothers who do it on their own

    i have been studying alot of men who dont take care of their children, what i found out about most, is they are selfish and all about themselves, esp. if the man dont like give woman money, dont think he is going to give you when you have his child, if he is mean to you and second place you, expect the samething when the baby come

    for all who love breed fi ppl husband and man, you are second place so is same way the man ago second place up di child, find a man for you, who puts you first not second nor third, and watch how the man treat others before you run go breed for him

  • Met says:

    what i have learnt is that there is absolutely no excuse good enough for not being a father…none

  • Again it all boils down to morals and the environment that they are in, @Met you are absolutely correct, there is no excuse. But if i ever had a dead beat man, and him nuh want take care of his child, mi plain and simple a tell him fi F” off, cause mi nah stress myself and call him, i may allow him to see the child if his demeanor is positive, on my [email protected] Lipstick, a man should value all his kids, not by ranking but with equality, not because the side piece or whatever you want call it breed fi him, as adults they are the responsible one, the kids should not have to suffer the consequences, the woman is not the priority the child is. Some man just plain and simple WUTLISS!!!

  • Lioness says:

    “mi try fi gi them a likkle bag juice when mi see dem a pass”….lol….. wutless ole fart!

  • Met says:

    dat person whey a talk desso sound fake..di person is quite ”educated” and speaks well..listen to his words

  • brightlight says:

    Good evening Metsy boo, Simp, Lippy, Stuchie, Lioness, and peepers 😉

    Ppl and them careless sexing. I can’t just blame men alone. So many of these mothers, who already have a child wit one wutliss man, then turn around and lay with another wutliss man and breed again. Come on now! Choose and do better.

    Just because a man nice u up wit sweet talk don’t mean u should lay with him. I’m convinced some of the best sex come from wutliss men! Hell they don’t have anything else to do but sharpen dem tool.

    Women in general have to make better choices. If u want to sex sex! But use protection/birth conrol when u know damn well he’s a non-progressive no ambition having loser.

    Metsy I’m at a place where I really want to have a child so badly. Some ppl say to me, “yuh no fi plan pikny”, but Met those same ppl either the father not there for his kids, relationship mash up, the mother paying all the bills, etc. Am I wrong for at least trying to break the cycle and want a responsible, ambitious and progressive man who 1. wants to be with me and 2. wants me to have his child/children? I grew up without my dad and even tho I don’t talk about it it does hurt me all the while. All into my adulthood. Men need to understand, especially for them daughters, an absent father is the first man to reject u in your life. How does a female coming into her womanhood know what to expect from a man when there was never a man around to guide her?

    I just wish we would all work together to break the generational cycle of broken homes. Children deserve their father. And a male who is a MAN, will do whatever it takes to provide for his child/children. No excuses. And some of u angry mothers need to stop using your child as leverage against the father. Stop keeping the father and child from having a relationship because u are bitter. It will only backfire on u in due time.

  • Met says:

    brightie we can only break the cycle by breaking the spikes that allow the cycle’s wheel to turn :- promiscuity, womanizing, multiple women, wife & mate acceptance, children seen as a way to prove masculinity etc..for now we have a very far way to go

  • brightlight says:

    Very far Met. The thought of the future just depresses me. Sometime I feel like just throw in the towel and maybe not have kids. I just refuse to continue that cycle. As bad as I want a child/children I want even more for them to have a protecting, providing, and mostly loving father. That they deserve.

  • Dis ya mek me laugh, mi nearly ded – Look like imma gonna be the first Male to reply! Mi see a man write it yah wah day, and a true, NUFF WORKPLACE NOT HIRING MALES AS MUCH AS THEY ARE HIRING FEMALES – GET IT INNA ONNU HEADS. The video never really ask the so called professional dem about what contributing to the lack of jobs in this EEDIAT country yah, where the rich get richer and poor get poorer. When we men can’t provide (since a onnu do the hard work of pushing out and nurturing the child), IT FUK WE UP MORE DAN U CAN THINK – WE FEEL WUTLESS AND AT TIMES GIVING UP ON LIFE AND IT IS CONTRIBUTING TO THE CRIME ON THE ISLAND – Also, Black women good at tearing man down even when yuh a try – caz a di ghetto talk, onnu find some words that can STING and caaz WAR, so many times onnu is equally to blame for the absence of the father.

    Family values have changed over the last 30 years, with both men and women holding themselves to LOWER standards. One time gone by, yuh would have to be engaged to be married before SEX-WITH-NO-BOOTS (BAREBACK) would have even be considered. But now, 3-months a good up-good up treatment and BAREBACK is GOOD-TO-GO! Plus nuff woman claim dem don’t need a MAN, just dem sex and dem is good, so a wha di problem? Di whole ting is gonna just get worst as the years go by ppl. So just call me di Sperm Donor cah a don’t care a RASS.

  • Unu fi stop breed fe dutty bwoy, all though you dont know who is who still.

  • TheChosenOne says:

    Heartbreaking Video, but there is Hope.

    Because I had such a great relationship with my Dad/Father up until his death in 2011, I am able have a healthy co-parenting relationship with my son’s father. My father was available both financially and emotionally, even though, he shared custody with my mom-not court ordered-. I spent summers with my Dad and Holidays, he came to every event(high school graduation, college and law school graduation, birth of my son- regardless if he had to take the 4/8hr drive from Upstate.

    I give you the background because no matter how much my son’s father is able and or unable to contribute to his son’s upkeep, he sees his son every other weekend, half of the summer and every other holiday and calls him daily(morning before school and at night). We co-parent and we only have dialogue when he comes to the health, education and well-being of my son…… We broke up when my son was 3 years old(never any attempts to reconcile–I am pretty definite in my decisions) and he continues to be an active and available dad. I wouldn’t change that for all the money in the world.

    We may have different parenting skills but I can say I am blessed that he is able and willing to be there for his son.

    No matter what happened btw us as a couple, the mental health of my son and his interest is paramount—he has a great relationship with his Dad, he is happy, and he is loved-that’s more important than how much child support his Dad pays…..

    Lastly, legally whether a man pays child support or not he is still entitled and has the right to see his child(ren).

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