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Police disgraced as Israeli pilot is acquitted over Zimbabwean gems‏
By Crime & Court Correspondent

Published: April 26, 2012


A Harare magistrate has acquitted an Israeli pilot Shmuel Kainan Klein, who was facing charges of smuggling 1.7 kilograms of diamonds which translates to 8,486 carats worth US$2 million, for lack of sufficient evidence, shaming the police officers who arrested the man.

Klein (58) was facing charges of unlawful possession of diamonds and contravening Section 12 (1) of the Immigration Act Chapter 4:02, which criminalises entry by evasion.

Israeli pilot is acquitted over Zim Diamonds
Handing down the ruling, the presiding magistrate, Mr Clever Tsikwa noted that all evidence presented before the court failed to prove that the accused was illegally in possession of the diamonds saying that the state had failed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt and that it would be unfair to put the accused person to his defense in such circumstances.

“Accused’s defence remained intact and unshaken. To place the accused to his defense is to ask the accused to prosecute him and fill the yawning gap left by the state,” said Harare magistrate Clever Tsikwa in his ruling.

Klein was caught with the precious stone at Harare International Airport on 17 March intending to check-in on a South African Airways with the state arguing that the accused person did not have a licence to deal with diamonds.

The state alleges that Klein, who is employed by CAL airlines of Israel as a pilot instructor, wanted to leave the country on March 17 on a South African Airways airline wearing his pilot uniform with the diamonds.

However Tsikwa ruled that he was lawfully in possession of the gems as Klein managed to produce documents proving that he was a registered agent of Masri Diamonds Company based in Israel.

Klein’s lawyer, Jonathan Samukange, during the trial also stated that the police men who arrested his client stole 2,000 carats of diamonds.

While the Kimberly Process Certification team has given the country the green light to sell its diamonds, the country has witnessed a number of diamond smuggling cases with two Indians having been arrested previously in the possession of precious stones worth $2 million.

There are also unverified claims of some government officials belonging to the Zanu (PF) party being involved in the smuggling of Diamonds to some Asian countries. (ZIMBABWE, ZimEye)

13 Responses to OH BOY

  • Fake Name says:

    str8nup and down the jew them buy out the case. whole heap a them and other outsiders a go roun the hungry belly zim them a smuggle out the things them fi cheap.

    pussy deh shoulda go a prison

  • Met says:

    str8 so mi nuh know how dem slack up pan di case

  • Fake Name says:

    fi show you say the bwoy a smuggle why him a wear pilot uniform and a nuh him a fly the plane?

    zimbabwe a sell weh them soul fi little and nutten. them fi lock down the whole thing and sell it under order.

  • Zimbo., says:

    I agree, Police slacked bad, or money changed hands certain people were paid to cover up, & until we examine our ethics it is going to be a long road to recovery and real development.

  • Met says:

    zimbo this vex mi…a dont like it none at all

  • Zimbo., says:

    I understand Met.. I just saw the story here (of his acquital), I knew about the case, how he was caught when he started sweating and acting suspicious, actually he sneaked into the country from South Africa, and now 2000 carats are missing ?

  • Met says:

    that is a lot of diamonds Zimbo…people in Zimbab have to come together for the welfare of their country if everyone isnt on equal grounds there will be corruption like this…they want to put an embargo n Zimbab but will freely and sneakingly send people there to steal its not right

  • Met says:

    Zimbo mi seh africa now str8 Im loving it bad

  • Anything illegal involving Jews in an African country does not surprise me and for them not to find him guilty, clearly indicates there might have been some corruption (Monetary Exchange.

  • Zimbo., says:

    Come to Zimbabwe Met, for holiday & you will see a place were the Jamaican is highly respected..No lie, its the only place in the world were the Jamaican ranks higher than the white man.. We have a strong belief that it was our diaspora brethren that paved our road to freedom,, From the most important man in black man’s history Marcus Garvey the father of Pan-Africanism, Jacob Miller, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Sizzla, Mutabaruka, Met, Talkditings, Simplicity etc.. We understand how Jamaica continues to produce defenders of the continent, defenders of the race.
    We’re always under attack, and as long as they’re resources, it remains the same, unless ofcourse like you say we unite for the same purpose.

  • Zimbo., says:

    Funny thing is I read the story & couldn’t understand how this guy got away, until I read Fake Name’s comments, it became apparent to me that there was corruption involved. The Police are extremely corrupt, but what msg does it send when a highly publicised case like this is swept under the carpet ?? We can’t have one step foward two back! Kmrt!

  • Met says:

    Zimbo if mi get rich a zimbabwe mi waa do some business.. I was planning some fantasy mining ina mi head u stay there lol

  • Zimbo., says:

    Yes Met, we have over fourty minerals under the ground & waiting to welcome people like you, our indeginisation laws which require every business to be 51% Zimbabwean do not apply to you because they clearly stipulate that they are for people who were disadvantaged before 1980 because of colonialism and racism. But yes, if you can raise some capital there are gold mines lying around, & the government is saying come and run them, even whiteman, but whiteman can’t have no controlling stake no more, he abused his priveledge before.. Yes Met I can hook you up with people, I myself is not into mining, my family is into cotton farming, I have a kids clothes business with my young brother & his wife.
    There is a lot of opportunity, a lot of affordable labour.

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