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Tony Matterhorn – Contributed
A disgruntled promoter has come forward demanding that selector/artiste Tony Matterhorn return his deposit of $90,000.

According to Wrenroy Smith, he contacted Matterhorn in December to do a show in Annotto Bay, St Mary. Smith said he and Matterhorn agreed on a price and he sent him the money through Western Union.

“I booked Matterhorn for Girls Graduation – an all-white edition fund-raising event which was to be held on April 7. Matterhorn told me his price for the event, I sent him the deposit and he collected it. I booked him, Swatch International and Jamrock sound. I got a message that Matterhorn had double-booked the date, so I contacted him and he asked if I could switch the dates. I told him no because I had already paid for the venue and printed up the flyers. Matterhorn said he would send back my deposit in two days,” Smith said.

The promoter says four months had now passed and he still has not received his money from Matterhorn.

bills to pay

“He told me he had his bills to pay etc., it’s back and forth with his stories. He deleted me from BBM. I was told I could collect the money in New York when Matterhorn came. He gave me a phone number, and the number was not working. I contacted him when he was back in Jamaica and he gave me another excuse about the phone. He changed his number so now I have no way of contacting him,” Smith said.

The promoter said he sent Matterhorn US $1,065 which is the equivalent to J$90,000. He also emailed THE WEEKEND STAR the receipt showing the Western Union transaction.

“I have my receipt, flyers from the show, etc. How can you want to change the date from somebody who has already paid you? I’m trying to get him to give me my money back. He breached the contract,” Smith said.

He further went on to say that he would now have to board a flight to come to Jamaica to deal with the matter.

“I have dealt with Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel and they never gave me any problems. This is the first time in years that I’ve had this problem. Matterhorn said he wanted $180,000 for the show, he’s not even worth it. If I can’t get my money by the end of the month, then I am going to sue him. I am going to make an example out of Tony Matterhorn for this,” Smith warned.

Adding that the money owed to him by Matterhorn would be given away to persons who are in need of it.

“He’s taking money from people who need it. I have this event every year in honour of my mother – the Barbara Gordon Foundation. Matterhorn blatantly took the money, but I will not stop, I will make an example of Matterhorn,” Smith said.

When contacted, Matterhorn’s booking agent said she was unaware of the situation. She told THE WEEKEND STAR that the selector was off the island for some shows in the UK.

Meanwhile, Matterhorn took to his Twitter page to rant about the issue. In his numerous tweets, he bashed the promoter in question, the media and a popular website.

In one of his cleaner tweets, he said, “I’ve been in the biz bout 24 years and mi nuh beg friends nor try to rob any promoters before or u wud hear bout it long time now … .”



  • SERENITY says:

    All mi have fi say is big up mi general killa causen mi neva hear nobady say killa tek dem money yet & no honor di show,pie…pie :kr

  • Goodso says:

    Good morning met and metters..right is right an wrong is de man him money…u tek de man money an neva showup..suh ge back de man him money an stop run u mouth..

  • StayGood says:

    It would take more to sue him, but I totally agree, it’s not abt money anymore, it’s abt principle! Stop trace like a gal and give back the man him money ole tief u too disgusting!

  • GM dis is a sad situation an Matterhorn need fi pay back di man before dat likkle money turn into big money from a law suit cuz if him accept the man money an dont go to him event him can sue him cuz him breach di contract..once u accept the man money u in agreement say u gwine go..di man can sue fi all kinda damages to..boy me a tell u bout all deh pan twitter a bash di man..Matterhorn pay up di ppl dem good up money u too terrible

  • Too fucking hype fi a man.

  • dah big madda lasshie deh wey suh boasey should neverrrrrrrrrrr mek ppl sey him owe dem anything shame on you if its true pay up immediately no excuse or tracing

  • sasha says:

    Tony mattheron A REAL TEEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF MI DONT EVEN RATE YOU AGAIN. MI LOSE OFF A YOU MATTHERON.GIVE BACK THE PEOPLE THEM THE MONEY THAT YOU OWE. WHERE DID YOU SPEND THE MONEY ON HUHHHHH TO PAY BILLS REALLY YOUR WICKED. Everyday you get up and act hype u need to sit down. i dont have nothing against tony butright is right and wrong is wrong. i will never booked you. you tek people hard working money and njo want pay up. gpo clean out ur dirty mouth with soap cause all u can do is cuss like ur gyal and you change ur number stop hideeeeeeeeeeee cause im gonna tell the people dem which part u liveeeeeeeeee ooooooooo

  • krazi says:

    twitter tun up…matterhorn a talk di things dem..


  • The man can find him in Squaz for the Mothers Day bash lol dat ah if him show up lolololololol matterhorn you are a broke, big mouth, pumpum begging thief lol

  • Ah since week matterhorn seh noooobadieeee can’t call him name bout dem tings yah or else wi wudda hear, well HEAR IT YAAH lol

  • Matterhorn u ago mash up ur own ting. Gi di man him money quik, wid big apology. U seh u a big man, stand up to it.

  • sassa frass says:

    Evening met and metters… @serenity with all due respect killa do dat already still, mmm, a dat start di feud wid him and flippa inuh!!! fact!

  • sweet maxi says:

    you idiot boy u not even boy anymore u is a bigman u guys need to stop take peoples money and take them for idiot why because u think they come from country u can take them for a ass hole but u wrong pussy hole u really dont even no who u a fuck with dont fuck with a annotto bay people them pussyhole just make sure u make the man get him money. broke ass mother fucker.

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