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4 Responses to brick787978846

  • Madison says:

    People a seh flippa kno how certain bigman philadelphia in feds prison

  • Madison says:

    Them a seh , the man a from halfway tree and him second out on bail and a suffer bad a philly, and if flippa kno seh him really do that,him wicked

  • Mamma son says:

    Sherian Peart
    Just want to convey my condolence to you hun. Now that you’re in jail a felt you pain but most of all i hope you understand what other people going through now . They talk about flippa a sell out frens, no that a lie. A this gal name Sheriana Peart a the real sell out. She cause my best fren weh ave to maintain 6 kids lose his job.

  • Anonymous says:

    Paul bling get a job and stop stealing Niki money that why she have her man pon the side

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