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Wives and mateys who know their man masturbates.

How many of you women know your man masturbates and you are OK with it? How did you find out? What was your reaction?


  • Hotstepper....formerly peeper says:

    I dont care, i saw him doing it one nite he was watching porn by himself…mi no see anything wrong wid it

  • Met says:

    never caught or saw him doing that him sneak and do it I know :nohope:

  • Little Willie says:

    Suh why this ongle addressing man? Woman nuh dweet tuh?

  • MiNuhCare says:

    Personally, I don’t c n e thing wrong it…I love to watch my man masturbates, his expression is a bit of a turn on for me :wowcantik :wowcantik

  • Cc says:

    My woman seh it’s cheating

  • Met says:

    cheating how?

  • Anonymous says:

    Met shi seh if mi a dweet I Wudnt b Tinkin a bout she lol an shi very right loll

  • Cc says:

    Seriously doe why shud man hav woman an a jerkoff? Makes no sense to me.

  • Pupping pop says:

    I like to see a man pleasure himself in that manner. One because it show me he’s human and have feels and two his sex drive is healthy. I think it’s a turn on and I get wet seeing it also.

  • Yep! says:

    I love when my boo masterbates; love hearing his voice weh. We have phone sex and I talk really skanky to him to get him in the groove ( with lots of Vaseline )… Every now and then I’ll watch my porn and turn on my plug in vibrator and massage my clitoris until I explode…masterbating is very very sexy… And we should all engage in it ( you too Metty :hammer )

  • Yep! says:

    Is true pudding pop; do you make your man put the phone near his penis while he whacks off so you can hear it?

  • Anonymous says:

    I like si girls masturbate, but as a man straight pu^y to my dick… mi nuh deh pon da jerk ting deh

  • dick r harde says:

    jacking for men..jilling for women…… woman knows i watch porn so she obviously know i jack…..i know she watches porn and has her toys so obviously she jilling….but to just sit there and watch each other go at it….rrrrrrrrrrrr….unless she a gi mi head at di same time…which remind mi….she a one a dem woman when di hood reach her good she start suck her own nipples…now dat is a turn on……..

  • Anonymous says:

    My Husband like to do it I’m ok With it

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