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25 Responses to MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA??

  • Miss-$tullesha says:

    Kim shoulda call ICE PON shoulda PON yuh nasty r.c ….watch har twist up ugly face.

  • Mrs Ambitious says:

    senda what’s the back story?

  • No sah says:

    Ahe nuh tiad fi mess wid ppl now man!!! Da girl ere’ walk and mess wid everybaddy! Bwoy sumbaddy need fi just buss har ass one day or summin… Or she immigration need fi just hold har wid dem bad documenrs deh wha she have… Usually mi nuh wish bad pon ppl but I beg to differ when it comes to dah one yah! Kmrt

  • Trecia says:

    She need a life

  • kis says:

    How old are these walk about bitch’s????? GROW THE F*K UP !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Original Goodas says:

    so a which kim she talking

  • No Sah! says:

    aww bwoy. a wha kim duh yuh? and how yuh know sey har P—y big? yuh a kotch under deh? fi big ole gal yuh need fi sit yuh ass down…kim shoulda open har window and dash some season shit pon yuh.

  • RUMOR says:


  • Mocha says:

    When is she going to stop?? Marsha yuh nuh just have young baby fi look bout??? yuh gone a somebody yard if fight and wen ppl fuck unuh up and call ICE pon unuh then unuh say unuh salt and ppl wicked…

  • DwntwnB says:

    Chimmy aka Pisspot, woieeee

  • WARBOAT says:

    Dutty gyal Marsha ah walk and ah tek Di people dem “baby fada”,and den ah try come war off Di girl fi rr “baby fada”…. Done whole Marsha weh still ah fuck Rayon and ect., ect., Bitch please Marsha is old and need to have a seat,ain’t nobody got time for her no more.. OLD NEWS MARSHA!!! She nuh fi talk bout KOTCH ah people yaad.. ENOUGH SAID!

  • No Sah! says:

    yuh know sey mi come yah when mi likkle and mi did lean a farrin but as soon as mi reach legal age my main mission was to find a man fi straighten mi out. Mi nuh understand how some a unno deh yah a walk and frig like dog and a breed and cannot find a man fi help unno. Stop war wid gal and go put yuh pumpum to good use man. Cho!

  • Anonymous says:

    Immigration will be coming for Kim too cuz she no have no papers n a work under a ha nice name

  • Anonymous says:

    Whey dem gal come from? ah who kim? picture please.

  • Anonymous says:

    Kim need to sit her ass down she ain’t got no papers either still working under shanics name

  • Mrs Ambitious says:

    @anonymous 7:41 she really ah work under her “nice” name? My body is weak.

  • No name says:

    She need fi sawt out are ting still..but it nuh Matta if a did are Pikney name she ah work inna…all unno need fi knew seh she ah Mek money..unno Florida Gyal too bad mind and bloodclot grudgeful ..if she did sidung pon are ass an nah do nuttn unno woulda call are wuklist

  • Miss peppa says:

    Da gal deh Marsha life unhappy an miserable so she jus walk an fuck ppl man an try fi Mek Otha ppl life miserable like fi are

  • Met says:

    no name/ miss peppa ..mek up u mind if deh pan marsha side or not

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Lmaoooooooooooo (another one bites the dust tun tun tun ) :kr :kr

  • PRETTY says:


  • No name says:

    @met dem seh di gyal weh name Kim a work unda somebody name so mi jus a state how mi feel bout di work ting….that it don’t matta at least she have ambition

  • No sah says:

    But even if she nuh have no papers ah nuh di girl guh mess wid Marsha enuh! Ah Marsha guh mess wid she! As far as we know the girl was keeping a low profile unlike Marsha! Marsha soon learn har lesson man!

  • It's says:

    Fi a gyal Weh love tek ppl man she shoulda bloodclat rich..looks like a bare free fuck Marsha a gi bloodclat pussy nuh tun Marsha u shoulda have 10green card Anna look fi go for ur 5th citizenship ..but it looks like u can’t even get work perment ole wokless bitch ..meka flawless tek back her green card so u can’t get no job..ur pussy price gone down whore..go tek care a yu Pickney dem and stop run down man.

  • truth says:

    kim a my fren and anyday suk hood freaky lik out batty marsha try ar is war , marsha a fuk lisa baby fada from eva bless d red skin guy name rayon married to him for papers but immigration ready fi ar cause me bin tell lisa wa she fi do cause old foot bruk pocket marsha too bitter, she fi lowe ppl man cause she a fuk and no av notin fi show, time fi she grow up and take care of her young baby…

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