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  • Cindy Royal says:

    Maybe it’s how the pic was taken, but I don’t see where it states HIV positive. Anyway, it’s good that he’s open about it so that anyone who get’s involved with him can do so from an informed perspective. I hope he keeps good health.

  • simplicity says:

    good move yute and why wen de truth a stare sum ppl inna dem face dem still try going around it,why wud he call down such an illness on himself of all the gimmicks there is to pull….thanks for your honesty and keep doing the right thing young man.

    a jus wah day yah mi a sey tuh me fren if she nuh notice those with HIV a live longer than those who have cancer.

  • Toni Ann says:

    Well if this is true, God bless your heart because if it was me, I would be in the dark somewhere plotting the demise of that little sucker, limb by limb he would be…ok enuff craziness.

    God go with you.

  • Toni Ann says:


    people have a better chance of living with aids/hiv and dying from old age than someone with can, as yuh hear a person have cancer, they only have about 6 months to a year, if dat much.

  • kehkemkem says:


  • Yep! says:

    I wish him the very best…

  • Lou-lou says:

    It sound true to me

  • REAL T.O. says:

    such a hard thing to deal with, but once you use your illness to be a testimony and not to kill others, then i’m 100% praying that you live your days long and as healthy as possible…..

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Respect. Must say that this guy is strong in many ways.

  • WTF!AGAIN says:

    ALL de best my yute,,,positive thinking will always get you through,,,

  • dick r harde says:

    aids is no longer viewed as a terminal illness by the medical community… will eventually kill you…but in the same length of time as say someone who has hep b or hep c, uncontrolled hypertension or ucontrolled diabetes….as long as you take your meds you can live a good 20-30 years after the onset of the condition…….

  • Mad head says:

    I respect his honesty. God bless him

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