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Miss Kitty the Fluffy Diva leaves the Link Up Radio Morning Show. Ms Kitty joined the Link Up Radio team in March, after celebrity Broadcaster Raggashanti resigned from the hot seat after a fall out with David Squeeze Annakie. Miss Kitty who was also booted from RJR recently, has now been placed in a 8pm to 12midnigh slot on Link Up Radio. Reliable sources have told us that Ms Kitty was taken off the morning show because she did not connect with the Tri-state audience and because her show was not bringing in any revenue for Biolife, the company that has been dogged as a scam in the New York Caribbean community and whose sales has dropped significantly since the latest scandal between Squeeze and Raggashanti. Many believe that it will only be a matter of time before Miss Kitty is permanently off Link Up Radio, similar to many others who came before her that left


  • Tawkchuet says:

    Woooooooiiiiieeeeeeeeee bashment in town look how di gal dem dancing around mi say as Mama would say “mi di dream it”
    Squeeze is a bombo to bombo eno but Kitty a smart girl still plus she a cat she will pon her feet.

  • Just Saying says:

    I tried listening to her and I couldn’t take her, too over the top. She reminded me of Monique, just loud for no reason at all. I don’t know if it’s permanet but Raga has been on Irie Jam with DJ Roy, heard him on there yesterday.

  • ... says:

    Met how yuh nuh tell wi dem drop Luton from the team?

  • Met says:

    dotty mi neva know…mi soon come

  • simplicity says:

    dj roy nah sign raga nuh day or time is jus a here nd there….as fi miss kitty she sud neva run in

  • Met says:

    simply she neva run a money oo

  • simplicity says:

    yeah money a money but more time its who paying yuh,squeeze will always be squeeze nd him respect no-one but him money..she suda neva guh deh suh not even if it was a week..dem fe lern fe turn dung certain things.

    squeeze dont even have him muma name pon him will en him gone it must guh tuh bio-life dat man yuh see

  • No Joke says:

    Ity and Fancy never last two months on the station. Sleeze give it upppp

  • mi read good. says:

    miss kitty deh pon link up right ya now.a dash wud.har time slot change to two in di afternoon.

  • Met says:

    Di smaddy whey send in dis neva even kip still fi get di news good……….. fyi mi done wid di squeeze saga fom it done a doe business wid him…When mi talk and done mi done

  • kgn13 says:

    so u wha tell me say ragga caah start him own ting! him just a move round like leaf way the wind just a blow all about.a bet heff miss met decide fe go inna radio ,she have har own station in no time.

  • REALLY? says:

    raga fi do betta-wid him PHd -*shrugs&walks away in disgust*

  • Joncrow Belly says:

    Hey Met I notice how I got a telemarteting call from Squeeze promoting his other company USA credit repair. Since his bio life pop dung. Most people don’t realize that you can repair your credit for free by knowing exactly what to do with some discipline and the right paperwork.

  • Met says:

    Joncrow Belly squeeze is about the money mi nuh know how him did expect har fi revive biolife eno

  • Joncrow Belly says:

    Raga too damn dunce, ignorant and fool fool. He don’t know nothing about business and technology. He tried his tambareen radio thing and it flopped so he took off some time now he is ready to relaunch it.

  • Met says:

    Also remember his ting wid Squeeze finish 6 months after he left. I dont think legally he could go around that

  • kerri says:

    I saw this coming after what Ragga went through, why did she sacrifice her steady job on RJR for Squeeze. ALL she had to do was run Squeeze’s file , sad . But she will make her own opportunities.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Thank u for putting ur disclaimer that is not u write it Met, cuz whomever write that “news item” needs to go to school as it’s misleading, i.e. initially giving the impression that Kitty has left Link Up, & just seem like some1 who has a issue with her & is waiting breathlessly for her downfall kmt. So what if Kitty leave LinkUp or got fired from RJR? Betta dan she get fired or leave much better companies that RJR & Linkup.

    As for Raga, for an anthropologist, sinting wrong wid him, cuz him an NOBODY cyah get along.

  • Met says:

    Cindy dem always waa include mi wid dem sikes ting but Im always a one woman army so when dem a do dem ting mi wudda love dem foot it alone please and thank you…When me a Move a God fight my battle……

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