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Jojo and Junior P

Jojo and Junior P

This is Jojo another dancehall celebrity who came to fame after leaving Moses and going to Junior P. ..The sender of this email wants to know your opinion of her outfit

40 Responses to HAPPENING OR NOT

  • Mrs Ambitious says:

    I like it, she look better than these “dancehall permanent residents” that look like they get dressed in the dark with no mirror in their homes.

  • babygirl says:

    She looks nice to me

  • Miss Renaissance says:

    fava mi maypole costume mi use to wear back in the day

  • No Joke says:

    Cool…..material could be a different though….otherwise the outfit AIGHT

  • sender you are a major hater! seek the lord! says:

    let the girl live! she isnt causing any problems! her outfit is cute! her body looks nice and mosses wasnt permanently stamped in her life to be with her so if she left him to be with another man! look at it as a blessing for her life, not to seek fame!

  • Met says:

    no he wasnt but part a mi new ting is fi explain who the people are on the wall…………..moses was the highlight of jojo :angel

  • Saaaaaad world says:

    Well said @ Met! No one’s speaking bad about her they just wanted to know if the outfit is nice or not! Pretty girl nice skin but the outfit is nice for a tribal event not Khaki

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Something tells me Jojo is an avid reader of JMG anyhoo she looks nice the outfit suits her nicely, Jojo r Jojo friend relax nobody not hating its like when the celebs go out n get their pics taken n the mags post n have a poll of like n dislike n u r trying to be celeb like right?????????

  • Met says:

    chuet tell me about it :travel

    mi nuh like di outfit nopes………….. the material should have been bandage and the peplum would have been less hiced lmao but jojo is beautiful though

  • Met says:

    saad world thank mi nuh feel bad seh a me one nuh like di bottom part

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Met the outfit is not my style either u know cause that peplum piece look like it have a mind of its own but she worked it to the point where I can overlook the strong willed peplum lol

  • wot is this says:

    good looking girl, she’s always doing something different, junior p to ugly for her

  • Met says:

    chuet :maho

  • Anonymous says:

    She looks nice she ah get thick must her matie send this in lol

  • Just Saying says:

    Looks Dancehall meets african village maiden to me. :nerd

  • Sha hair salon lol bum bitches says:

    Don’t like it she better in something esle

  • Anonymous says:

    She is very pretty ut plz dnt tell me she join d batty an hip trend too

  • Anonymous says:

    JP look like a roach

  • Anonymous says:

    The problem is the material is cheap and the shoes look cheap. But she is a pretty gal

  • Yoruba girl says:

    I like it

  • FREEDOM says:


  • Sunshine says:

    I think her outfit’s cute and so is she

  • Got it good says:

    go Jojo your just different love it.Keep your love life up girl.Only for your child’s father event you go out that’s good no regular.

  • StargyalSuzy says:

    Did Jojo send this in lol

  • StargyalSuzy says:

    Lol it’s ok

  • Anonymous says:

    She did look better with Moses, even har face got old. How she look so old in the face feh a young gal???

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Ahhhhh excuse me unless Jojo had found the fountain of life n didn’t send out a press release Wat u mean? she is getting older which all humans do so just tawk bout the tribal outfit n no badda start pon di girl bout look betta wit Moses cause him woulda nyam whey har youth by now kmft

  • Swinging with the masses, the peplum was not needed, looking like an old Destiny Child’s costume.

  • LUNDUN says:

    diss no luk good a rass!!!!!!!!! wid nuff exclamation bak a dat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    di belly skin top does not go with the peplum, it would have looked better if the top shook hands with the bottom

  • simplicity says:

    yuh knw wen mi seet mi sey jo jo miss being a baby..yuh knw wen baby have dem skirt and the pampers mek it cock up wid a nice shorts unda it

  • wot is this says:

    @ simplicity that was funny, she looks good dowe otherwise

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Simplicy yu right but de bottom part…remind me a me lace layer nightie bottoms as a likkle girl. Saw dis style inna one African movie/mag

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m so tired a jojo and har cheap looking mek things she always getting her dress maker to copy designer clothes and it never looks the same! She copied this outfit and it flop! Can’t junior p gi har some money fi go buy some clothes and mek har chill wid the dress maker shit? Jo Jo can’t afford the real thing so she go har dress maker n fuck up the look, the real deal looks way better than this onesie! Lamo @jojofailedfashionprincess

  • StargyalSuzy says:

    Oh god why the venom ms anonymous wow. Smh many people can’t afford the real thing. It’s about if it look good or not wheter it’s name brand or not dont make it look good or bad

  • Anonymous says:

    Just read Simplicity comment at 446pm and I had to really laugh out loud no sah

  • Dolly Ate My Coochiie says:

    Jojo I love you ! My girl crush mwah ! Lol beautiful princess hahaaaaa

  • Truth Be Told says:

    She’s a cute girl but the outfit is hideous

  • simplicity says:

    of all the name yuh see de wan yuh choose which dolly yah tawk ?!!!?

  • galaxy says:

    Ankara a wear…i would loose the peplum thing thats all…she look good still

  • aMIdat says:

    Too bad unnu dont know fashion, cause the look sell it self
    It is a bit of a proenza schuler knock but it still original after u didnt know original frm flop
    & the shoes are jimmy… choo.
    All who a chat caan even stand inna har shadow, nevertheless inna har face

    but i did prefer her w/moses… even if moses rather….nvr mind

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