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In a day or two there will be a few changes around here as I have had to move quickly to recontruct and rebuild, to keep JMG afloat.There will now be a total of 3 sites operating under the JMG trademark. The music site will be permanently linked to the second site and this present site will still be up and running . Because of clean up needed here in terms of unfit pictures etc, I have decided it is best to keep this site as is but create a new site that will be our permanent home and this site will be updated weekly with the posts that cannot be put on the new site. So on Fridays I will show all the pictures and videos that are sent to me during that week that are unfit for the new site will be put here.. The content in our new home will all be written by me, so I am asking senders to please write clearly so that I will be able to re-write your story with ease.

All musicians / artists please submit your music every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for posting on the music site. Send your press releases as well. Your only payment will be in the form of payment will be putting the site your music is shared on, on facebook and twitter. If your music is put up and the link is not posted then it will not be posted here again. One hand washes the other. :)
News Birds please keep your eyes and ears in the know! JMG needs all the news it can get, the summer is almost here and we want to keep it locked.
Confessions’ whole series will be on one page on this site, but the page will be replaced on the new page with a ”Dear Met” corner. I urge users who have questions about anything to send in an email , you will hear from both me and the metters about whatever problem you are facing. The like buttons will return but on the new page , the posts will be more structured and detailed I guarantee that, this is a quick move but a good one because now all of you will be able to choose what you want to read in terms of content. What I will ask is if anyone who has been with an artist and want to share the encounter please send me an email. If you need me to shake it up so the person doesn’t know who it is ..That can be done! You have two days and we are eagerly waiting on your sex-perience. Also if there is anyone with a crush on an artist and want to send in the details of what you would want to do to them…………SHOUT IT OUT.. you may just get it after the artist reads what you have written. [email protected]


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