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  • Lou-lou says:

    I don’t like that status, it reeks of low self esteem “even if I can’t have you for myself” who really say that ….? :marah

  • Sad, sad. If she had ANY true friends they would have told her to take this shit down! All she is doing is giving him the ok to go f**k he, she and the old lady! Every day unnu oreach from facebook and IG, “I love myself”, “I’m so pretty”. When the truth is y’all have NO SELF ESTEEM AND HATE YOURSELVES.

  • ***preach on

  • Cindy Royal says:

    “has long has u love me” of course.

  • Anonymous says:

    Them gyal yah dunce like bat to rass met, she and apple and the rest of them can’t spell and don’t know when and how to use words. Only name brand them can spell . [email protected] (has) shouldn’t it be as. Morewhile apple she put some things on IG you have to wonder who teach her how to read and write to rass.

  • simplicity says:


  • simplicity says:


  • 917gyal says:

    That’s tina so dwayne office use to do her f%%k pon her breed gyal once he tell her he love her good none of them can’t read or write u know who dunce kerrybornbless but she smart with it jue u need to enroll kerrybornbless in to a school

  • DWFL says:

    This is so sad, pass low self-esteem this knowing Tina she bring girls and she and Landfo fuck them so u mean to tell me he still stray after all that??? No sah!! she even buy his ticket, pay for hotel and rental just for Memorial weekend in Miami just fi hype, took off a work, give her mom her child just fi buy man?? weh this world really come too? Tina u better go back a school u never too old to go get a good education, u are a pretty girl, no need to buy a man that should come naturally

  • ms crimson n cream says:

    HAS (not as) long as u love me we could be homeless we could go hungry we can go broke…HAS long has u love ovee oveee oveee me :kr

  • True story says:

    All for the hype from you look Pon this gal you can tell her self esteem hit rock bottom very low she have up bare pictures pon Instagram with him and his page empty my friend even tell me she and the waste man a link up sad

  • True story says:

    @anonymous one look Pon apple face and you can tell she is as dull as they come

  • Debbie says:


  • Mello says:

    Pure foolery! They would proudly show bottles over a degree..which is obviously needed!

  • Tweet says:

    Mello, nuh bodda even go so far mi love- a certificate of completion from a good primary school would be sufficient.

  • Met says:


  • Tweet says:

    Night Met! Liking the progress wid di site! :2thumbup

  • Met says:


  • Lol says:

    This make no sense I smell haters

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