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A LUSAKA polygamist stunned the Lusaka Court when he narrated how he caught his pregnant wife in a sex romp with another man in their bed.

This was heard before justices Martha Tembo and Kaputo Ng’andwe in a case in which Oliver Mweemba, 33, sued Lukas Lufino, 52, for compensation for adultery. Mweemba told the attentive gallery that on April 30 this year, he went to visit one of his two wives around 18:00hrs but left around 20:00hrs for his other home.

Around 23:00hrs, he said, he heard a desperate knock on his door and it was his younger brother, Kasoka Chinyama, 25, who told him that their mother was very ill and he needed to go and attend to her.

But on the way there, Chinyama told him that their mother was not sick but that he wanted him to go back to his wife, Sarah, because he had seen a man enter the couple’s house.

With blinding rage and his heart pumping at a break-neck rate, Mweemba hurried home and when he got there, he stopped to strategise on how to catch his wife and her lover without any disturbance.

“Your honour, there’s a window almost close to the roof of my house. I climbed, peeped and to my shock, there was a man on top of my wife and on my bed for that matter,” he lamented.

Mweemba said he climbed down quietly and knocked on the door only for his wife to open with a chitenge-wrapper up to her armpits.

Shocked to see her husband, Sarah wanted to run out but Mweemba slapped her and pushed her back in the house.

Inside their bedroom, Mweemba said, he found Lufino, who is old enough to be his father. He said with shame, Lufino, wearing a boxer short, just stood mute looking at him.

“I asked him what he was doing in my bedroom and he said he had come for a funeral. I said a funeral in my bedroom and in my blankets with my wife? I then went to call the police,” he said.

Mweemba said when the police arrived on the scene, he grabbed Lufino’s clothes and the officers took the ‘lovebirds’ to the police station and detained them for a night.

At this point, Mweemba displayed before the court items he grabbed from Lufino- a pair of runners, denim trousers, T-shirt, a wrist watch and a cardigan from which a sachet of an oral powder believed to be a sexual enhancer fell off.

And in his statement, Lufino, a father of six, denied having committed adultery with Sarah.

He said on April 30 this year, he visited Mweemba’s family because he had an interest in their relative called Judy whom he had given a lift to Chibombo.

Lufino said Mweemba’s mother, who happens to live on the same premises with Sarah and her husband, told him that Judy was not available and advised him to follow her in Chibombo.

He said he left and went back to his home but around 19:30 hours went for a drink with his friend with whom he chatted about Judy.

Lufino said after the drinking spree that night, he went back to the Mweembas’ home to enquire again about Judy though Mweemba was not present at his home at the time.

“Within a short while and while seated in the living room with a bottle of castle in my hands, I heard a loud bang and the door was flung open. People started beating and undressing me. I pleaded with them to stop as I am an elderly person. I told them it was better for them to take me to the police instead.

At that point Justice Kaputo Ng’andwe warned Lufino that the court was going to call the officers who detained him that night to double-check his story.

Upon hearing that, Lufino quickly changed his story and said the gang that beat him up also pushed him into Mweemba’s bedroom.

Meanwhile, Sarah sheepishly admitted that Lufino is her lover and that they did in fact commit adultery on the material day.

She said Lufino had been pursuing her for a long time saying no woman had turned down his advances.

“On that day, he came home in the evening and I told him to go away but he refused. I told him that my husband was sure to catch us but I don’t know what medicine he used on me. I gave in and had sex with him. True to what I told him, my husband came and caught us in the act,” she said.

The case was adjourned

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