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bianca burke 1 week ago

RAINE SEVILLE a u the man a talk…. bout yo have sekkle dung p—y….yo no bloodcloth compatible…


  • Anonymous says:

    There’ll be lots of rain in her life! Lol…don’t think she’ll be seeing the Sun anytime soon.

  • mifedupadealmshouse says:

    Bugle a talk out de tings dem. Met, yu hear de part wey say “dat’s why yu end up wid a bag a man a wine yu, cause yu a wait pon dem fe mine yu”. Blurt nawt! what a dis! She Raine) was on a couple of interviews recently, and from de way she was going on, you can tell dat she love to hype up herself. So yes, a she de song a talk bout. Big up to Bugle for being such a good lyricist. Nothing more dan de man fed up a de almshouse, and him put it inna writing.

  • Anonymous says:

    raine de man sey yuh nuh compatible mama burger alone yuh waan naam wen de man a clearly fashion dread….. whappen tuh de wrenking fish a mean fresh steam fish?!?!?!?!?!

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  • simplicity says:

    met th baby bawn yet…de spanish bwoy a mind de belly har de bb nuh link yuh back yet?!?!?!?

  • SexyMama says:

    Love the song

  • SexyMama says:

    Big up yuhself Bugle

  • yesss says:

    mi a wonda why dem choose fi use flippa ina di video. dwbl. Knowing him Lauren and Raine belly dig out long time cause him no pashall.
    :bikini: :ngakak

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I really like the song. :thumbup to Bugle

  • ITS SO SAD...BUGLE!!!!! says:


  • StayGood says:

    Bwoi Raine mek Bugle come back solid! “swear mi nuh give a damn if gold line u” nice way of saying FUCK U! The song shotttt

  • Unkwon says:

    Raine a waste girl from day one yes she educated but she wise with her cheap clothes oh plz , she lost respect from a lot of people with them hoeish pictures as a real lady you have to have class you can’t be dashing out pictures like that especially when you have a daughter following you as a role model

  • Met says:

    unknown if a those pics mek she lose respect den dem really nuh know raine…I will re-run har file pan di new wall

  • StayGood says:

    when raine leggo dem pics she swear think she buss now enuh

  • Met says:

    Di one Ms Ting and Tanbad trying the same stunt but a lower blow dem dealing..I never know people so desperate ina di music business. Before dem go look some money f pay fi good promotion , they stoop to lowclass lies and try deceive the public

  • Miss Jamaica says:

    didn’t Raine have a baby for Bugle?

  • Miss Jamaica says:

    song sounds good Bugle :2thumbup

  • simplicity says:

    yes they av a dawta 2gtha

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