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GIVE HIM A======


56 Responses to GIVE HIM A======

  • Sweetness says:

    Oh Lawd pls help mi….mi eye dem :cool

  • StargyalSuzy says:

    Lint brush

  • Riches says:

    Sneakers and bra dwl

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Hey Met…there’s a flashplayer recommendation popping up for 3 days now. I used my system to test it’s validity and it’s a trojan. It’s coming up as if it’s needed to view jmg. just and FYI.

  • Anonymous says:

    age dey pon u now Indian

  • Cham says:

    who da hell wears a slippers to the gym?

  • Anonymous says:

    2 cool for school! Is he that mature Britt fellow that was sent back to JA?

  • DWL says:

    Low di man yu dont see seh fi him swag tun up ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Tantanbless says:

    Greasy monkey Richie Indian AKA LATTY buck nothing grandad undercover batty man you reach here again? I :bingung

  • DWL says:

    unnu mussi nuh si say a gucci slippers. From a name brand them can go any where lol


  • God's not sleeping says:

    When I read these comments I have to laugh because Richie Indian is a good man, he never goes out of his way to say anything bad about anybody. If you knew the man, you would know that in his life it’s about God and his family. Richie lives comfortable and he doesn’t beg from anyone of you. Yes big him up that he can get younger women, some man can’t get a woman at all. And as for the battyman argument, I’m wondering if he turned you down lmao. Looking at the picture I see good life, I’m so happy your putting up these posts for your own entertainment, as right now his the centre of attention. It’s a good look people lol.

  • Truth says:

    Tantanbless u ah carry corky feelings fi Indian! Wat a way u jus deh pon di man & latty case suh. Sound like u get hurt or u jus jealous a di people dem life. Mi na no latty nor Indian but from dat latty post an dis yuh one u jus ah dash out whole hip like u scorned. Ah wa do u an di people my girl talk up di real truth of di tings cuz dem ah bother u nuff

  • Quiet Storm says:

    I think he needs a bra…..maybe a trainee or ‘A’ cup :hammer

  • Tantanbless says:

    @truth Richie could never f&&k me if he was the last man on earth yes I no dem and if he so godly why no marry the girl and stop making a fool of her.nobody dont want him but miss LATTY need to stop act like she more than no one so u never comment on post met put up..listen to me I comment till met decide to block me too many ppl are saying the same ting so bill ya man

  • YaadMan says:


  • Lou-lou says:

    When you choose to live front page life this is what you will get – critiques

  • Pretty says:

    @ God’s not sleeping…..don’t make me piss up myself Richie a good man and in his life it’s about God and his family where you get that from I also know him from JA actually and he may put on a act in front of you iust saying. @Tantanbless gwaan comment cos I aswell sure know not just you was commenting before and if ppl dont like the comments why come on her and read them make no sense to me.

  • Truth says:

    @ pretty is u na make sense cause mi never ask u ah question suh how u drop inna argument anyway @ tantanbless as mi did ah say mi na no di people dem but mi hear u an wa u ah say. And mi never say u na fi comment my girl…. Wa mi say is ah wa dem do to u ah make u talk up suh. Talk di things make wi no oorrhhhhh!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    @ Tantanbless Latty and Richie ah maddddddd u lollllllllll, Richie depression Xxxxxx

  • Golden says:

    @ tantanbless u dont hear dem ah tell u fi talk up di tings. Look like u have Indian-syndrome cuz u deh pon him case abehhhh lol

  • TurnUp says:

    Lol @ Golden Orr suh ah Indian Syndrome hit tantanbless ah make she ah talk dings cuz she say she na wa di man an anuh scorn. So uh Indian syndrome! lord god unu na easy at all…. Gwan tantanbless TALK UP DI TINGS make wi know!!!!

  • Tantanbless says:

    @richie f&&k batty & LATTY frighten fi man FANS I say it as I no it Ritchie is not godly things him do is worst than judas mi no frighten fi Indian man all most of dem do is suck p&&&y listen to flippa Richie your car can’t cost more than your house a hype bout one Benz him hire purchase you leave in council house don’t have no asset in Jamaica not even a board house you own ..the money u use to hype a London go build a good house fi your mother fi live inna u no see the woman don’t live good that’s y she tek sick & go America fi treatment I put her in my prayers still..dutty Richie go look bout your kids & invest ina sumthing in JA

  • Tantanbless says:

    LATTY I leave you & marcia your mother to your uncle weh u both rob him money fi deal with unno LATTY I say it again no rass man can’t breed mi 3 times & I don’t live with him much less married to him LATTY u want BOX inna your big dunce head

  • Tantanbless says:

    LATTY you member say you drive Richie go airport fi him fly out to him woman when you was pregnant last year Richie wake up everyday upload picture of him in bed & pool every morning now idiot LATTY tell me who tek them picture? Him man or woman tek it either way u a get BUN by this Man who make you look stupid everyday I bet him tell you a the room attendent tek them which u believe :salahkamar

  • Tantanbless says:

    U get bun more than Easter bunny lef dutty Richie and u see if your life don’t better

  • Tantanbless says:

    Richie u no see everybody hype u want par with first Micky blacks found out you love the rear entrance him cut lef you b4 u try knock pon him no entrance rear then u move to sat & Thomas stop par with you cause you too red eye hype & have jack sh&t

  • Dwrl says:

    Unno no see is a glitter one piece the man a wear?

  • Truth says:

    @ tantanbless lol lol woyyyyyyy unu ah kill me

  • lmao says:

    Tantanbless dwwwwwwwwwl

  • Anonymous says:

    @ tantanbless u still na talk up di tings dem dat ah bother u suh… u talk a bag a ting but is wa dem do to u???? him na suck out ur pussy too woyyyyy dis 1 yuh sweet me. Latty and Richie ah mad u lol

  • she who knows says:

    you dont see at all of richies dance women were whining up with him while fool fool latty stood there watching shameful and what could she do nothing one woman was wining on him with one leg in the air and where was she standing there looking like a real fool

  • Mi nuh seh fren mi seh family says:

    Nasty bludcl&&t internet badgyal Tantanbless yuh stay bad dats why yuh ah hide yuh identity cah yuh face mus luk like it drop inna dwarg sh&t n roll inna breadcrumbs. Richie suppose to f***k after him ah gallis yuh brite n outta order to seh him ah battyman. Di man nuh suck nuh pu&&y. Anyting yuh seh yuh best defend it wid evidence! Internet bad gyal diss di mans gud gud madda after fi yuh her muma mussa hungry like dwarg ah yaad. Weh yuh live ah dat mi wan nuh, after di man buy him car in full CASH. Di man suppose to hype after him mek him money. Richie Indian ah legend fi unuh rehhhhh

  • Tantanbless says:

    Richie a legend fi u idiot gal what him do fi be legend ? Explain & me Tanya will stop comment gal go boom flick in your madda drainey pu&&y

  • Met says:

    oh no no…dont bring people mother nor kids ina di ting

  • simplicity says:


  • Tantanbless says:

    The truth real hurt anything me write a true Richie love hype and act like him a god only child & yet him do wicked things and yes Richie suck pu&&y maybe not yours & could never suck me as much I love been sucked LATTY & Richie case closed fi NOW

  • simplicity says:

    but u cant write bt kids on this site tan tan

  • Tantanbless says:

    Which car him buy cash?? LATTY the hire purchase not even in his name

  • Tantanbless says:

    I never said nothing bad bout him kid or mother I just said he need to invest in his family and do best for them


  • dee aka dobbet says:

    a true @tantan ya talk. tell the ppl dem how nasty richie is wid hes ugly babymudda latty wa long like, she love pose up like life sweet and the man dont live in her house, she always der a breed fi di man and the man dont mind her, hes forever flying out like him rich and in ja him dont got nothing, richie ur old now so i think u should stop it now, latty is the only lowe life that will put up with hes shit, latty do summink constructive and go luk a decent man bout ya wan go and dance every min go watch wah richie a do lol…….. its sad cos it seems like richie a run lattty head mad

  • Mi nuh seh fren mi seh family says:

    Tanya who? State yourself nasty gal you luv chat bout Latty take out car, stop study the legend cos your not gonna graduate. No your muma an !d!ot to give birth to you! Stop tell lie cos you diss the mans excellent muma on ere. Internet bad gal yes I came from my muma excellent, your so dunce crawney. Richie Indian is a legend to you cos you don’t stop call him name. Anyway your posts are entertaining me so I can done you. You wish you knew Richie, tell me the wicked tings nasty gal!

  • God's not sleeping says:

    @Dee aka Doobet true Richie don’t tell you his business that’s what’s bothering you. Yes he has your mother coming to his nice clean council flat, so why you never write that his got your mum. What a shame that your the reject that he didn’t want and he chose your mum instead. Yes Richie is getting older now after we all are ageing it’s not like we all stay young. All when Richies 60 he will get young gal. Stop watch the man cos him and Latty don’t live together his a gallis so his suppose to live alone to whine up inna gal hole.

  • lmao says:

    Pure laff mi a laff….dis a joke ting

  • Latty Buckas says:

    I’m gonna answer for my good good babyfather now too aswell, yes he may be a gallis but he treat me good and he a good father to his kids we may not live together but that is by mutual consent of both of us. He don’t trouble nobody or badmind nobody he is a working man to provide for his kids. All you hating bitches mussi get a one f**k and move on so u hurt bad not my fault fi unno pu**y fault lool. MET AND FRIENDS goodday to you.

  • Mattaznot1 says:

    when i saw the pic i thought he looked good for a big man. imagine my surprise to see all these negative comments

  • @gods not sleeping… U mussi latty da way ya chat so. Hehehe everybody knows bout dutty Richie and Marga gal latty, it’s just banning u can a di truth ya talk, and further more I don’t live in a council flat, I’m a happily married women that has a mortgage and four kids, so bitch go study urself FB me if u want u can see my face, and for my mother she buy house a England and Jamaica, what can u say fi ur Madda wah live a board house and a dead fi hungry. Hehehe FB me dee Evakute and see how pretty and happy me is

  • @god not sleeping its burning u hey, dutty big hole gal u can’t chat to me. Keyboard bad gal. I can say wat da fuk I like cah a my mouth wah me brush every morning wat can u say for urself. Richie dun now him look old and need fi settle now. Maybe wid u hey…. Hehehe

  • Tantanbless says:

    Poor LATTY dun now before we bury you further than 6ft

  • God's not sleeping says:

    @dee no you really made my night. As I know the Queens English, I will be writing properly to help you as your an literate woman. First of all it is not banning it is bunning, I message you because I’m bored and I find this as entertainment I walk with my tablet to keep myself updated on the other hand I wonder about you as you claim to be happily married already I can detect that is a lie. I am wondering if you married to get your papers or your husband must have another woman, as you spend far too much of your time on this site who’s a happily married mother of four. You should of never wrote that you sound very dumb darling. As for my mother she has never lived in a board house in her life, she was blessed with the golden spoon. Also I can not seem to find you on Facebook however maybe as your English is not great your probably had a spelling error, so please resend that. No I am not Latty and far from a keyboard bad gal. Looking forward to you messaging back as it does bring me sweet joy. Oh I wish Richie read these messages as he would be in stitches. Goodnight darling and God bless!

  • @god not sleeping search good u will find me. It’s dee Evakute xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous says:

    @9.31pm, what Queens English yuh teaching smaddy mama? and can you tell me, what is wrong in living in a board house? yuh neva know seh nuff celebrities go on holidays in exotic places and rent board to stay in?. Sometimes it’s best to keep your dumb mouth shut. there is no shame in being poor. Gwan walk wid yuh Tablet (whatever) and may I ask, are you not on this site too? and most importantly, what has it got to do with you whether or not the woman married feh papers, yuh sound like a nasty piece of used toilet tissue. :)

  • God's not sleeping says:

    @anonymous you obviously did not read the messages previous to that, again I’m still laughing as this is entertainment for me dwl

  • Anonymous says:

    @ god don’t sleep; u make no f*king sense! I’m married, also got a good damn job & my kids with a life I’m quit content with; and I’m on the site for entertainment. So what’s your damn point if the woman is happily married and is on here just like you??? Frighten fi tablet…. and so what if she’s married to get sort or not. Enslaved mentality, frees your ignorant

  • @gods not sleeping. Thanks for the message to see how I am

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