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6 Responses to IS WHO NAH BADE?

  • Brooklyn Cutie Pie says:

    Everybody is a Twitter bad man/bad gyal or Instagram gangsta! Smh, cuz whe dem can seh pon computer dem woulda NEVER brave & bright enough fi seh it inna you face!

    I don’t blame the girl to not show her pickney face! Some ah dem people too wicked & badmind!

  • MNL says:

    But Met the baby madda is a eediat fi true weh u a post up picture ah baby leg for? just dont post no pictures weh u a try show we? that di baby is not a duppy? cho man

  • Tawkchuet says:

    She right though she free to post all just him big toe alone is her business n fi dem fastness y the need to see the woman pikney face that mean u ain’t her friend r close relative cause u would have seen pics of the baby long time. Dem too rass fast fi true

  • Real deal!!! says:

    Me no wrong her for not showing her baby’s face. Them people here love talk bad things about kids and that’s not nice. I don’t put my kids on the net either. Megan friend Tunya is the perfect example, the other day I heard some people a chat say the way how Tunya love laugh afta people pickney them think fi har own would a nice and all sort of things. I was so freaking mad to the point where I had to step out of the place!!!! how can u talk bad about an innocent child? I don’t understand why people so heartless!

  • GoldRush_ says:

    So whats the point in showing the foot, leg, arm and back of head?? Eventually di ppl dem want to no what the baby face look like since theyve seen the rest of the body worst like how her man is a ‘celebrity’. She a clown or what? If nuh body nah follow her pan instagram den she have no reason to post any picture at all dont it? Mek she gwan yaaww. Mi seh beyonce start a worl wide trend ei si.

  • Chocolate Dream says:

    Why put the picture up full stop?? obviously people are gonna ask… then you wanna start insult people kmt…. Me personally won’t put my newborns pic on ANY social network site….

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